Artwork at RICE Day

For RICE Day, I needed to attend at least 2 presentations that were not part of the STEM poster session. I chose to go see the art gallery because it is not something I would normally go do. I am not a huge fan of art, and going to go actually see and try to enjoy an art gallery was a pretty new thing to me and I was not very excited about it. Everything that the seniors had to show was amazing though. There was one artist whose work that really caught my eye too, that artist was Nicole Lettau. All of her pieces had something to do with HIV and AIDS. I asked her why that was, and I really enjoyed her answer. She said that she based them on HIV and AIDS because it is something that no one really talks about. It is a very taboo subject wherever you go so she wanted to learn more about it and wanted to bring it more to people’s attention. One of her set that I really liked was a painting of hands with a bunch of pills in them. She said it was supposed to represent all of the medications with HIV and AIDS have to take, and all of the money that they spend on it. I found this to represent a lot of diversity because it is not something that anyone ever thinks about. It was specifically meant to bring attention to something that people tend to ignore most of the time. I thoroughly enjoyed the gallery and I left there thinking that there may have been some pieces that I would have possibly bought if I was older and had actual spending money. I also wish I would have been able to go see more things during RICE Day because this alone was really cool.


One thought on “Artwork at RICE Day”

  1. I understand the sudden interest you were able to find in the art category of RICE day. I am quite a big fan of art but haven’t been able to give it much attention since coming to college. Choosing to talk about AIDS and HIV is diverse in itself. Like you said it is a topic that is typically avoided but those having those who are open to talking about it creates diversity in the people around them. It allows others to gain knowledge and opinion on it and hopefully help or support in any way that they can.


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