The Lone Wanderer Not The Lonely God


The Doctor is quite an Individual, if one takes the second to look at him we see that he is very much similar to a wanderer amongst the stars. He is not the average wanderer either, the Doctor is very much a complex wanderer he never picks a destination or who tags along behind him, or who is affected by his travels the Doctor instead is a free floating individual who is very much is like driftwood in a stream. He never really claws out a niche for himself instead letting his TARDIS take him where ever he is needed or required.  This mystical wanderer through space and time who seemingly repulses all monsters and attempts to save all forms of life, and never leaves more than a subtle imprint on the worlds he comes crashing through, and in the case of humanity he has crashed so many times through our past and future that the very idea of the Doctor, the travelling man in the blue box became a mythical being passing throughout various points in time.

Now lets take all of that information above into account, The Doctor is just a wanderer, many compare him to a God but lets be fair he has face beings who have the partial powers of a God, such as the Beast of Krop Tor whom was claimed its origins and existence were the influences across the known universe and various species as their various representation of “devil entities”. There are more cases such the Guardians of Time from the Old Who whom were personifications of various ideals;  such as order, or chaos or justice. The Doctor has faced various beings whom biologically are superior in one format, they can magically enchant thousands with their powers or control entire species with fear, or using religious dogma.  The Doctor is a man like no other, whom has experienced thousands of years worth of knowledge and experience and has a time travelling box, but this does not make him a God, he is no god he is a man with a blue box, a wanderer, a patron of time and science. These God-like beings are different as they are not driftwood in the sea of time they carve our their niches despite their actions. The Beast never had to try to do much more than exist to almost weave the universal fear of him in all beings, including the Doctor who knew his claims to existence went long before those if the material universe. The Doctor has never managed to imprint any of his ideals into anyone, not one shred of his sense of justice, or what is right or even his belief of science and time as the only constant has never been imprinted into any society he has had repeat contact with. Ultimately he is a wanderer, one that the universe forgets when it needs it most, and one that will never be a God.


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Asexuals on Television

i am asexual todd chavez

On September 8th, 2017 the hit animated TV series “BoJack Horseman” became the first ever television show to say the word asexual aloud.  At the same time, one of the leading characters, Todd, became the first ever confirmed asexual character on television.

Throughout the series, Todd seemed to struggle with his identity.  Several scenes showed Todd not picking up on sexualy or romantically suggestive situations, and in season four Todd is quoted as saying, “I’m not gay. I mean, I don’t think I am, but… I don’t think I’m straight, either. I don’t know what I am. I think I might be nothing.”

i don't know what I am Todd Chavez

This line resonated with a lot of people in the asexual community who admitted they felt similarly before realizing they were asexual.  A lack of representation hits the asexual community especially hard.  Few characters on television or in movies have ever shown asexual characteristics, making it hard for a-spec people to find themselves in popular media.  Some characters such as Sherlock Holmes, Sheldon Cooper, and Jughead have been accepted into the asexual community as a-spec characters, but up until Todd Chavez, none have been confirmed as such, much less said the word out loud.

In a heteronormative world with next to zero representation in the media, asexuals and aromantics have an extra hard time coming to terms with their identity.  For some people, Todd exclaiming that he’s asexual on television may have been the first time they had heard the word, period.  And in a sex-obsessed world, it’s no wonder so many a-spec people take so long to realize who they are.

Todd Chavez coming out on television is especially important because of who he is as a character.  First of all, he’s lovable.  He has a quirky, likeable personality, and he’s interesting; someone you’d want to be friends with.  Second, he has several close and loving relationships on the show, and he’s got feelings.  He’s not an unfeeling robot and his lack of sexual attraction doesn’t make him any less human than his companion characters.  This can’t be said for almost all headcannoned asexual characters.  Both Sherlock Holmes and Sheldon Cooper have very stiff, stuffy personalities.  They lack almost any sort of affection whether it be toward friends or romantic partners.  And for the most part, they’re emotionless shells, barely human.  But very few headcannoned asexuals are protagonists in movies or television shows.  Most are cold, unfeeling villains such as Voldemort from Harry Potter, Moriarty from Sherlock, or Dexter Morgan from Dexter.  And if they’re not villains, they’re mentally insane, or both.  This creates a toxic image of asexual people as being less than human.  Todd is one of the very few characters to portray asexuality in a positive light.  

Todd’s asexual announcement has made asexual history, and will hopefully pave the way for even more positive a-spec representation in all forms of entertainment.  Todd Chavez has become an asexual television idol for a-spec people to see themselves represented in.  I have no doubt that by actually hearing the word asexual on television will help many non-asexual people understand the orientation, and many a-spec people come to better realize who they are.

Asexual meet-up todd chavez