New to Who

As we are coming to end of the semester, I thought I would reflect on my feelings about Doctor Who now that I have seen so many episodes of the show. Before I took this class, I had never seen Doctor Who, so it was definitely all new to me. The Classic Doctor Who was a little difficult to enjoy at first. However, I did like the fist Doctor! I think the first episode I really like was “The Green Death”. There was a little bit of romance, which I love, and a bit more action.


I continued to enjoy most of the other Classic Doctor Who episodes, but I was very excited to start the newer episodes. I had a few friends who had told me about the newer seasons and about actors like Tennant and Smith. From their descriptions, it sounded like the show gained a lot more romance and action! They were definitely right. The 9th Doctor was okay, but I really started to like the show when I was introduced to Tennant. His goofy attitude on and off the screen was great. I also loved the connection between him and Rose.


Overall, I have enjoyed watching Doctor Who, but I’m not sure whether or not I will continue to watch it. The characters are great and the plot is intense, but it just isn’t my type of show. I’m glad I was able to be introduced to it, and I’m excited to be able to talk to my friends about it now that I actually understand what the show is about!

Interview with a Classic Whovian

At the start of this class, majority of us have either seen Doctor Who or just started the show. Aside from Professor Lindgren, we haven’t had much opportunity to talk to someone who grew up watching classic Doctor Who. Fortunately my dad, who happens to have a love for science fiction, watched some classic Doctor Who episodes when he was younger. I asked him a few questions on the show to get his opinions, and this is his response.

To begin with I started by asking him when did he first watch Doctor Who. He explained that when he was younger there were only four channels on the television. My dad remembered flipping through to see what was on and said his first impression was that it looked stupid. To him back then, he saw “some guy wearing a scarf in a room full of switches and lights.”

I asked him about his favorite Doctor and companion and he told me that his favorite Doctor is Matt Smith. He paused on his favorite companion, and eventually said “I’m not sure if this counts, but I really like Donna Noble’s dad.”

While having a conversation with my dad, he made a few comments that made me laugh. First, he compared the Daleks to whack-a-moles, since “they just keep coming back.” After, he tried to describe his least favorite character, and said her skin was thin like a sail on a boat. It didn’t take me too long to figure out he was describing Cassandra.

Eventually I ended by asking him which he preferred: classic Doctor Who or the new one. Knowing my dad is a big person for special effects, he didn’t hesitant to say the new Doctor Who. He explained “the classic episodes were incredibly cool at the time because it was the first [special effects] we had ever seen. But, the sets and robots are pretty tacky when you look back at them now.”