The Caring Doctor

With every new Doctor comes new companions. The actors and actresses change along with them as well the overall feel of the show. With all of this changing though, one thing thats has always stayed the same is the way The Doctor cares for his companions and everyone he meets during his traveling.

For the 9th Doctor he cares for his companion Rose the most out of anyone else on the show. Making sure she is okay and safe at all times, The Doctor watches her every move. From the very beginning as a viewer you can tell that The Doctor is a caring person. Grabbing Rose’s hand, someone who the doctor does not know at this time, in the first episode to save her from the plastic living manikins shows his caring personality. After traveling with The Doctor for some time, Rose begins to develop strong feelings for the Doctor and even more so when he regenerates into the 10th Doctor.

The Doctor’s true feelings towards Rose come out during Season one, episode 13 titled The Parting of Ways. In this season one finale, The Doctor faces up against an entire army of Daleks. In order to keep Rose safe, The Doctor makes the couragous decision to put her in the TARDIS and send her back home in present time. By doing this he risks his life for hers. As we all know at the end of this episode it is Rose that ends up saving the day ironically.

Another episode The Doctor shows how much he cares about Rose is in season 2 episode 14 titled Doomsday. In this episode The Doctor and Rose are fighting the Daleks again in a dramatic season finale. At one point there is a bridge that opens up in a wall connecting to some other universe. During the end of the episode this bridge begins to be strong and and sucks anything and everything around it into it including all of the Daleks. At this time The Doctor and Rose are holding on for their lives until suddenly Rose loses her grip and starts to be sucked into the bridge. When this happens, as viewers, you can see The Doctor in immediate panic as Rose creeps closer and closer to the wall. Seeing all the panic in his eyes at this moment in time shows how much The Doctor truly cares about Rose.

As a doctor you usually care for your patients and for The Doctor in Doctor Who there is no exception. The way he protects Rose in every episode making sure she is okay at all times is the way The Doctor is. He is that loving character that helps everyone and anyone that comes his way during his traveling.

David Tennant, Wow What a Character You Are!

I remember watching the last episode of season one come to a close with the 9th Doctor (Christopher Eccleston) regenerating into his new body. It was an interesting thing to watch as I saw The Doctor look as if he was on fire, bending his back looking as if he was in pain during the process. For the first time seeing this I thought to myself this is not what I imagined at all. When I thought about how a regeneration process was going to take place I had in my head that The Doctor would die and then all on the next season they would start to show a new actor as him. Clearly this was not the case. The Doctor’s new body started to grow thick brown hair on his head as well as a long thin face. This was the new Doctor, the 10th Doctor, David Tennant.

Quickly I started the next season to see what happens next. Episode 1: The Christmas Invasion began with The Doctor unconscious while aliens were invading the city of London. For most of this episode The Doctor is this way until finally after he is fully regenerated he comes out of the TARDIS a new man. Tennant opens up the doors and with a smirk on his face he rhetorically asks, “Did you miss me?” At that moment I knew that David Tennant was going to be a completely different character for The Doctor than Christopher Eccleston was.

I very much enjoyed the part when The Doctor walked up to the Sycorax Leader snapped his weapon in half with his leg and points to him saying, “Now you just wait, I’m busy.” Hearing Tennant say this I could tell that he was going to use more humor in his character. As I kept watching Tennant did just that. With his sarcastic attitude he walks over to the big threatening button and presses it acting like a child, adding humor to the show.

David Tennant ended this particular episode with picking out his outfit. He was no longer going to wear the thick black leather jacket anymore. Instead he chooses a much more Sherlock Holmes type of outfit. Going with a brown pinstripe suit with a pair of converses for his shoes and a long light brown trench coat falling to the floor. As I have watched this show for a while now I know realize that each separate actor puts their own spin on The Doctor’s character. I greatly appreciate this though because it keeps the show interesting. David Tennant known as the 10th Doctor for some and the Doctor who wears the pinstripe suit, but for me I know David Tennant as the actor who added humor to The Doctor’s character in the show Doctor Who. 

Fan Vids: Courtney and Pj

The worst Fan Vid that we found was one that was titled Doctor Who Crack! Vid. As we started the video we instantly agreed within the first few seconds that it was so unbelievably bad and hard to watch in many ways. This particular vid was also quite choppy in how it was put together as a whole. After every scene that was used they would insert an old time video of what looked like the TARDIS in the middle of the screen with the sounds of what it makes when it is traveling to another place. At first we did not understand as to why someone would include that, but then after watching the video a few times we came to the conclusion that they did it on purpose. We think they inserted the TARDIS clip because that was their way of showing they were going to a new place. As if the TARDIS was travel to a new clip. This is a smart idea but overall we feel that it was not done correctly.


The best Fan Vid that we found was one that was titled Love Story (Doctor;Rose). As we started this video we instantly fell in love with it because as girls a video about a love story is sometimes the cutest thing, especially when it shows how the actors and actresses fell in love and their journey along the way.  It started off with Rose Tyler narrating the words, It all started when I met a man named The Doctor.” We listened to the first few seconds and started hearing a guitar playing the tune to the song Love Story by Taylor Swift. An oldie but a goodie yes!! There is no better way to show a love story than to have this particular song playing in the background. The song starts off with the very first episode of the series where The Doctor grabs Rose’s hand and tell her to run. Instantly our hearts melted and we knew we were in for a real treat. We watched as the video then included many scenes where The Doctor and Rose’s relationship grew throughout the two seasons they were together.


My First Doctor

“Who is your favorite doctor?” A student asks my professor on the first day of class. I watched as she smirked as if she gets asked this question all the time. Turns out it’s a common question to ask to fellow Whovian’s. She quickly answered with her favorite being the fourth doctor, Tom Baker, known as the one with the really long scarf. Her reasoning behind Tom Baker being her favorite was because he was the first one she started watching the show at. She then went around the room to whoever have seen the show and again asked them the same question. Many of their answers being a certain doctor because it was their first.

I am now finished with my first season of the new Doctor Who episodes. I say that my first doctor is the ninth doctor, Christopher Eccleston, known as the one with the black leather jacket. Throughout the show I grew to like his character more and more. As someone who has never seen an episode at all I was very wary about watching a show about an “alien doctor” At first, I would think to myself, “Who is the Doctor, why is he called the doctor and most importantly, where is he from.” Gradually this particular character started to grow on me. One of the main reasons I enjoyed watching the doctor’s character so much was because of how his feelings towards Rose grew stronger and stronger during each episode. Only were subtle hints were made throughout the season to show their relationship getting clearer in each episode. It wasn’t until almost the end of the season that I started noticing it. In episode 12 “Bad Wolf” the Doctor states to the Daleks that no matter what happens he will find Rose even if he has nothing to protect himself from them. After hearing him say this it came obvious to me how The Doctor truly felt about Rose. He would even risk his life to save hers and he did just that. In the final episode of the season The Doctor realizes that things were not going to end well with him so he made the courageous decision to send Rose back to her home in the past so she would be safe from all the war that was going to take place. Seeing all the love he had for Rose made it apparent to me at how well Christopher Eccleston played his role as the Doctor. So, Eccelston being my first doctor does that mean he will be my favorite? Only time will tell and by that, I mean many more episodes and Doctors from now.