13th Doctor


With the recent departure of the 12th Doctor Peter Capaldi an extensive search for the next Doctor Who has gone underway, and I feel that I have some suggestions as to who could play Who. Although the series has been, for the most part, becoming more diverse I feel that it is time that said diversity was extended to the Doctor. Thus, I feel I have found a potential candidate for who could play the next Doctor: Sophie Okonedo

Sophie Okonedo is an English actress who first appeared in the Doctor Who series as Elizabeth X who was the Queen Regnant of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland when Earth was devastated by solar flares in the 29th century in The Beast Below. I hold that Sophie would be a major diverse step to take in the casting of the Doctor as not only will her history in Doctor Who would make her becoming the Doctor quite the interesting storyline; but, casting the Doctor as a black, female actress in this day and age would differ greatly from the Doctor Who norm but i feel would ultimately appeal to a wider range of audience because of the difference.

download (1)70th Annual Tony Awards - Arrivals



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