Diversity of Language

There is a huge amount of diversity among languages across the world due to the fact that there are a huge number of languages in existence. There is also a huge range of diversity in the fact that some languages are extremely similar to each other while others are completely different. There are also languages that have a number of sub-languages or dialects. This is often the case when a language is spoken by people in different areas of the world. An example of this is British English and American English. Both are English and people from both areas can understand each other (sometimes!) because they are both the same language, but with grammatical and pronunciational differences. In contrast to this there are also languages so dramatically different from each other that they share no common words, use different characters and have their words read from different directions on a  page. Between the two extremes you have relationships between languages such as English and German or English and French where there are several common or at least similar words and the same characters but the languages are inherently different, and two individuals only speaking one of those languages would struggle to understand each other.


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