Transgenders Deserve A Chance Too

For my 5thand final blog post, I will be gladly be discussing one hot button issue for some. Most people have an opinion on whether they are for or against children, let alone people in general, becoming transgender. The very least all people should agree on is that transgender students get the right as the gender they feel more naturally as.


My hometown news station KCCI recently covered and updated a story on a transgender student in Center Point, Iowa. This students name is Emmet Cummings, he was originally born a female but has begun transitioning into the male gender. The focus of the article is that originally, Emmet was not going to be allowed to participate in a boys summer program.


That summer program’s name is “Boy’s State”. This is a program for high school juniors that focuses on legal aspects of being a citizen, including state government (which Emmet is interested in). During the summer students attend seminars, and have opportunities to participate in music ensembles. Emmet was nominated and accepted by the Center Point chapter of the American Legion to attend Boys State this upcoming summer. When receiving his application, the state legion board originally accepted his entry into the program. However, upon further looking into who Emmet is, the state legion board realized he is transgender and denied him rights to the camp.


Fortunately, but mostly because of backlash, the board has decided to allow Cummings to attend and make an exception only for him. This means though no other transgender may stay at Boy’s State, at least for now. Through the updated portion of the article it describes Emmet’s relief of being able to go, but also the frustration. Frustration in the whole ordeal for himself, but also that others are being treated unfairly for simply being themselves. Emmet hopes at the very least he can provide a pilot or a test run to show the board all transgendered students should be allowed to attend their program. Emmet just wants to learn the basics of how our government runs, and simply because of his preferred gender he almost was not allowed to. How can anyone claim these people are un patriotic and do not belong in our country, when in this example, Emmet was trying to learn more about the government instead of defying it.


Hopefully, this summer will allow Emmet to pioneer a new movement to allow transgender students to attend Boys State to learn about our government. If you have read this article an argued with every single thing I have stated, then consider this. How would it feel to be a college student and not be allowed to go to a graduate school simply because of your under-grad’s mascot? Something that defines you is now not allowing you to get ahead in life. That is exactly how Emmet feels, one could at least value his bravery.

Transgender Pride flag


Diversity in Doctor Openings

For my fourth blog post entry, I want to focus on diversity in the openings of the New-Who Doctors.

Christopher Eccelston brought needed update with his openings, right along with the show. The song playing during his is almost identical to the very first opening of William Hartnell. As you can see below the colors are appealing to look at. Eccelston’s opening begins with a spinning TARDIS going down some sort of vortex, presumably a time vortex tunnel. After a few seconds it stops, the camera does a slow motion pan around the TARDIS, and then the TARDIS zooms down a different colored time vortex. Lastly, there is a football shape cut out with the words Doctor Who on it, with shines on it. To fade out the opening theme it would then show the title of the episode with the writer at the time (mostly Davies.) It truly is my favorite opening of any New-Who Doctor.

Screen Shot 2018-03-19 at 3.52.19 PM

Next, are David Tennant’s openings. I do mean openings because after two seasons he got a slightly modified one to end his tenure as the Doctor. Tennant’s first opening was essentially the same as Eccelston’s. Really the only difference was the name that appeared first for the cast list. David’s second opening had a darker blue feel, and the music turned more hard rock ish, but still the same overall melody. The TARDIS still was spinning and jumped vortex tunnels around the middle point of the theme.

Screen Shot 2018-03-20 at 8.28.09 AM

After David Tennant, we have Matt Smith’s openings. Again, he has two distinct openings we can look at. First, his opening uses similar music to the second one of David Tennant’s. However, now the time vortex doesn’t look as vortex-y as a time vortex should be. I still like the first one though, because it appears to be a storm cloud and lightning bolts zapping out occasionally. If one pays close enough attention they can see a lightning bolt hit the TARDIS and momentarily paralyze it from moving. Smith’s second opening is where I start to lose interest in the openings. The music stays mostly the same, however now there is a huge cluster of colors and no real vortex that the TARDIS travels down. The Doctor Who logo is now just words over no cut out as the previous two Doctor’s had.

Screen Shot 2018-03-19 at 3.54.51 PM

Screen Shot 2018-03-19 at 3.55.06 PM

Lastly, is Peter Capaldi’s opening sequence. While there is an Easter egg thrown into it, it still is my least favorite. One reason it is my least favorite is the slow pace of the motions of what it does show. This sequence shows clock gears whirring, roman numerals I-XII spiraling around, and then a weird liquid-y vortex of some sort. It just is not very fast paced or as visually pleasing as I liked the previous ones.

Screen Shot 2018-03-19 at 3.55.42 PMScreen Shot 2018-03-20 at 8.30.47 AMScreen Shot 2018-03-19 at 3.56.12 PM

Diversity in Regeneration (Spoilers!)

As each Doctor’s time comes to an end,  that is when the new generation is about to happen. Each Doctor deals with their regeneration slightly different. The process of regeneration biologically is mostly the same, a shimmering light of time-vortex surrounds the doctor and shoots out of his face and hands. However, the lead-up and post regeneration are completely different. Let us also not forget that evolving technology has been a factor in the showing of regeneration.

Let’s start with the first Doctor’s regeneration. When the first Doctor regenerates it simply shows a light that nearly goes completely white across the screen, and then there lay the second Doctor. Not very eventful, but they did what they could for the time period.

