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My Top 5 Favorite Doctor Who Memes

Since this is my last blog post, I thought I would have some fun.

One of the most universal forms of internet humor and fan culture is memes. As for any popular show, there is going to be memes making fun of the show or simply using an “inside joke” approach that only fans will understand. Not only are they funny, but with so many people online, they can spread quickly and become popular overnight.

For my entertainment (and hopefully yours, too), here are my top 5 Doctor Who memes:

#5: A summarized look at the Doctor


I found this meme to be funny because it’s entirely true. In the show, they make the Doctor seem so complex and mysterious, but in reality he’s just a heroic old guy who travels in a box with a screwdriver.

#4 Donna and the 9th Doctor 


This meme made me laugh instantly. How funny would it be to see these two together in an episode?  I feel like there would be a lot of yelling and confrontation. Both the 9th Doctor and Donna have such strong personalities that I’m pretty sure this match up would end in Donna leaving because she couldn’t handle him anymore.

#3 Toy Story Reference 


I thought this meme was cute. It could be because I’m a huge Disney fan, but regardless I think that the connection made is awesome. Also, the look on Woody’s face is so accurate.

#2 Okay, but really 


I understand that Doctor Who is a British show, but would it kill them to have more diversity in the cultural background of their characters? Even some of the aliens they meet have British accents, which is really odd if you think about it.

And a drumroll please… (thank you)

#1 My Doctor 


I hope you all find humor in this as much as I do. However, how unbelievably awesome would it be if Morgan Freeman was the Doctor? Racial diversity… check! Popularity around the world… check! A kick-ass actor that is full of himself… check! I really don’t see how this could get any better!



A Character Analysis that Might Surprise You

After watching a couple of episodes of Torchwood, I am beginning to see where the Doctor and Captain Jack have similarities. Since the series doesn’t have the Doctor in it, I feel as though Captain Jack is taking over that position of authority. Throughout the series, the people go to Jack for the answers and most of the time he is the person that saves the day. Everyone has their own opinion, but here are my views on what might make the Doctor and Jack more similar than you originally thought.

  1. Captain Jack has a mysterious past. Similar to the Doctor, there isn’t much that people know of him. This is a trend that is constantly seen in both shows. Even Jack’s closest friends have no idea where he is from or who he is. For another example, the Doctor’s companions don’t know much about the Doctor. The only thing they know is that he’s a Time Lord, whatever that may be.
  2. Captain Jack is always saving the day. Similarly, the Doctor always seems to be in the right place at the right time, too. However, this very well could be just because the show needed a hero-like character to be successful.
  3. He may not have all the answers like the Doctor, but he does like to show off his knowledge when he has the chance. There are many instances where Captain Jack rambles on about science-y stuff that nobody understands. The Doctor does this in arguably every episode of Doctor Who.
  4. Both Captain Jack and the Doctor are open to both sexes. This is completely evident in Jack and can be seen in a more subtle way with the Doctor. However, the concept is still there.

So, there you have it. That concludes my first list of a few of the traits that both the Doctor and Captain Jack share. Please comment your thoughts and any more ideas of similarities (or major differences) when comparing the Doctor and Captain Jack!

Putting the Pieces Together

One part of Doctor Who that is still frustrating to me is that the writers continually leave information out about the Doctor’s past. I like to think that it’s because there is a huge secret waiting to be revealed. I’m starting to think that I’m right. At the end the episode Gridlock, the face of Boe tells the Doctor that he is not alone. Of course, it would be logical to think that he was referring to Martha, but I believe there is a deeper meaning to it. I think that the Face of Boe is telling the Doctor that he is not the last Time Lord.

The Doctor repeatedly mentions how he is the last of the Time Lords, but never describes how he knows this. For example, he will say that there was a great war and that it wiped out his whole planet. What the Doctor doesn’t mention is what exactly happened that wiped them all out. Why was the Doctor the only person who survived? Why didn’t the Doctor die with the rest of his people? I have a couple of ideas.

My first idea is that the Doctor lost his memory. There very well could have an explosion of some sort that made the Doctor pass out and forget. Someone could have potentially put him in his TARDIS and sent him away with him thinking that his world was gone. Does he ever try to go back to his home? Maybe someone who has watched the show for longer can help me out with this.

My second idea is that during the war, people escaped in there own time machines and have since then been living on a new planet that the Doctor doesn’t know about. It could be that they were trying to get away from the Doctor. Maybe the Doctor isn’t so good after all. If this statement is true, it would make sense why the Daleks tell the him, “We are the same.”

I may be far off with my assumptions, which wouldn’t surprise me. However, I’m still excited to see how the story plays out. Hopefully something big will be revealed soon!

The real problem with lack of racial diversity in television shows

With any television show, there are always going to be critics on racial diversity and whether or not people of different backgrounds are equally shown through the screen. However, I think people forget about the real meaning why actors are in shows. Companies do not hire actors because of their racial background, but rather because they fit the role of a particular character, or at least that’s the way it should be.

In order to get rid of racism in television shows we need to stop looking for it. As critical viewers, we are programmed to look for these kinds of things, but what if we are looking too far into it? It very well could be that the show is simply just looking for the right talent for their roles and showing no discrimination at all. We see this in the public sphere way too often. The media, for example, likes to put stories of acts that are portrayed to be racist that eventually end up being just a misunderstanding. I will acknowledge that yes, there is still racist people in the world but not as many as we make it seem. I think that our society as a whole is at fault and it will take a long time for us to fix the glitches.

I believe that a world without racism is a world that doesn’t focus on it. There is too much focus on what is wrong with our world and not enough focus on what is right. I hope that someday we put our attention on the talent of the actors rather than why the role wasn’t given to someone else. If there is to be a racially diverse actor on any show, it should be because their talents and qualifications got them there, not because of the color of their skin.

Why there is no room for love in the TARDIS

Having grown up with Disney movies and other fairytales, I have always enjoyed watching two people fall in love and living “happily ever after.” I have the same type of feeling when watching Doctor Who. However, no matter how much I want the Doctor to fall in love with his companion, I know that it can never happen. There are many factors that play into this, but for the most part it comes down to the storyline of the show.

In season 1 of the reboot, it is obvious that Rose has an attraction to the Doctor and vise versa. The only problem is that the Doctor can’t fall in love with the companion without ruining the layout of the show. I say this mainly because of the concept of regeneration. For example, if the Doctor would regenerate and the companion stays the same, then would they still be in love? Technically, the Doctor would have the same “soul,” but it’s also not the same physical Doctor. Continuing the love interest wouldn’t seem ethical in my opinion nor would I want to see the companion in love with a visually different Doctor. The only way for the love interest to work would be to have the companion die at the same time the Doctor regenerates, or have the companion regenerate also. I’m not sure how well the fans would respond to that, given the fact that the companion is almost always human. As you can see, the issue can be rater dicey, which could very well be the reason why the writers avoided it in the first season.

If there were to be a love interest for the Doctor I would be quite surprised. However, if the show decides to throw a curveball at me and add in a love story, then I would be very curious to see how the writers would continue the story. In the meantime, I think I will stick to Nicholas Spark’s movies and novels to get my romance-fix and leave Doctor Who for action and adventure.