River Song

I have always felt an attachment to River Song. Everything about her is enticing to me. From her hair to her eyes, her smile, and most of all her personality. River’s personality is in my mind the most spunky, entertaining character I have seen in a long time on the show, besides Jack Harkness. I absolutely love how she harnesses every situation she encounters and influences them in the direction she would like them to go in. She always has this charisma about her that makes her a very good leader. I am also intrigued by the way she interacts with the Doctor and how they are meeting each other in the reverse direction. Every time River wants the Doctor to show up somewhere, she will leave him a message saying, “Hello Sweetie” and he just shows up where she needs him. The first time that the Doctor met River, she knew everything about him and he had no idea who he was. We just watched the episode “Let’s Kill Hitler”, and River met the Doctor for the first time. This idea is still hard to grasp because that means that that moment was the last time that the doctor will ever see River, but we know that River kills the Doctor at some point in her life. The amount of sheer thought that goes into creating these episodes. I have trouble wrapping my head around the idea that the Doctor, Amy, and Rory all knew River long before they knew who she was. River must have known that they would soon find out who she really was, but she had to keep it a secret of who she was so they would not be freaked out before the time was right. I cannot wait until the entire story is revealed to viewers.


The Diversity of Reading

The diversity among generations is sometimes more apparent than others. It is hard to tell if you are not trying to point out these differences in lifestyle. However, there are times even I can see the divide. Reading is something I have always enjoyed, even as a little girl. My favorites include fantasy, sci-fi, and romance. I am finding more and more that my peers do not find this pastime as entertaining as I do because whenever I try to recommend a book they give me a look of confusion. They do not understand the pure joy and wonder that a book can give.  For me, reading is the doorway to new worlds and adventures that we can explore. I am always consumed in my book and I even find myself longing to be a part of that world. I look at this diversity among our generation as a sort of philosophical connection. Where others are into movies and television to find entertainment, us that enjoy reading connect with the older generation. The oldies stick to reading because it is all they know and what they were raised on. But for the youngsters we read because we feel our imagination can tell the story way better than any movie ever could. I think that says a lot about what type of person you are and what values you have in life. I think it is important to realize what your values are and live by them every day. I would consider myself very old fashioned and traditional, and for me, I know I will always stick by my values and beliefs. Although there is diversity among us on what we believe in, we can always connect on the fact that we all have our own values and strive to live by them.

Favorite Vid

Here is a link to my favorite Vid that I have seen. The tenth doctor is my favorite doctor because of his personality. His charm and looks are a big factor but also his friendly, upbeat personality. I also very much enjoy Amy as a companion. In this Vid they show a lot of the two of them but the message that the author is trying to portray is a theme throughout all of Doctor Who. The doctor is always running, but his reasons go deeper than the aliens chasing him. He is scared to lose the ones he loves. He sees everyone around him fading from his life. I picture it almost like he is the hourglass and all of his friends are the sand slipping through his fingers. It also eludes to all of the secrets he must keep. The suffering and pain he endures is to keep those around him safe. He is trying desperately to hold on to them but he knows that in the end they will all eventually fade.


Here is a close second on my favorite video! I think this one has a happier note and I really appreciate the combination of multiple doctors to exemplify his valor.

The Hosts

In the Doctor Who episode “Voyage of the Damned”, the Doctor encounters quite a few diverse characters. One group in particular is a walking contradiction that uproots the conventional perception of the character. The angels in this episode otherwise known as the Hosts are information centers that turn ramped. Now this is an ironic situation because generally angels are viewed as peaceful entities with the aim of bringing good news to the people. However, these host’s goal is to kill every passenger and crew member on the ship. In some ways, you can take this as a valuable life lesson. One should not judge a book by its cover. After all the stories we are told, we should still come to our own conclusions about the world around us and create our own perspective of the universe.  On the other hand, this can be viewed as a tragic misrepresentation of a peaceful being. While both sides have some logic to them, I will let you decide which point of view to hold. On another note, these angels still abide by rules and regulations that were encoded into their systems before they went rogue. When the Doctor presents them with a question, they are still obligated to provide accurate information to help him with his concern. This shows that these creatures are just like all of us and still follow the habitual routines we have always known. Furthermore, this could also indicate the representation of a higher power in the chain of command hindering them from fulfilling their order to kill. This could be an allegory to the idea of a god like being controlling the Hosts. Overall, I think that there are many hidden messages throughout Doctor Who that link each story to the idea of a higher power and the representations of these forces. I would encourage everyone to look a little harder the next time they watch Doctor Who and try to find some of these resemblances.