From now on, I’ll be describing the New Who Doctors or this could turn into a very long post. Christopher Eccelston’s 9th Doctor regeneration was one of the more unfortunate one’s because he was nearly forced into it. After Rose absorbs the time vortex he understands he can no longer let her hold onto that kind of power. He absorbs the power from her and in doing that, it over loads his system and only has moments to regenerate while Rose watches. It takes about ten seconds for the change to occur, before the Tenth Doctor appears and asks “Where were we? Oh yes! Barcelona”.

The Tenth Doctor’s regeneration was also a sad one because it was a huge sacrifice. However, this David Tennant’s regeneration is drug out over about 10 minutes or so. After he absorbs radiation instead of Donna’s dad, he remains the same and says a final goodbye to all of the companions he has worked with, including Donna and her family, Mickey and Martha, Jack Harkness, the granddaughter of the woman he met as “John Smith”, and lastly Rose just before she met the 9th Doctor so he did not have to jump universes. Then, he finally returns to his TARDIS to complete his transformation but nearly destroys the time ship in the process. His regeneration takes approximately 8 or so seconds

Spoilers for the Eleventh and Twelfth Doctors ahead, read at your own risk!!!

The 11th Doctor’s regeneration was confusing. Because he is with Clara, imagining Amelia Pond being there, and then leans down and instantly is changed to Peter Capaldi. It was abrupt and I don’t think many Matt Smith fans got true closure.

Lastly, the 12th Doctor’s regeneration was similar to the 10th to 11th’s in physics of the TARDIS out of control and the door flying open. However, it is diverse from all the rest because after his transformation we learn the Doctor now has the capacity to be a woman.

.Screen Shot 2018-02-24 at 1.16.39 PM

Recent Events- Black Panther

For this blog post, I want to focus on a recent event that is still going on to this day. I found this event written as a news story through my hometown CBS affiliate’s website. Their specific name is KCCI News, and it serves Des Moines and surrounding areas. They included this article from CNN in their “National News” tab. It describes the upcoming movie Black Panther. Apparently, there has been online criticism of the movie already, before it even releases. Black Panther releases later this month on February 16th. There is a culture and fan base of DC Comic movies that want to “take down Disney”. DC Fans view Disney as this monopoly that does not deserve the fame it gets for a movie studio that they purchased for some large amount of money.


Another important aspect of this article is the fact that DC’s fan-base is trying to recruit other fan-bases. They are even trying to turn Marvel’s fan-base on itself, and telling anyone they can to go ahead and give the film terrible reviews on sites such as Rotten Tomatoes before it even is released!


One point to make about this article is that it tackles the issue of race. If you follow any of the Black Panther story line at all then it would be known that a lot of his story takes place in Wakanda. This place is a fictional nation in Africa, thus an all-black cast. A takeaway from these DC fans that are ranting about the film is that they are anti-black because it is the very first Marvel film to feature a majority black cast. It only tarnishes the DC fan-base if this were true, because it is a milestone for the black community and very important movie for Marvel to push.


Diversity is written all over this story. On one hand you have a movie that is the first superhero movie to be included in a huge universe that has a primarily black cast. The character Black Panther is also the first black Marvel superhero to have his own title movie. On the other hand there is the diverse DC fan-base that wants to exile this movie, while no one else really feels that way, at least until seeing the movie for themselves. Overall, I think no one should condemn films before it’s release. I for one, will plan on seeing Black Panther at some point in my busy college life, and make a decision (good or bad) based solely on the quality of the film.Black-Panther-Meme-Funny-Image-Photo-Joke-04

Revisiting, and the End of an Old Hero

I would like to start by saying this is not the first time I have watched Doctor Who. I may not have gotten into the show as my brother did when he binge-watched what all was on Netflix before they took it off the U.S. servers. I did watch a few episodes of each doctor from 9th through 12th, but never an entire season. As Dr. Lindgren said in class, the first doctor you watch is usually your favorite, and that is very true for myself. Christopher Eccelston was a fantastic introduction to the Doctor’s universe. Since it was the reboot, they had to explain a lot of things over again because of the new audience, which really helped my understanding.

Next, I want to review the 9th Doctor’s final episode, as he was my absolute favorite Doctor. It was a brilliant send off for the doctor that essentially “regenerated” the series. I really like how the Doctor was faced with such moral dilemmas, before, during, and after Rose’s decision. The Doctor was being faced with creating an explosion to kill all the new-gen Daleks and their original generation emperor that somehow survived the Time-War. But at the exact same time, Rose was taking matters into her own hands as she, Jackie, and Mickey rip off a part of the TARDIS so Rose can look in to the heart of it. That in my opinion is the biggest plot hole thus far of the “New-Who”, however it does not make it a garbage episode.

The Doctor sends Rose with the TARDIS, facing certain regeneration either by previously mentioned way of him setting off an explosion, or simply getting killed by a Dalek. When Rose looks in to the heart of the TARDIS it is the stupidest thing to do. It did not need to happen. Being that she had the TARDIS, the Doctor would have found his way back to it after regeneration, thus still creating the reunion and start of season 2 in the same shape. She did not need to put her own life at risk by absorbing that power, and singlehandedly be the reason for the 9th Doctor to regenerate. Rose would have been better off waiting, not putting herself in harm’s way, and getting the Tenth Doctor after he regenerated from the other two outcomes. Overall, it was a good episode and introduction to David Tennant. I am very excited to continue watching future Doctors in our class!