The Disappointing Rose

Like many of you, Rose was my first and my favorite companion for the longest time. Quiet literally, Rose Tyler was the longest running companion since the reboot of the show in 2005, appearing as main character in over 30 episodes. She was smart but kind, brave but not reckless, she had a bright mind and smile, she was perfect. Until I look back on the her years later.

Rose Tyler started as an unimportant little girl who worked at a shop. Her family wasn’t rich, her boyfriend wasn’t special, she had the most normal life possible. She was waiting for excitement to happen. Which is exactly what the Doctor brought to her. Within hours of meeting him, they’re running through London, saving the city, and traveling in a magic box. Needless to say, Rose was dazzled by the Doctor. So much so that she abandoned her boyfriend, her family, her past and ran away with him.

Then this became an reoccurring theme. Leaving her responsibilities and past behind, Rose traveled with the Doctor through all of time and space, she became important, she became a support of the Doctor, and eventually a love interest. But there’s always inherent selfishness lingering in her choices and behaviors. Her explicit choice of the Doctor over her single mother, her boyfriend, her father whom she so desperately wanted to meet, despite the Doctor’s direct warning that they will not be traveling forever.

After they’re goodbye on the beach of Bad Wolf Bay, the doctor moved on to find other companions and adventures. Maybe it’s out of continuity, or maybe it’s the show writer wanting to give Rose a happy ending, Rose Tyler came back, even though risking the chance of ripping the universe apart. It had seem the smart and independent Rose disappeared on Doomsday, and was replaced by a shallow character who had one purpose in life: to find the Doctor.


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