Last. Last. Last.

So, I’m sitting here writing my last blog post of the semester. I’ve got COPS going on in the background and I’m thinking about the end of the semester and of course Christmas with Wartburg. And I’m thinking about our Inquiry Studies class.

Looking at a picture of our class you might not see a lot of diversity. Maybe there is some diversity in clothing or hair styles. There will be some diversity in race, but not a lot.

But if you look into our class more you would see lots of diversity. We more than likely have some diversity in economics. We don’t all come from the same background. Some of us come from higher socioeconomic levels than others. Yet we are all still here at Wartburg sitting in the same 7:45 Inquiry Studies class. We are all diverse in the majors we chose. We are diverse in the television shows that we like or the music we enjoy listening to.

We are diverse on our politics. Some of us may be more on the right while others may be on the left. There are so many different things about us in our IS class, yet we are all in the same age group. We are all going to Wartburg College and we are all in the same 7:45 IS class.

This can be said for the world as well. None of us are the same. Not friends, not siblings, not even twins. We all have our own feelings and views, yet we are all here living on the earth. Some of us practice Catholicism while others are practicing Muslims. There is so much diversity, but we all need to remember that we are people. Everyone has feelings and dreams and we all need to treat each other fairly. We must keep our diversities in mind and respect everyone.


Something to Binge On

Recently I have gotten really into the show Aquarius. It popped up on my Netflix recommended and had one of my favorite actors as one of the main characters. I knew I just had to check it out and I’m sure glad that I did.

The show was created by John McNamara and stars David Duchovny, Gray Damon, Gethin Anthony, and Emma Dumont as some of the main characters. David Duchovny had been in many television shows and is widely known as being Fox Mulder on the X-Files.

It is set in the late 1960’s and the story follows Charles Manson and his family. David Duchovny plays the main detective, Sam Hodiak, and gets called to help with a missing teenager case. As it turns out the missing teenager, Emma, gets taken in by Charles Manson. She heard of all his ideas and just really wanted to see what it was all about. The seasons then follow Charles, Emma, and the family up until Helter Skelter. Even though Emma goes back to Manson after Sam Hodiak takes her home Hodiak’s life still intertwines with Manson’s. But that’s just a quick flow through of the show. I would definitely check out the show.

But how does this deal with diversity?

Since it is set in the late 1960’s there are still a lot of issues between races. Many of the officers in the police station are older white men and often accuse black males of the crimes when it is found out in the show that many were by white males.

There is also an instance where Hodiak gets invited to his partners house to meet his wife. Everyone knew that his partner, Brian Shafe, was married, but no one has never met her and Shafe didn’t have photos of her on his desk. When Hodiak gets introduced to his wife he gets quite the surprised look on his face. Shafe’s wife was a black woman and they had a daughter together. Everyone in Shafe’s neighborhood knew that they were an interracial couple and that caused strife with both the black and white community, especially since Shafe was a cop. His wife worked with the Black Panther Party and they also weren’t happy that Shafe was married to a black woman.

Charles Manson was also not a huge fan of other races and the show made sure to pull that in. When Martin Luther King Jr. passed Manson was more than excited. And while Manson was planning his murder sprees he wanted to make sure that his family knew that they were setting it up as if white people hadn’t done it. Manson was often saying “don’t get any white finger prints anywhere” or “don’t leave our white things around at the scenes”.

All in all this is a super good show and shows a lot of diversity!

To Love or Not to Love

This is the first time that I had ever watched any Doctor Who. At the beginning I really enjoyed the show. It was interesting and out there. Shows like this have always intrigued me so I thought I would thoroughly enjoy it. As time has gone on though I have liked the show less and less. There certain episodes that I enjoy, but the show itself gets so repetitious. I am holding a very unpopular opinion I know, but it is a hard show to get through honestly. I can’t seem to get a background story from it. I think it doesn’t help that the companions change so you just start to get their backstory when they go up and disappear.

I talked to a student that isn’t in this IS class. We talked about how I didn’t enjoy the show and he just couldn’t understand, but then we started talking about how I was watching it for a class. He said that it would probably be able to enjoy a show that you had never seen before when you were forced to watch certain episodes and take notes for a class. I feel that this is a good point, but I took the IS 101 class about Buffy and ended up loving the show! Even though I had to watch it for a class I enjoyed watching the episodes and continued to watch it after the class ended.

I feel that I just can’t get into Doctor Who yes I felt sad when nine had to regenerate, but I just cant connect with the characters and the story.

Don’t get me wrong. I wish I liked the show! My roommates love it and I wish I could watch it and enjoy it with them! But I just don’t think that I am meant to be a Whovian.

Did the film industry take a shower? Because its whitewashed.

Many of us know that tv shows and movies are often white washed. Angelina Jolie playing an African American woman. Emma Stone playing a half Chinese woman. John Bennet playing an Asian man. Honestly there is probably a list of hundreds of actors that have played someone not of their race.

