Why slavery exist?

As the Doctor and his companion travel back and forth from past, present, and future, the humans eventually get an alien species called Ood that serves the humans. At first glance, it seems as though the Ood are willing to serve the humans but then the Doctor finds out that the Ood has been brainwashed and made the Ood willing to serve. At the end, the Doctor was able to save the Ood and the Ood was able to go back to their home planet. What’s confusing is why does slavery exist; why do higher species have the common thought progress of creating slaves?

The first thought that came in mind is the fact that people are lazy in general. If anyone had a choice, no one wouldn’t like to do hard labor, everyone would prefer to do whatever he or she wants to do without much effort put into. Because there are people like these in the word, they tend to find someone else to do the labor is that the lazy person wouldn’t have to do the labor themselves. Slaves are then created in order for people to have easier lives despite the fact slavery is bad to do to species.

Another thought that came to thought as to why slavery still exists may possibly be just the sense of superiority. What I mean by the sense of superiority is the feeling you’ll get when you order someone around to do things. In life, there will always be someone who is superior than anyone and because that person is superior, you gotta follow what they order you to do. No one likes to take orders from anyone especially if its something you don’t want to do and so that stress of powerless grows. While not everyone but a lot of people feels as though ordering someone else around that is of lower status has a good feeling behind it. So what I’m basically saying is that slaves are also viewed as stress reliever from their bosses that they have to take orders from

As to what we had gone over, we identify the reasons as to why slavery still exists in today’s society.  Slaves are a helpful source of someone doing the job for you as well as a sense of superiority. What’s need to be understood is that slavery is something wrong. People who are slaves are just as humans as we are, we don’t have that right to consider someone a slave. Just as we don’t like to take orders, slaves doesn’t like to take orders as well and they want as much freedom than any other.


Saying goodbye to Martha :(

Throughout the series and episodes that I have watched during the course of this term I fell in love with Martha.  Literally from the Shakespeare episode I knew that i liked her more than Rose.  I realize that this is not a popular opinion nor realistic to many long time fans of the show due to the large role she had to follow up.  Rose was probably the best character to continually pull attention to and hook the audience due to her love for the Doctor and his eventual love for her.  The sob story stuff was a hit to everyone except me.  I hated Rose, she treated Mickey like crap, left her mom stranded alone and only cared about herself throughout time and space.  Too often she abandoned Mickey and others to follow her interest in the Doctor and would do anything for him.  Including look into the heart of the TARDIS.  Probably the worst way to end the suspenseful BAD WOLF thing they had going btw…  After she goes away (finally) they had to introduce a new female character to accompany the Doctor and continue tradition.  Luckily the producers had their heads on straight and decided to included a person of color as the main companion to the Doctor.  Martha to the rescue! In her to short of time on the show ,in my opinion, she was able to rationally change the Doctor and his perspective on many things.  Donna even says that she did him some good.  I hate Donna too by the way.  Only because shes loud and not Martha :-).  Martha brought a lot to the table and helped progress the story-line.  Most notably her addition to the racial diversity of the cast but also the long consistent flow that seemed to develop with Rose.  She loves him, he loves her but doesn’t show it well, he’ll do anything for her, has to save her… blah blah blah.

At the end of the day I feel that Martha Jones did the Doctor a lot of good and opened his eyes a little bit into how he affects the companions during and after he leaves them.  She didn’t let herself get stuck in the loop and continue to follow the Doctor like a puppy but rather made the grown up decision to help her family and stay at home.

Basically whenever a new character is introduced I am less and less excited because it isn’t Martha and all i want is for her to come back and have more adventures with the Doctor. 😦

History of the TARDIS and the Sonic

So, there were reasons to how the TARDIS ended up looking on the inside and outside… This isn’t revealed until the New Who when it is revealed that it does take 6 people to fly the TARDIS. It was also revealed that TARDIS’ aren’t built they are grown like trees from a seed and then the equipment and everything is added later. This is part of why there is mismatched and some strange equipment in the console. When the TARDIS is being remodeled there is some new equipment that is changed and updated but it’s always recognizable things that must have been reused from somewhere, like Eleven had ketchup and mustard bottles and Nine and Ten had the monitor, a keyboard, and the small sledgehammer on the string that does get used occasionally. The TARDIS also has a soul as discovered in “The Doctors Wife” and can see all parts of time even then, but the real question is whether the Doctor stole the TARDIS or if the TARDIS stole the Doctor. As this is what the TARDIS also called sexy keeps reminding the Doctor of. The console is slightly redone with each Doctor but they all resort back to the same basic layout with either a hexagon or circular shape. The Ninth and Tenth Doctors layouts had the pillars that branched which was designed off choral and trees to reflect that the TARDIS is grown and is a living thing.

The exterior of the TARDIS also has never really changed and this was explained with the chameleon circuit being broken. This seems to be a defect in a lot of the TARDIS’s. This is my theory because when the 12th Doctor and Clara stole another previous version of a TARDIS Clara took it and had it shape into a diner for her final meeting with the Doctor who could no longer remember her. We then saw her TARDIS take off and it kept the shape of the diner and they mentioned that the circuit went down again. This was a defect created so the show could keep one object that people would recognize as the Doctor’s no matter when and where it landed and it was an easy way to save money by not needing to replace the TARDIS constantly.

Did you know the Sonic Screwdriver was taken out of Doctor Who in Classic Who? Upon bringing the show back Davies decided he wanted to keep a device that kids could play with and the Doctor could use in times of need for simpler tasks like picking a lock to save time because episodes went from two hours to fifty minutes. He did include flaws in the screwdriver in that it can’t get past a deadbolt lock or wood, and this does come up a few times in episodes. The sonic is a device connected and created by the TARDIS. When the Doctor needs a new sonic the TARDIS will produce it and based off the interior design of the console room. I look forward to where they will take the TARDIS design and technology like the sonic in the future.

