RICE Day Diversity

Every year, Wartburg takes a day off from classes to host RICE day. During this time students from all departments on campus are able to present and share their learning and research. As a student who needed to attend a certain number of these for other classes, I figured I might as well change it up a little bit and delve into the presentations of those students who have different majors than myself. I knew going into RICE day I wanted to find diversity among the projects and presentations. I started off that Tuesday morning visiting the fine arts and communications building. Walking into one of the art rooms, I was soon surrounded by paintings on all of the walls. I was stuck in a daze at how incredibly talented these students are while also being highly curious at the meanings behind each piece of art. Most of the people who created these beautiful pieces were people I did not recognize, this alone made me feel guilty enough as I wanted to meet them all and share how much I enjoyed their art. Diversity was crawling out of every part of that room. All of these students who created their own pieces I imagine have a story behind what they chose to paint about. Some might come from a time of happiness and positive feelings, while another might come from a more negative time in their life. At the end of the day I found the most diversity in the art. I was able to recognize the differences each piece had whether that be through medium or background, but at the end of the day each and every one of those students were able to come together to share their story or feelings through art.


Fan Art

The creative minds and abilities of fans never fail to amaze me. People are able to write an entire new plot for Doctor Who or make a video using specific clips from episodes that I would never be able to remember! However, what amazes me the most is the fan art. It is so interesting to see how people view the Doctor through paintings, comics, and sketches. Some people draw comics featuring their favorite characters as adorable cartoons.They even add their own twist. I thought this comic was really cute and I love how they compared regeneration to taking turns playing a video game.


Other fans mix Doctor Who characters with characters from other shows. In this drawing, the Doctor is portrayed as Lucy messing Charlie Brown, or in this case, a Dalek. Another very creative and cute piece of art!84873

The most impressive of all fan art, however, are the paintings. The color, detail, and accuracy is incredible. The artwork really shows how well fans know the characters and the show. You can almost see his personality come alive through the painting.


Fan art is something I will most likely never be very good at, but it is fun to look at what others have created. It is a creative way to express one’s live for the show through art.