Diversity in Female Memory

Another RICE day event I went to was the STEM poster session. I found one pretty interesting because it brings attention to the hormonal changes in a female’s body during different times of the month. Emily Laudner’s and Aksha Upadhyay’s poster was titled “Differences in Visual Sensory Memory Between High and Low [Estrogen] and [Progesterone] in Young Women” They tested young women between the ages of 18 and 22 to see if their memory was different during different times in the month due to their hormone cycle. To participate in the study, the participants had to have been on birth control for at least three months to make sure their hormones were regulated. They showed the participants a group of letters for 0.5 seconds and had them recall what the letters were in the order that they remember seeing them. They found that the women performed better on the 11th day of their cycle than on the 25th day of their cycle. They tested the participants in two different groups, one group was tested on their 11th day before their 25th day and the other group was tested on their 25th then their 11th. They found no significant difference between the results of the first group and the second,
meaning it wouldn’t matter which order they are tested in, just the day. I think that this shows diversity because nobody really thinks about the fact that a female’s hormones are changing everyday and that can affect a lot more than her mood, like people have a tendency to make jokes about. It can actually affect how a female learns things on different days. Emily said that even though there isn’t much she can do about it, it’s nice for her to know because she is going to be a teacher when she graduates and it is nice to know that this could actually affect learning capabilities on some days.

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