Hey There Rose Tyler


The idea form this blog post came from a video on Youtube that was a mix of Hey There Delilah entitled Hey There Rose Tyler. Parody songs where an individual changed the lyrics have always fascinated me and the ones centered on Doctor Who are so creative and cover so many Doctor Who bases, I was amazed at the quality of some of them. Particularly in Hey There Rose Tyler, the singer uses lyrical techniques that closely mimic the original song. In this post, I will compare lyrics of the original song to the parody and then do a lyrical analysis. Beginning with Hey There Rose Tyler, in the original song Hey there, Delilah, the song begins with,

“Hey there, Delilah

What’s it like in New York City?

I’m a thousand miles away

But, girl, tonight you look so pretty

Yes, you do

Times Square can’t shine as bright as you

I swear, it’s true”

The cover song begins like this:

“Hey there Rose Tyler

What’s it like in your dimension

I’m a thousand worlds away

But I’m still seeing your reflection in the blue

My hearts are broken without you

I swear, its true”

Both songs obviously start with addressing the one who the singer longs for, then they move on to the loved one is a distance away from them and their longing for them from a distance. Both lyrics reflect their love and their longing in a parallel, which I believe is a great technique for song cover lyrics. People who listen to the original song or know the original song will relate more to the cover song if it parallels a similar storyline. I believe that Hey There Rose Tyler is a successful cover because of how it uses the parallel to form its own story.  The comments are a tribute to its success as no one is questioning the quality of the song, and all are able to reflect on their feelings that it gives them in correlation with the show.

Another song that is well done, is a parody of Shake It Off by Taylor Swift, done to the tune of Take’em out in reference to Doctor Who fighting the Daleks. The parody’s chorus goes like this:

“ and the Daleks always say say say say

Exterminate nate nate nate nate

But I just wanna take take take take take

Take’em out Take’em out”

Taylor Swifts Chorus is written like this:


“Cause the players gonna play, play, play, play, play
And the haters gonna hate, hate, hate, hate, hate
Baby, I’m just gonna shake, shake, shake, shake, shake
I shake it off, I shake it off”


In this parody, the Daleks are equal to the players and the haters. The Doctor and his companions are the ones who are shaking it off (or taking them out in this case). This works so well because of the popularity of the Daleks and their juxtaposition against the Doctor and his companions. The comments in this video are as positive, with reviews that admit they are subscribing because this parody was so well done and of viewers feelings excitement from the feeling they get from the original song and the parodied version.


Overall, well-done parodies are ways for fans to relate to the show and create their own song using their own feelings. Using parallels to the original song amplifies the effect and the overall feeling of the parody, giving it a professional and comfortable experience.

Re-watching Doctor Who

Re-watching Doctor who has been an interesting experience for me, I really enjoyed watching it as a middle schooler and a little bit into high school. I have not really kept up with it in recent years, but re-watching I have found a couple problems as I am thinking deeply about the episodes. Recently, I have been getting bored of the episodes at times they seem to be so repetitive. Some episodes seem to really follow a formula of something weird is going on, Doctor and companion show up, its some sort of alien, Doctor figures out how to fix the problem. This formula gets boring when it is repeated over and over again. I also tend to to find plot holes and things that don’t always make total sense to me. For example when the weeping angels are just chilling out they can’t look at each other ever, that would be so confusing and weird. How do they communicate? How do they reproduce? If they are on a planet full of them then how do they get around if it is busy, someone is always going to be looking at them even if not on purpose.

In re-watching the show, I do enjoy a couple of things, one being seeing the villains that I really like. For example, the Daleks are my favorite, so whenever there is an episode with the Daleks in it I get excited and enjoy the episode. I like how they talk to each other, they have a passive aggressive way of talking that can be really funny. I like the weeping angels, they genuinely scare me. The part in an episode where Amy looks at a video clip of an angel and she gets dust coming out of her eye and it becomes real, that is super freaky to me. The angels are a good example of a villain done well, they are super unique, and they are scary. I look forward to the newest season and seeing what they are going to do with a female doctor.

First Impressions of Doctor Who.

First Impressions of Doctor Who

Before this class i had only heard about doctor who through the internet and news when they announced the newest doctor being a female. I have never watched a single episode before stepping into this class. My first impressions of the show came from “old who” probably not the best start as i now know that i much prefer the “new who”. I would say that i was not very interested in the show after the first few episodes. The acting in a bit dodgy at times and the accents are atrocious, i can’t describe the feeling of listening to heavy british accents other than nails to a chalk board. I don’t know why but the continual british accent in “old who” really throws me off, it could be the production as i don’t mind it as much in “new who” but none the less i was not a fan after the first few days of class.
The turning point however, was the introduction of aliens. When we started to watch episodes that we focusing on the aliens themselves, specifically our first dalek episode I really got into it. It had this strange MIB vibe and i was finding myself watching 40 minute episodes like they’re nothing. The Sci-Fi side of Doctor Who really intrigues me and i enjoy watching those episodes. Unfortunately the other episodes are still monotonous and hard to watch for me, I feel no attachment to any characters which probably will come as i watch more episodes. But i can also see myself liking one character and once they leave the show not returning with as much excitement.
In the future i hope to grow more attached to the characters and find myself enjoying at least most of the episodes but for now i am happy with not being miserable in the class and enjoying our assignments.

