The Animated World of Doctor Who

Ever since i was little, i’ve always been a lover of cartoons. So, last week i began to wonder if there were any DW cartoons, and i discovered 3 different Doctor Who animations.

The first one is an original BBC production, and it’s called Dreamland. It was first broadcasted in November of 2009, and it ended in December of 2009. It had six episodes in it, and it looked like it was based in the desert, and it had several story elements that were depicted in The Sarah Jones Adventures. When i watched the first episode, it reminded me of an animation i used to watch, called Monsters Vs. Aliens. Mostly because the animation started with them in a deserted dry land in Nevada, and in the first episode of Dreamland, the environment looked like the dryland in Nevada, plus, they had some men in it that looked like Men in Black. It took some time for me to find a suitable video, because most of the videos i found on the net were blurry, but after many searches, i found one (it’s not of great quality, but it’s manageable).


The second one I found, was an animation created by a professional U.S animator called Stephen Byrne. He created this animation of Dr. Who because he wanted to make the whole show more accessible to children. It actually is about a little girl getting to know all about the world and the universe. I think I like his motive for creating this animation, because in my own opinion (and from self-experience), most kids are really drawn to cartoons, and they prefer to watch cartoons over anything else. Also, the animation quality and characters reminded me of Gravity Falls (it’s a Disney cartoon- well, it shows mostly on Disney channel). Here’s a video of his animation.


The last one I found, is not wholly a Doctor Who based animation. I actually found it on Youtube, and it’s a channel on Youtube called CiniFix. This one is just like a segment. From what I saw on their Youtube channel, CiniFix does a lot of cartoons of different characters, mostly of heroes and villains, and as we all know, Dr. Who can be considered a hero. Also, it looked like it was focused on Matt Smith, the eleventh Doctor, and Peter Capaldi. So, here’s the animated video.


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