Diversity of Accents

There is a huge range involved when it comes to assessing the diversity of accents. Every country around the world has an accent or often a number of accents specific to that country, even though certain countries’ accents may seem similar.

There is often a large amount of diversity to be found in the accents of a single country alone. An example of this is Britain. While the country is not physically very big, it has a large number of regional accents. People from England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland all sound dramatically different to each other. Within those countries itself there is further diversity, for instance people in neighbouring English counties or cities often have distinguishably different sounding voices. An example of this is that the British cities of Manchester and Liverpool are only 35 miles apart, but people from these two cities sound drastically different.

Accents and the differences between them represent more than a geographical difference. They also represent other factors involved in diversity such as social class, gender, age, level of education and sometimes race. The accent of a person offers a lot of insight into whatever their background may be, and accents are another diversity factor that make people unique and interesting.


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