The Definition of Diversity



  1. 1:  the condition of having or being composed of differing elements :variety; especially:  the inclusion of different types of people (as people of different races or cultures) in a group or organization programs intended to promote diversity in schools

  2. 2:  an instance of being composed of differing elements or qualities :  an instance of being diversea diversity of opinion

The first day of class it was made very apparent that diversity was the topic of choice for each discussion related to Doctor Who. As the semester has progressed, the meaning of diversity has evolved into something more than just a word for me. I now am able to pick up on diverse aspects everyday, whether this be through people I meet, the places I go or even the food I eat in the Mensa. I think it is so important to understand the relevance of how diversity changes and impacts our lives. To me, diversity allows me to see how others and other things can impact my life positively and negatively. Without differences in people and places, everything would be the same. Growth would not be something we would be capable of. Without putting ourselves in new situations and experiences with things and others we do not know, we can’t become more than who we are in this moment. The Doctor is constantly experiences diverse aspects of life and history itself. For him, it is completely natural to constantly be faced with change. I can’t imagine what he would be like without that continuous change. Each episode, you are able to see where diversity is allocated and the reasons why. Applying that to my life, I am able to see what parts of each day I can thank for the existence of diversity.

Television Diversity

As the last blog stated how diversity is a factor in this world in many ways. First blog I related it to track and field, but for this blog I would like to relate it to what is aired on TV.

Typical night you get home from work, you make some diner and then want to relax. Most of that time that includes watching TV. But what all exactly do you see? Depending on the type of cable or dish a person has, there could be a ton of options.

In the past, over 90% of television shows only include white actors, no color actors. As we watch TV today there are more shows that include colored people but still not equal towards white people.  What does this say about our society? That there is diversity. Actors and actresses today are given an opportunity to show their talents and without having to worry about receiving a part in a show based on their culture.

Also, the television networks have different channels based on the different types of people so they can reach the enjoyment to all. Some examples of these are the Hispanic channel, BET, and Freedom are just a few examples. But one surprising factor is that we do not see an Asian American channel so hopefully that change will be made in the future.

Another factor that is included in televisions is stereotypes. Stereotypes are all around in the world but most ones are learned from commercials or shows that are broadcasted on the television. Some examples of these are that black people love fried chicken, this can be portrayed in chicken restaurant commercials or just in a television show. The next stereotype is that Mexicans are always packed together, this is mostly shown in the shows rather than commercials. The last example is that white people are rich and snotty. If you think about any show you have seen, there is always that rich white girl that has her daddy’s money and gets her way with everything.

As you can see, diversity is a factor in television and can affect the society. These are just a few examples of how it affects the television.