Revisiting, and the End of an Old Hero

I would like to start by saying this is not the first time I have watched Doctor Who. I may not have gotten into the show as my brother did when he binge-watched what all was on Netflix before they took it off the U.S. servers. I did watch a few episodes of each doctor from 9th through 12th, but never an entire season. As Dr. Lindgren said in class, the first doctor you watch is usually your favorite, and that is very true for myself. Christopher Eccelston was a fantastic introduction to the Doctor’s universe. Since it was the reboot, they had to explain a lot of things over again because of the new audience, which really helped my understanding.

Next, I want to review the 9th Doctor’s final episode, as he was my absolute favorite Doctor. It was a brilliant send off for the doctor that essentially “regenerated” the series. I really like how the Doctor was faced with such moral dilemmas, before, during, and after Rose’s decision. The Doctor was being faced with creating an explosion to kill all the new-gen Daleks and their original generation emperor that somehow survived the Time-War. But at the exact same time, Rose was taking matters into her own hands as she, Jackie, and Mickey rip off a part of the TARDIS so Rose can look in to the heart of it. That in my opinion is the biggest plot hole thus far of the “New-Who”, however it does not make it a garbage episode.

The Doctor sends Rose with the TARDIS, facing certain regeneration either by previously mentioned way of him setting off an explosion, or simply getting killed by a Dalek. When Rose looks in to the heart of the TARDIS it is the stupidest thing to do. It did not need to happen. Being that she had the TARDIS, the Doctor would have found his way back to it after regeneration, thus still creating the reunion and start of season 2 in the same shape. She did not need to put her own life at risk by absorbing that power, and singlehandedly be the reason for the 9th Doctor to regenerate. Rose would have been better off waiting, not putting herself in harm’s way, and getting the Tenth Doctor after he regenerated from the other two outcomes. Overall, it was a good episode and introduction to David Tennant. I am very excited to continue watching future Doctors in our class!


Stuck in our Ways

In the episode “Dalek” the scene where Rose took the Dalek outside really stood out to me. We saw the Dalek make a huge change throughout the episode. At the beginning of the episode, the Dalek wanted to “exterminate” every human it could find, and while it kept this mentality through most of the episode, it could not kill Rose at the end because of the sympathy she had showed it earlier in the episode. Once the Dalek realized how much it had changed, it told Rose to order it to kill itself. This stood out to me so much because I was very surprised that the Dalek would rather be dead than change it’s personality and ideals. I was also a little surprised that Rose listened to the Dalek because, while she does like to help others, she does not like others to die. Because of these two aspects of her personality, I could have seen her decision going either way, but I expected her to tell the Dalek to live.


While this example is a little extreme, it shows that people are afraid of change and would go to extreme measures to avoid it. I believe that they had to make this so extreme in the episode because if it was not, it would not be noticed as much and therefore would not get the point across that they wanted to make. I feel that many people in our society today go to extreme measure to try to avoid change in our lives instead of learning to accept it. Throughout history there are many examples of people trying to avoid diversity and change, and it usually does not end too well just as it did not end well from the Dalek. I think we should learn from this Dalek and from the mistakes made in the past and embrace diversity and change instead of trying to avoid it.

Let’s Talk About the Daleks


Now, we all know the Daleks are the Doctor’s ultimate enemies. They fought against the Time Lords in the Time War, and they seem to keep coming back.  To me they are probably the most frustrating enemies of the Doctor, I mean they are these salt/pepper shaker-shaped machine like creatures with the meanest streak to exterminate all things not Dalek, or “pure”. All in all they are really creepy!

Before I go on, I would like to point out that this is just my opinion, not a general fact.

The reason I chose to talk about the Daleks is because they remind me of the Nazis. Their whole show of exterminating everything that is not right, using people’s DNA, and dead bodies. Ew! After this thought of mine, I researched on the Daleks and saw they were “inspired” by the Nazi’s. The Dalek Emperor reminds me of Adolf Hitler, and the Dalek soldiers are like the Nazi soldiers. I honestly think they are as wicked and clueless as the Nazis. Think about it, they have an emperor who thinks he’s God and wants to be the ruler of the World (Earth), just like Adolf Hitler did (ok, well maybe he did not think he was God, but he killed many people like he owned their lives). The Daleks were to over-authoritative and thought they could destroy or kill anything/anyone if they decided to. Mostly believing that they have to make their race “pure”. They are absolutely terrible.

I think the episodes which Daleks showed much of the Nazis’ attitude are very eminent in the “Dalek Invasion of Earth”. With their straight raised arm, salute of the Daleks, not to mention how they worship and obey their so-called Emperor. This may not make sense to lots of you though. But seeing the Daleks, kind of made me think of the Nazi’s, mostly because the emperor is alike to Adolf Hitler, and the whole Dalek Army is Nazi-like*.