Diversity in My Life

Growing up I had only been exposed to a small amount of diversity. It was as if I was in my own little world, oblivious to what else was out there. I was brought up in a middle class white family in a small town here in Iowa. Throughout my whole high school we had a very select few people of race, nationalities, and ethnicities. As I grew older, I had the opportunity for an experience of a lifetime traveling with my church on mission trip to Guatemala where I was first introduced to a more diverse world. Being there was an incredible, breath taking, and eye-opening experience to see first hand how others live their day to day lives. What they eat, where they work, what clothes they wear, how they travel etc. Everything was new to me. It truly was a culture shock. Communication was a huge part in the diversity that we experienced. The native language was spoken in Spanish, therefore, we had translators with us at all times. I was able to pick up on some of the language an a few people outside of the translators were able to speak English, however, they were few and far between. After returning home, I was much more aware of just how diverse this world is and how little we are in comparison to it. I think it it extremely important for everyone to get the chance to witness other cultures and realize the amount of diversity this world contains. I am extremely grateful to have had the opportunity to travel outside of the country and witness these types of diversity first hand. It prepared me for my future endeavors and even for college here at Wartburg. Wartburg is tremendously diverse throughout the campus compared to what I grew up around. I think it is so neat to see how the small town of Waverly can hold so much diversity and opportunities for everyone who comes through here. Also looking into my future, as a future educator, I am blessed to have encountered these different experiences dealing with diversity so I will be prepared to teach in a diverse setting in a way that everyone will be able to learn and grow and at their own pace. Being at Warburg College has given me yet another new perspective on the diversities in which this world and this life contains outside of my small town where I grew up.

Diversity in Grey’s Anatomy

One of my favorite tv shows is Grey’s Anatomy. For those of you that do not know, this is a fictional show about doctors who all work together in the same hospital and all of the drama that goes on in each one of their busy lives. One of the reasons I like this show is because of how extremely diverse it is throughout the entire thing. Starting in season one, there were four males who were casted as lead roles as well as four women casting as lead roles. Within this cast, there were two men of color, one women of color and another women from an Asian ethnicity. As the show went on the numbers increased in diversity as well as having lead roles increase their diversity as well. Not only does this show incorporate women of color or different ethnicity playing the roles of high up professionals of surgeons in the medical field, it also incorporates diversity among other social statuses such as lesbians, bisexuals, and gays. Throughout the show, there are a few different characters who play the roles of lesbians, while also having lead roles on the medical staff within this television series. The show incorporates bisexuality by taking one of the lesbian females and putting her into a relationship with another guy on the show for a more dramatic feel to get the audience wondering what is going to happen next.

Another social topic that is addressed that can be a diverse conversation is the topic of abortion. As a tv show that takes place in the hospital, some of the episodes have pregnant women in them wether the pregnancy was intended or not. With this, the option of abortion arises. Not only does that take place in the patients on the tv show though, there are episodes where even the main characters are in this position of deciding what to do. The director and writer of the show both do a tremendous job of keeping biased opinions out of the show and making it very equal for everyone to enjoy no matter what your standpoints are on any of the above topics or statuses. Lastly, this show has a tendency to lose a lot of its main characters or doctors if you will. Weather that is from them dying in a horrible accident, or them moving to another practice for the sake of the show, they end up not being casted anymore. With that, I really appreciate how well they “replace” these characters with new characters who add equal diversity to the show, if not more.