Diversity in Doctor Who: Final Reflection

Diversity in Doctor Who has been an interesting experience for me. When signing up for this section of IS 201, I was not certain what to expect. Before coming to class, I had never read or seen series of Doctor Who. Although I have not enjoyed watching the episodes, I have been able to relate different experiences in the show to reality in our society. Talking about different shows in relation to Doctor Who has allowed me to understand different portions of the show.

Some of the episodes related to topics that interested me which made them more interesting to prepare for. For example, The Shakespeare Code was an extremely interesting episode because I love storytelling and literature. Their ability to use historical events and works and turn it into a different theme is engaging. Episodes involving the angels relate to my interest with the Salem Witch Trials. The presentation regarding the historical events and how the witches and angels in Doctor Who relate to some of the history made the show more engaging.

I enjoyed writing the fan fiction piece more than I had initially thought. Although it was over a topic regarding Doctor Who, I loved having a creative writing element and outlet. After deciding to write from the viewpoint of the average citizen, I was able to relate to my own character in my form of writing. For example, coming into class I was knowledgeable about all things Doctor Who and still have various questions about episodes and details. Just like my character, I knew little about the Doctor, but was interested in his abilities.

Diversity in Doctor Who has allowed me to think about diversity in terms of generation, tradition, and interests that are not as common. It has opened up a different element of thinking and brainstorming that has helped me grow in knowledge of culture. I have learned multiple different tactics to identify aspects of culture and diversity in different environments and countries.  For example, my final project has allowed me to research diversity in different countries and their mannerisms regarding social strategies. Doctor Who has been a medium for me in my research regarding tradition, generation, and expression.

Although I have not enjoyed the show, I have appreciated the amount of diversity I have been exposed to regarding different interests and personality types. I have been able to relate information from this class to my other major formed classes regarding learning styles, diversity, and the ability to understand interests.

Diversity and the Doctor Reflection

As IS 201 Diversity and the Doctor comes to a close, I have found myself reflecting on the experience… At the start of class, I didn’t exactly know what I was getting into but I had heard of Doctor Who from various members of my family but never actually watched it. Joining the class there was the uncertainty of what the exact requirements and what I will learn in this class, but it fit my schedule so here I am. I would not describe my interest level increased while watching Doctor Who but my understanding of the fan culture in many television shows expanded. For me, I am a big fan of the Marvel Universe but never looked for a fandom and other created fan works. I always just followed the movies in order and re-watch them until others are released. Starting with the class I was like where did she get all these books. I was amazed at the sheer amount of material that could be found on diversity within Doctor Who. After watching the television show I was more amazed at the sheer analysis of the diversity within Doctor Who due to the nature of the show. The class because of this expanded my look among diversity from just sex, race, and other typical terms that come to mind during a regular discussion of diversity. The show gave a different futuristic look at diversity among aliens and other creatures that can represent real day problems in a futuristic setting. Although Doctor Who is not my cup of tea, I can see the ideas and the infatuation with the series by others. The show is well represented and well made without an average die off period of other televisions show have. The way the doctor has been set up from the beginning into the reboot, it has been well planned and executed to keep the fresh cast and fresh ideas to maintain an interesting storyline. The discussion in class from the doc who lovers and the uninterested created an appreciation but not a love for the series. All in all, the class has been an interesting take on diversity and expanded m knowledge of the doctor. The series has been a cultural experience in both fandoms and British culture that I have not been submerged to in this capacity in my life and all have been a good experience to have to look at things in my life with an open mind.


Wartburg college is one of the institutions that provide a variety of opportunities to learn with people of different race, age, classes, religion and sexual identities. There are students from more than 51 countries such the United States, Swaziland, Nigeria, Japan, China, Malaysia, and other countries. There are professors and some members of staff from different countries also.Though a large percentage of students and staff are from the United States. There is a relatively equal balance between males and females and the college is ranked #286 in male to female nationwide.Undergraduate students range in age of 18 to 22.

When students arrive on campuses there will be having different personalities and perspectives already fully formed and still malleable.This sense of self-knowledge is sharpened with exposure and close contact with others whose life experiences are on the opposite spectrum.Engaging with others whose opinions, customs and personal lifestyles differ sharply from your own increases one’s self-insight.This type of exposure helps students to make informed decisions about their career directions which is an advantage of attending a diverse school.

Other advantages of attending schools with more diverse enrolment are that students get exposed to people they wouldn’t meet from backgrounds they may not otherwise encounter. One can make a lot of friends with different people from different races and backgrounds. A more diverse campus also means for more interesting clubs with minority populations coming together to celebrate their uniqueness.Promoting diversity in schools helps students accept diversity and promote it in their daily lives. A school administration degree readies graduates for promoting and teaching diversity as a means of accepting it. Educators can help students better understand that while everyone is different, in the most fundamental ways, everyone is the same and should be treated with respect.

Also, diverse college experience will enhance students to think of their careers based on a global perspective.No matter what career one chooses to pursue, employers, coworkers, customers, and clients will come from different backgrounds. Exposure to a diverse environment in school lays the foundation for a global perspective and helps the student learn how to interact with different people from different backgrounds.For example in Doctor who the actors are from different backgrounds, races and their ages are different also. In the first episode, the doctor looks older than Rose and Rose is white whilst Mickey is black but they were in a relationship.  Despite all of these differences they could understand each other and work together as a team.