Captain Raymond Holt & Diversity in the Brooklyn Nine-Nine

*Includes Spoilers and Plot Ideas

Brooklyn Nine-Nine is not an old show nor is a new one, It first aired in 2013 and is relatively funny. I’m not here to talk about the entirety of the show however, just the one of the main characters whom is represented with quite the amount of diversity.

Captain Raymond Holt, played by actor Andre Braugher is quite the doozy of a character, and especially when you look at everything he’s ever said. At the first glance he is a black police office with a no non-sense attitude. However upon further glance it is more than that, Captain Holt is a complex individual, to elaborate upon this I must first describe his story alittle, this is his first captaincy for what has been described as a lifetime of outstanding service and duty, the cause for the lack of promotions and advancement through the ranks is due to the fact Captain Holt is not just black, he is also openly gay and according to his character has been since 1987 which is during a time when being gay was not acceptable, and is happily married to his husband as well. Captain Holt’s image as a character is different than we generally see in a show, Holt’s character is represented as a serious, high-intellect male whom possesses specific tastes and particular ideas that are actually stereo-typically more identifiable with the older white male and while seeing members of the LGBTQ in media is becoming more and more common, we more often see them in stereotypical lights or even in basic character formats that aren’t all that complex. But Brooklyn Nine-Nine has a homosexual character who isn’t your stereotypical character, he is calm and robotic like, full of no-nonsense mannerisms that are often at odd with what the world’s stereotypes are for any stereotype you could think this character would be a part of. I praise the show for not making his life a science experiment where we go over tropes or stereotypical problems, but instead his life is simple. He has a husband (whom is also white to mention, that this isn’t just a normal relationship is a interracial one, something that we see is varying amounts in media as well.) and what would be consider a high-class and intellect lifestyle, with a hobby of collecting antiques, and retorting insults with mentions of historical figures, and listening to classical artists such as Frans Brüggen, and even coming up with some fake classical artists whom are fictionally known for their talents in the classical music scene of the 21st century, taking fencing classes and portrait painting classes, and painting over a hundred copies of the same dull gray stone ( but in different perspective each time). However to sum it all up, he is a character that defies the expectations that anyone would have for a Cop,a Black Cop, a Gay cop, and a Gay Black Cop. The shows does a great job of not only breaking our expectations but breaking the chains of stereotypes and creating characters whom are enjoyable to see and hear about. He defies our expectations, and does a good job as illustrating it. This show has created a character who is not just another gay background or foreground character, they’ve created someone who is unique in his portrayal and creation.


On a side note, Here are some images of the character for fun, and just humor related purposes. Tell me if you can make him fit 100% in any classic stereotype?

4741649402013-11-13-brooklyn-nine-nineCaptain Holt Humeur


A Character Analysis that Might Surprise You

After watching a couple of episodes of Torchwood, I am beginning to see where the Doctor and Captain Jack have similarities. Since the series doesn’t have the Doctor in it, I feel as though Captain Jack is taking over that position of authority. Throughout the series, the people go to Jack for the answers and most of the time he is the person that saves the day. Everyone has their own opinion, but here are my views on what might make the Doctor and Jack more similar than you originally thought.

  1. Captain Jack has a mysterious past. Similar to the Doctor, there isn’t much that people know of him. This is a trend that is constantly seen in both shows. Even Jack’s closest friends have no idea where he is from or who he is. For another example, the Doctor’s companions don’t know much about the Doctor. The only thing they know is that he’s a Time Lord, whatever that may be.
  2. Captain Jack is always saving the day. Similarly, the Doctor always seems to be in the right place at the right time, too. However, this very well could be just because the show needed a hero-like character to be successful.
  3. He may not have all the answers like the Doctor, but he does like to show off his knowledge when he has the chance. There are many instances where Captain Jack rambles on about science-y stuff that nobody understands. The Doctor does this in arguably every episode of Doctor Who.
  4. Both Captain Jack and the Doctor are open to both sexes. This is completely evident in Jack and can be seen in a more subtle way with the Doctor. However, the concept is still there.

So, there you have it. That concludes my first list of a few of the traits that both the Doctor and Captain Jack share. Please comment your thoughts and any more ideas of similarities (or major differences) when comparing the Doctor and Captain Jack!