Praise for Tennant

When we first met David Tennant as the Tenth Doctor, I was not very happy because I was a huge fan of Christopher Eccleston. However, now that we have journeyed with Tennant for a while, I have found a lot of respect for the way he portrays the Doctor.

Something I have noticed that Tennant brings to the Doctor’s character is emotion and feeling. Tennant really makes the audience sympathize with him. Since Tennant has been the Doctor, we have seen the lonely, sad side of him a lot more, which is something we did not really see with Eccleston. To me, it seems that Tennant really knows when to show a lot of emotion in order to get the best reaction from the audience.

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I think the Doctor’s loneliness is something that Tennant wanted to emphasize. We see how lonely¬†the Doctor¬†is and how upset he is that he will never have someone that can stay with him forever. He will constantly lose his friends because they do not have the capability to live as long as he does. Even when the Master died and would not regenerate, the Doctor was extremely sad. The Doctor did not necessarily like the Master, but he thought he had been the only one of his kind for so long and he was happy to have someone else he could relate to. The Doctor was devastated when the Master died because he lost the one person who could really relate to him and understand him.

While I was a big fan of Christopher Eccleston as the Doctor, I think David Tennant has done a much better job. I think he brings another dimension to the Doctor and he really helps the character develop. I like to see the emotional side of the Doctor and I think Tennant does a great job showing it.