In Doctor Who a major one is when John Bennet, an English actor, played an Asian man named Li H’sen Chang. Li H’sen Chang was supposed to be a stage magician. Also when watching the scenes with Li H’sen Chang there are many instances of racism. He is wearing quite a bit of grab and has a very awful and offensive “typical” Asian American accent. The episode as a whole has quite a few racist aspects to it. Is this because of the time or because of the director and writer?

There have been many instances here in America of white washing as well.

When Disney first came out saying they would be making a live action Mulan there was a lot of stir that they were trying to cast a white actor as the main male. This has now been confirmed as not true, but is this because of the backlash or was this the plan all along?

In the movie Drive Carey Mulligan played a character that was originally written for a Latina woman. The director felt that Mulligan was perfect for the part… even though she wasn’t Latina I guess… In the movie Whiskey Tango Foxtrot Christopher Abbott and Alfred Molina were both cast as Afghan characters. Last time I checked they were both white actors, but I guess they fit the role better than an Afghan actor.

Johnny Depp played as a Native American in the movie The Lone Ranger. He said that he has some Native American heritage, but honestly it isn’t enough for me. Johnny is still too white of an actor to be playing a Native American in a movie.

Honestly this list could go on and on. I found a ton when I was looking online to even spark this topic. This is something that has been happening for years. Looking at the past we could say that they have an excuse. It honestly was pretty racist back in the day and it was “better” for the companies to hire white actors and actresses. But now? We don’t have anything to say to explain this. Times are changing, but not fast enough in the film industry.

I’m not crying… I just have something in my eye

Spoiler alert: the Doctor dies. Another spoiler alert: he comes back as David Tennant. (oh la la!)

Now this is the first time that I’ve seen Doctor Who. Watching the old who episodes I didn’t think that I was going to get so into the show. And going into the first season of new who I also wasn’t quite sure what I should expect. Would I like it more than the old who? Well one thing I especially didn’t expect was that I would get so close to the Doctor and feel so torn when the ninth doctor died.

I would say this especially surprised me when some of the episodes with the ninth doctor didn’t even take my attention that well. They would start off well and grab my attention, but as the episode went on I just lost interest. I would watch them for class, but honestly, I don’t think I would ever watch some of those again. It was hard to keep my attention to write down what was going on. Yet here I am at the last episode with Christopher Eccleston as the Doctor and my eyes start to tear up. I look over at my roommate (who is a huge fan of Doctor Who) and wonder how she has gone through this with how many doctors she has watched.

Doctor Who is a totally new experience for me. Yes, I’ve watched the occasional show about aliens, but nothing about aliens and time travel. It’s certainly different than things that I have watched before. I have gotten pretty sucked in. And boy oh boy will I still be sucked in with David Tennant. Especially since my tears got sucked RIGHT back into my eyes when I saw David Tennant. I always knew that the doctor regenerated, but it doesn’t seem true until you see it actually happen. Watching the episode in class with David Tennant as the Doctor got me pretty excited. It brought back in my excitement for Doctor Who. It drew me in and made me super excited for the tenth Doctor. Maybe this time I will be more prepared for when he regenerates, but probably not…

The Doctor and PTSD

The Doctor has PTSD? As if!!

Actually, there are many telltale signs that the Doctor could possibly have PTSD. He has gone through a major war. Anyone heard of the Time War? And all the time that he’s lived? He has sure gone through some sh- well let’s say things. Let’s not even begin to think about how many companions that he has lost and the damage and hurt that losing them has caused him.

Post-traumatic stress disorder is defined by anxiety and flash backs that are triggered by a traumatic event. The Time War could definitely be called a traumatic event. Losing all of one’s kind does not bode well for one’s mental state. The Doctor often avoids talking about the Time War, I mean honestly who could blame a guy. Avoiding talking about one’s traumatic events is often a common sign. Thinking or talking about the traumatic situation makes them anxious so they try to avoid it at all costs.

The Doctor also seems to have quite a few flashbacks about the Time War. Having the flashbacks probably gives him some pretty bad anxiety. More common signs that point towards the Doctor having PTSD. What also doesn’t help is that the Doctor himself killed his people giving him plenty of grief. Perhaps this is why he is always looking towards the times of distress. Maybe if he saves just one more person the guilt would get off his chest, this doesn’t seem to happen has the show has gone on for so long.

A Time War? His whole kind dying? Plus adding that the Doctor killed them all himself. The multiple companions that he has lost over the years? Seeing others die all the time? None of this could help the Doctor’s mental state.

Post-traumatic stress disorder could happen after any sort of traumatic event. Most times we think about it for soldiers coming back from a war, but there are many other ways. PTSD also doesn’t just affect a certain age group or sex. It could happen to anyone at any time. If you have been physically abused or assaulted you could get PTSD. Being sexually assaulted could give someone the symptoms of PTSD as well. But PTSD doesn’t always happen because a person got harmed. If someone close to them has gotten harmed they could have PTSD thinking about that event.

Many fans of Doctor Who have wondered about this phenomenon. Do we have everything to back it up?