Doctor Who Wedding

As someone who is in the middle of planning a wedding, I thought it would be interesting to see what is out there for a Doctor Who themed wedding. Let me tell you, there is a lot. Simply searching the phrase ‘Doctor Who wedding’ on Pinterest brings up ideas galore. Then if you want to search for specific items, even more ideas pop up.

First, you must have a way to invite people to your wedding.

Invite 1


There are tons of ideas for Doctor Who themed wedding invitations out there. From ones of the TARDIS, to ones using Circular Gallifreyan, to ones with quotes from the show. You will not be short on ideas for these.


Table decorations are next on the list of wedding items some may want to include in their wedding planning.

Flowers 1

Once again, you will not be short on ideas here. There are ideas on the more complicated side, such as this one, or there are much simpler ideas such as sunflowers in a blue vase (a reference to the episode “Vincent and the Doctor”), and everything in between.

And while we’re looking at flowers, you can’t forget the bride’s bouquet.

Bouquet 1

The most popular idea, by far, is to incorporate a sonic screwdriver into the bride’s bouquet. Then out of those bouquets with a sonic screwdriver in them, most of the time they were used as you see here, as the base part.


Now for the cake. Everyone loves a good cake.

Cake 1

There are so many ideas for a Doctor Who themed cake on Pinterest. Granted, some of the ones that came up in my search were birthday cakes or not specifically wedding, but you could turn them into a wedding cake with a few minor adjustments. There were also a lot of fandom crossovers on the cakes like with Doctor Who and Star Wars for example.


The happy couple often have their own set of Mr. and Mrs. glasses at the reception, and there are some different options out there for Doctor Who fans.

Glasses 1

These glasses were one of the first to pop up, but there were also glasses that read “Timelord” and “Companion,” “I love you with both my hearts,” or simply had images of the TARDIS or different characters on them.

If you have cute glasses, you’re going to need something to go in them.

Drink 1

This idea came up when I was searching for a different item, but it went perfectly with the glasses above so I had to include it. There’s even some Daleks on the back wine bottle.


Last, but not least. Could anyone really have a Doctor Who wedding without a TARDIS?


I think a TARDIS is definitely needed. There are many DIY ideas out there for making your very own TARDIS, and it is a great addition to any event, especially a Doctor Who wedding.


There are tons and tons of other Doctor Who wedding ideas out there and they are perfect for any dedicated Whovian that wants to show their love of the show on one of the biggest days of their lives.



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