Diversity in Film and Television

How has television changed and evolved over the years? While we may not be at our full potential, television and films have come along way in the field of diversity. When television first came out in black and white, the majority of shows and films were dominated with white males. White females were shown however, they did not have big roles by any means, and people of color were few and far between. Women and minorities have made modest gains in front of and behind the camera, however they remain significantly underrepresented as leading actors in films, as T.V. show creators, and any other part of the entertainment industry. Many argue that diversity within the show is not the issue. The issue is the balance within this diversity. Directors feel that as long as they have minimal diversity within their show or film, they’ve done their job in incorporating it and they don’t need to further it by any means. This becomes a problem for woman and people of minority. Balance is a reflection of the community, but not only that, it reflects our country as a whole and how we represent ourselves through the world of entertainment. What we see on the television or in films coming out of Hollywood is not balance. There are black people and indigenous people, women, Latinos, Asian and members of the LGBTQ community that have stories that need to be heard and shared with the rest of the world. Though it may be hard to incorporate so much diversity into one show or film, it sure is not impossible. The television show “Doctor Who” does a fantastic job of representing diversity. The show travels through different dimensions to all different cities, countries, and worlds throughout the episodes. By doing this, there is a tremendous amount of diversity when you step back and look at the show as a whole. Though in some episodes the diversity roles may not be portrayed as well as they could be, they are still incorporated. It doesn’t stop there though with the diverse languages, races, and places. It brings in another world of aliens, robots, human creatures of just about anything you can imagine. My point here is that, yes, television has come a long way in the world of diversity, but it still has many miles to come. An example of one show with extended diversity is simply not enough.



Why is Diversity Important?

The world in which we live is full of diversity. We are among different genders, races, religions, ages, socioeconomic statuses and many more each and every day. Diversity brings us together through the sharing of stories from various backgrounds and experiences, it allows us to see the world in a different perspective. Not only that, diversity is growing and it is important to learn and grow with it. Accept change as a good thing and embrace the positivity that comes with it. As an elementary education major, I find diversity extremely important due to the fact that school systems are one of the  main encounters for diversity. Diversity within the classroom and throughout the school is something that we need in this world. Students need to know that “different”, in any way shape or form, does not correlate with “bad” in any way and I can not wait to be apart of their learning of this. This is important to be taught at a young age so children are aware of their surroundings as they grow older and enter the workforce. Diversity is both beneficial and crucial when constructing a strong economy. It allows for a greater share of consumer market, a more creative and qualified workplace, and is a key aspect in entrepreneurialism. Though I have not yet officially entered the workforce myself, I have seen the benefits of diversity thoughout it.  I have also had the opportunity to see it here on campus. I have had the privilege of attending school here at Wartburg where diversity is a very real thing and the inclusion of everyone is strongly encouraged as is the sharing of the history that comes along with it. With diversity comes never ending learning. We as  humans become curious about what we do not know and therefore have endless amounts of questions to be asked. By discussing diversity we not only gain knowledge on something new, we build and gain relationships, whether that be through neighbors, church, school, friends etc. Diversity enriches our lives and makes them fuller rather than duller. Imagine a life where everyone and everything was the same. Everyone looks the same, acts the same, comes from the same place. Nothing would be interesting or exciting! Diversity is what makes us all unique, take that away and we lose a lot of what makes us special and what makes us who we are in this world.



My First Impression

At the start of this class I did not have the slightest clue what Doctor Who was or what it was about. Honestly, I didn’t even know that it was a show. After hearing about it on the first day of class I was a little uncertain as to what I was getting myself into over the coarse of this next semester. However, getting into watching the episodes right away was really helpful in getting to know what this show is about and what this class is going to be about. My initial thought after watching the first few episodes, and though the fans of this show may not like this, was that it isn’t as bas as I thought it would be, but it’s not something I was excited to watch or would tell my friends about. As the show went on, I quickly grew more fond of each episode. Though I am still not big into science fiction, I don’t mind watching the show and I have even found myself to get a little upset when something doesn’t go the way I want it to in an episode. I have also noticed that this show pulls at the heart strings a little. Take the episode “The Empty Child” for example, when The Doctor establishes that the little boy isn’t Nancy’s brother but is actually her son, aside from being shocked, I was incredibly happy when when in the end, he was able to be turned into the boy he once was again and finally be with his mother after all. This isn’t the type of ending I would expect coming from a show like this but I was very pleased that it was included in this episode. Another episode/ episodes that I would like to point out as being one of my favorites so far is “Rise of the Cyberman/ The Age of Steel”. The whole episode was engaging and then left you with sort of a cliff hanger at the end of the first episode making you wonder what was going to happen in the next. However, the part that struck me the most wasn’t how they got out of trouble or how they managed to save everyone, but the fact that Micky decided to leave Rose and the Doctor and stay in this parallel universe knowing that they would never be able to come back for him. Though this made me a little sad, this is what I like about the show. It is very upbeat and engaging. Something is always happening or changing, leaving you with something you may not have expected which, I think, draws the audience in even more.