New Experiences

Last year I did something that I never thought I would. I joined a real sport. I was extremely active in just about everything but sports in high school. I was a cheerleader all four years which is a sport, yes, but at my school it was not really counted as one and I do not think we were doing a ton to make it really count. When I got to college I did not really do too many things and I was looking for something to do. A friend of mine was talking about lacrosse and how they needed more players, so I kind of joked about joining. A week later it was not a joke anymore, I had officially signed my life away to Wartburg Women’s Lacrosse. The largest problem with this was that I had never even seen a single game of lacrosse even on TV, let alone actually played before. Nobody in Iowa really knows what lacrosse is so it was a completely new thing for me and my family. I am writing about this experience because it is okay to go out and try new things even though you have no idea what you are doing. I have made amazing friends being a part of this team, and I have fallen in love with a sport I had barely even heard of before last year. I have always been too scared to really go try anything new and actually trying something new was probably the best decision that I have ever made. I really want to encourage anyone that might be thinking about doing something new, or joining a group that they are not sure if they should or not, or anything like that to go for it! What could you lose? When you’re little you’re always told to go try new things, it’s never too late to try.


Diversity in Female Memory

Another RICE day event I went to was the STEM poster session. I found one pretty interesting because it brings attention to the hormonal changes in a female’s body during different times of the month. Emily Laudner’s and Aksha Upadhyay’s poster was titled “Differences in Visual Sensory Memory Between High and Low [Estrogen] and [Progesterone] in Young Women” They tested young women between the ages of 18 and 22 to see if their memory was different during different times in the month due to their hormone cycle. To participate in the study, the participants had to have been on birth control for at least three months to make sure their hormones were regulated. They showed the participants a group of letters for 0.5 seconds and had them recall what the letters were in the order that they remember seeing them. They found that the women performed better on the 11th day of their cycle than on the 25th day of their cycle. They tested the participants in two different groups, one group was tested on their 11th day before their 25th day and the other group was tested on their 25th then their 11th. They found no significant difference between the results of the first group and the second,
meaning it wouldn’t matter which order they are tested in, just the day. I think that this shows diversity because nobody really thinks about the fact that a female’s hormones are changing everyday and that can affect a lot more than her mood, like people have a tendency to make jokes about. It can actually affect how a female learns things on different days. Emily said that even though there isn’t much she can do about it, it’s nice for her to know because she is going to be a teacher when she graduates and it is nice to know that this could actually affect learning capabilities on some days.

Artwork at RICE Day

For RICE Day, I needed to attend at least 2 presentations that were not part of the STEM poster session. I chose to go see the art gallery because it is not something I would normally go do. I am not a huge fan of art, and going to go actually see and try to enjoy an art gallery was a pretty new thing to me and I was not very excited about it. Everything that the seniors had to show was amazing though. There was one artist whose work that really caught my eye too, that artist was Nicole Lettau. All of her pieces had something to do with HIV and AIDS. I asked her why that was, and I really enjoyed her answer. She said that she based them on HIV and AIDS because it is something that no one really talks about. It is a very taboo subject wherever you go so she wanted to learn more about it and wanted to bring it more to people’s attention. One of her set that I really liked was a painting of hands with a bunch of pills in them. She said it was supposed to represent all of the medications with HIV and AIDS have to take, and all of the money that they spend on it. I found this to represent a lot of diversity because it is not something that anyone ever thinks about. It was specifically meant to bring attention to something that people tend to ignore most of the time. I thoroughly enjoyed the gallery and I left there thinking that there may have been some pieces that I would have possibly bought if I was older and had actual spending money. I also wish I would have been able to go see more things during RICE Day because this alone was really cool.

Blink Review

After having watched “Blink” for a second time I’m not quite sure why I didn’t appreciate this episode so much when I watched it a few years ago. “Blink” is, I believe, the only episode where the Doctor doesn’t take center stage for the whole episode, and I actually really enjoy that. I also think that Sally Sparrow is very under appreciated in the Doctor Who universe.