-Tyler Frost

The Human Dalek

In the episode Dalek’s In Manhattan we learn of a Dalek plot to evolve using human DNA and vesicles. The plot eventually went awry due to the non-human Daleks turning against their leader Dalek Sec who is has at that point in time evolved into the first human Dalek. Eventually all of the Dalek’s with the exception of Dalek Khan die including Dalek Sec. What would be really interesting is if Dalek Sec’s plans had not been foiled by the other Daleks but was actually followed.
If Dalek Sec’s plans had been followed then all of the humans they had harvested would have Dalek DNA and Dalek ideas but would still remain mostly human. This would mean that those humans who were spliced with Dalek DNA would have major attitude adjustments and likely look at the world we live in very differently. Assuming that the human would keep the best traits of a human which is what Sec wanted we can figure out roughly how these individuals may have acted. First we need to understand what Dalek Sec admired about humans so much. I think the main reason Sec decided it was necessary to evolve was due to humankind’s ability to not just survive but also thrive in many environments. Because of this it is safe to assume that the humans would still have the ability to adapt to dangerous situations. Once Sec becomes a human Dalek he begins to experience emotions that have long been lost to the Daleks and he realizes that these emotions are what keep humans thriving and adapting. So it would be a good assumption to guess that the humans would retain their entire original emotional spectrum. However, many of those emotions would be dulled or kept dormant while more Dalek traits like cunning, intelligence, and feeling of superiority would be heightened.

More Similar Than Meets the Eye

We are all Daleks in disguise. Every human being in some way, shape, or form can be compared to a cruel, heartless machine of death. Allow me to further explain myself, because I know what many are thinking and it goes a little deeper than calling humans vengeful, manipulative, and evil. I am not making a quintessential analogy by this statement, however, I do recognize many overlapping traits. Humans are not absolute evil, but like Daleks we all possess a side of us that is somewhat malicious and ruthless. You see it everywhere, girls gossiping about their so-called “friends”, and boys picking fight with anyone who so much as looks at them sideways. Now this, too, is a large generalization, but the point is most apparent. Daleks also contain a drive for power over all other desires. We can reflect on this in our own lives when we observe the history of the human race. In recent history, there have been many leaders that portray a sense of hate and superiority over another race, gender, or class in a similar way to the Daleks. Even still, Hitler tried to exterminate an entire race just like the Daleks! My final argument to justify this similarity is the painstaking fact that we all are just mushy blobs on the inside. The Daleks created a body armor designed to protect and disguise their true forms, and we as humans do the same. Whether the facade we use is something as simple as makeup to a more emotional perspective of putting up an emotional barrier, there is an underlying message that we do not want others to see our true selves, our true form. To dig a little deeper into this idea, I ask myself, what do we have to hide? Everyone else is in the same situation as us, in an overarching way, so I see no reason to have this blockade up. But even I am subject to masking what is inside. As something to ponder, I encourage all of you to just take a moment and ask yourself what is your mask, and what are you trying to hide?

Why the Doctor Will Always Get Away

I want to start this off by saying that I am definitely Team Doctor and I will always be rooting for him and his companions against all of his adversaries. But, watching some episodes recently I started to wonder how the Doctor is always able to get away since he often finds himself in the hands of his enemies. It seems like nothing more than a minor distraction coupled with a minimal amount of cardiovascular conditioning is necessary for evading all foes of the Doctor.

In season three, episode five, “Evolution of the Daleks”, the Doctor, Martha, and the other New Yorkers have several opportunities to escape from the Daleks on foot and they do with good reason. The Daleks just always seem so limited in their movements it is a wonder how they ever get in position to take over anything.

Enemies like the Cybermen and the Daleks are robotic and have many technological advancements like firing one-shot-kill laser blasts, yet they cannot seem to get the speed to chase down any human being. Again, I’m not rooting for the Daleks or Cybermen or any other enemy of the Doctor, but come on guys. Everyone knows the Doctor likes to run; it is time to adapt people.

Now perhaps most puzzling of all, in the episode I cited above, the Daleks are seen flying into Hooverville to capture the Doctor. Yes, I said flying. Where the heck is that when they are chasing the Doctor any other time. They looked way faster flying than they ever do moving on ground.

Anyways, the Doctor should be thankful most of his enemies couldn’t win a race against a snail.