Diversity in Sexuality

I have always wondered why people are always so concerned about the orientation of other people’s sexuality. It baffles me that someone else would go to such extremes over the fact that someone is in love. For me, I have never been concerned with this issue and I find it shallow to concern oneself with such things. What others do with themselves is their own business and no one else’s. The media has become more diverse on this issue by casting more gay or lesbian characters, but I still notice that people are uncomfortable by this. One thing that we could do to increase the amount of diversity is make a point to shut down negative comments and attention. If you hear or see someone discriminating against the LGBT community, make a point to divert their negativity and support them by reassuring them that who they are is not something that should be bashed upon. I see a future with an even more diverse outlook on this situation. I think the next generation will be more accustomed to seeing gay couples and will not have the prejudice predisposed in their minds. I look forward to seeing a day when we can accept all of the diversities among one another. In the future I think that it is necessary to challenge these areas of lack of diversity so that our society can become better as a whole. Without challenging these social constraints we would not be where we are today. Segregation might still be happening if it weren’t for those brave people who stood up for what they believed in and shut down the oppression of each group. There is nothing we cannot overcome as a society as long as we stand together and exemplify the mannerism that welcomes diversity.

Rose, Mickey, and a bit of relationship advice

Rose and Mickey have an interesting relationship that causes quite a bit of stress for the both of them. Both have deep affection for one another but they are each searching for something more. They are tied to each other by their circumstances and past, but sometimes they realize that they are becoming very different people.

Rose wants adventure, excitement, and spontaneity. She wants to wake up each day and have a new experience every day. She is a wandering soul that will never be satisfied with a quiet life of the same thing day to day. If there is danger, she will be there in a heartbeat.

Mickey wants safety, comfort, and stability. He would love to repeat the same routine for the rest of his life and never think twice about it. Mickey needs to feel protected by having the security of a significant other to empathize with his life struggles. When Rose leaves him to go on adventures with the Doctor, Mickey feels abandoned and hopeless. After some time of being gone, Rose returns to find that Mickey has started seeing someone else. This is a turning point in their relationship because they both grasp that if things are not going to change, the two will be at the end of their relationship. They both have to decide which life they want to live and what they are willing to sacrifice. Rose decides to bring Mickey along on her adventures, which isn’t sacrificing much, but Mickey goes a ways out of his comfort zone again for Rose to help the Doctor, Rose, and Jack defeat the Slitheen. This shows Rose how much Mickey cares for her, but in the end it may not be enough to hold them together.

In my opinion, this is how a lot of relationships end. In life, we only look at our side of things, but someone else could be going through so much more than what shows on the outside. It is important to keep an open mind. The moment we are not willing to compromise on issues in the relationship is the moment the battle is already lost. One person can only do so much to keep the two together, and sometimes we have to look at how it is affecting us personally. Mickey will always come running to Rose because he is so in love with her, he would do anything for her. I feel like this relationship is doing more harm than good for him, and he will be a happier person if he just lets Rose go. The hardest part is realizing that sometimes we are not the best thing for the one’s we love.

More Similar Than Meets the Eye

We are all Daleks in disguise. Every human being in some way, shape, or form can be compared to a cruel, heartless machine of death. Allow me to further explain myself, because I know what many are thinking and it goes a little deeper than calling humans vengeful, manipulative, and evil. I am not making a quintessential analogy by this statement, however, I do recognize many overlapping traits. Humans are not absolute evil, but like Daleks we all possess a side of us that is somewhat malicious and ruthless. You see it everywhere, girls gossiping about their so-called “friends”, and boys picking fight with anyone who so much as looks at them sideways. Now this, too, is a large generalization, but the point is most apparent. Daleks also contain a drive for power over all other desires. We can reflect on this in our own lives when we observe the history of the human race. In recent history, there have been many leaders that portray a sense of hate and superiority over another race, gender, or class in a similar way to the Daleks. Even still, Hitler tried to exterminate an entire race just like the Daleks! My final argument to justify this similarity is the painstaking fact that we all are just mushy blobs on the inside. The Daleks created a body armor designed to protect and disguise their true forms, and we as humans do the same. Whether the facade we use is something as simple as makeup to a more emotional perspective of putting up an emotional barrier, there is an underlying message that we do not want others to see our true selves, our true form. To dig a little deeper into this idea, I ask myself, what do we have to hide? Everyone else is in the same situation as us, in an overarching way, so I see no reason to have this blockade up. But even I am subject to masking what is inside. As something to ponder, I encourage all of you to just take a moment and ask yourself what is your mask, and what are you trying to hide?