The episode starts with Sally going into an old abandoned house to take pictures of it when some weird stuff starts to happen. The next day she comes back with her best friend Kathy. A man comes to the door with a letter addressed to Sally, he explains that his grandmother made him promise to bring the letter to that house at that exact time. The letter appeared to be from Kathy saying that she went back in time and lived out her remaining years in the past. (I would really like to have seen a little more insight to Kathy’s life in the past because I still can’t get over the fact that she didn’t seem to question what happened to her too much, she just moved on with her life, and I would really like to get more of a story on this). After reading the letter she thinks Kathy is playing a cruel joke on her, goes to find her, but finds that Kathy is missing. Sally continued her investigation into what was happening at Wester Drumlins with the help of Kathy’s brother. They use “Easter eggs” found on 17 DVDs to almost make contact with the Doctor and eventually help him and Martha out of 1969.

I feel like this episode has a very put together plotline that would make sense even to people who have never watched Doctor Who before. I also believe that Sally is severely under appreciated because She did so much to help the Doctor but she never seems to get any recognition in future episodes or by very much of the Doctor Who fandom. I think that Sally was a wonderful character and should be brought back in another episode about the weeping angels.

The Tenth Doctor

A lot of people still seem to be having some mixed feelings about David Tennant being the new Doctor. I totally understand that and I did for a while too when I first watched the show, but I can promise you it will only get better from here. So because David Tennant is actually a really cool human being, and I actually have no clue what to write about, I wanted to talk about some of the reasons why David Tennant is actually awesome and makes a great 10th Doctor.

"David Tennant used to get in trouble at school because al his essays were Doctor Who fan fiction.":

First off, he has been a huge Doctor Who fan his whole life, his favorite Doctor is Tom Baker, the 4th Doctor. It was actually his childhood dream to play the Doctor. He is also Scottish, and while he does speak with an “Estuary English” accent, he has gone on record saying that he does not mind. He was very happy to get to use his own accent in part of the episode Tooth and Claw though.

Fanboy Crash Course : Fanboys bottle their feels. They do not cry over a sad moment, death etc....UNTIL EVENTUALLY HR GLASS SHATTERS AND WE'RE A TOTAL MESS AND WE CALL OUR BOOK "MY PRECIOUS":

He seems to be a child at heart too. I spend a lot of time on Pinterest and I swear every time I look at it there is a new picture of David Tennant doing something weird and/ or funny. I think that he is probably as much of a normal person as he can be too.

David Tennant - wanted to be the Doctor and succeeded. Also married the 5th Doctor's daughter. That's a dedicated fan.:

Lastly, Tennant married Georgia Moffett on December 30, 2011, after they had co-starred together in the Doctor Who episode The Doctor’s Daughter. Coincidentally enough, Georgia Moffett is actually the daughter of Peter Davidson who played the fifth regeneration of the Doctor. Tennant and Moffett have four children together, one of which is Moffett’s from a past relationship that Tennant adopted. Other than that, we do not really know too much about Tennant’s personal life, he keeps it pretty private.

David Tennant. Not to mention the time that he "fakes" a Scottish accent at one point:

My Journey To Becoming A Whovian

Many of you are taking this class because you needed to take an IS 201 class and this happened to be one that had some open seats, fit best in your schedule, and sounded slightly more interesting than some of the other classes that were being offered at the same time. I on the other hand, am actually a huge fan of Doctor Who and was pretty excited when I heard that it was a class. That being said, I wanted to talk a little bit about how I became a fan of Doctor Who.

My friend Natalie has never seen Doctor Who before taking this class and her solution to finding out a little more about the show was to go on Pinterest and see what she could find. I found that pretty funny, because Pinterest is how I first learned about Doctor Who at all. I saw a ton of posts about the kinds of funny things that happened on the show and how many people seemed to watch and enjoy it, and I decided that I needed to watch it as soon as I could. So I found it on Netflix, watched the first episode, and was extremely weirded out and not sure if I wanted to continue watching it. I’m not sure exactly where the idea for the first episode came from but I feel like it was not the best choice. I finally decided to try watching the next few episodes though, and I’ve loved watching it since.

I urge everyone to push through that very first episode this weekend when you are watching it. It’s honestly a hard episode to get through, but I think it will be worth it. Just be open to some of the ideas in it and don’t over-think it too much.

I also want to leave you with one of my favorite quotes from Doctor Who:

I adore this episode. Reinette is awesome.: