RICE Day Diversity

Every year, Wartburg takes a day off from classes to host RICE day. During this time students from all departments on campus are able to present and share their learning and research. As a student who needed to attend a certain number of these for other classes, I figured I might as well change it up a little bit and delve into the presentations of those students who have different majors than myself. I knew going into RICE day I wanted to find diversity among the projects and presentations. I started off that Tuesday morning visiting the fine arts and communications building. Walking into one of the art rooms, I was soon surrounded by paintings on all of the walls. I was stuck in a daze at how incredibly talented these students are while also being highly curious at the meanings behind each piece of art. Most of the people who created these beautiful pieces were people I did not recognize, this alone made me feel guilty enough as I wanted to meet them all and share how much I enjoyed their art. Diversity was crawling out of every part of that room. All of these students who created their own pieces I imagine have a story behind what they chose to paint about. Some might come from a time of happiness and positive feelings, while another might come from a more negative time in their life. At the end of the day I found the most diversity in the art. I was able to recognize the differences each piece had whether that be through medium or background, but at the end of the day each and every one of those students were able to come together to share their story or feelings through art.

Doctor Who

Since concluding watching Doctor Who, I have finally figured out my thoughts on the show. Going into this class, I was never a fan of sci-fi shows or movies. I never thought I would like Doctor Who because of this. However, the more episodes we watched, I found myself very intrigued at certain points in the show. I would have to say that the 10th Doctor is my favorite overall. Thus being said, I found it hard to follow the episodes or get really intrigued into the show after he was gone.

I think overall Doctor Who has widened my eyes to the amount of diversity that is included in not only this show, but others that I watch as well. I think a show is very much more meaningful if you take into account all the little details included rather than the overall picture.

I would have to say that for the most part I have enjoyed Doctor Who. However, I do not see myself continuing the show in the future. I think that the overall concept of the show is good, but there are not enough interesting story lines to keep me hooked and want to watch more.

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Fan Video


When thinking of the show Doctor Who and ways to describe it, time is one of the first words that comes to mind for myself. Each and every episode the Doctor is faced with challenges and opportunities that allow, and sometimes force him, to go to a different time in life. When I first began watching this television show, I thought it was nothing more than a character that traveled through time and experienced history, but it is so much more than that.

This fan video demonstrates who the Doctor is in relation to time traveling. Being a timelord, the Doctor lives a life where time simply does not exist. Constantly running to new and different places, he is able to create as well as change history. A huge part of his lifestyle is spent altering time for benefits of others. This video exemplifies the seriousness of his life. He must make sometimes rash decisions on what to do knowing its later effects. I think this video is also a good example of why the Doctor has the relationships he has. He must constantly be on his toes ready to help or save others.

The music and scenes chosen for this video create a very dramatic and intense emotion right off the bat. It gives you the visuals needed to see the predicaments the Doctor is faced with sometimes and what he must be feeling. Every second of this video is a build up to the choices he must make in hopes of helping those around him. The background music creates a feeling as though we are running out of time, which in some cases is exactly what is happening for the Doctor. Of all of the fan videos I have been able to watch, I felt the most engaged with this video.




The Trouble with Mystical Pregnancy

If you’re a fan of science fiction, fantasy, or horror television, you are probably aware of the cliché trope of mystical pregnancy. Since many shows in these genres feature a lot of female characters and aim to scare viewers by making them uncomfortable, it seems obvious to writers have a mystical pregnancy of some sort. While mystical pregnancies are effective in scaring viewers because of how it violates the female character, it is a trope that needs to ends because it negatively exploits a woman’s reproductive abilities. I’m going to give some examples of (fairly) recent times mystical pregnancies were used in television and explain the issues surround each one.

Amy Pond – Doctor Who


In the S6E7 episode A Good Man Goes to War, it is revealed to viewers that Amy has actually been pregnant the whole season and was kidnapped and held prisoner during her entire pregnancy.

My main issue with this scenario is that Amy’s trauma from this incident is never fully addressed. First of all, Amy is only 21 which is a pretty young age to get pregnant. She has also never shown any interest in having a child. This makes her consent to getting pregnant very questionable. Secondly, Amy finds out that she is pregnant, has actually been kidnapped and held prisoner for months, and starts going into labor within just minutes of each other. This would be a highly traumatic experience for anyone, but rather than addressing it, Amy and Rory are back on the TARDIS and traveling with the Doctor two episodes later. Also, considering River Song had been introduced to the show before Amy, it makes is almost seem like Amy was only written to have a baby and give River a background story.

Cordelia Chase – Angel


In the fourth season of Angel, Cordelia is mystically impregnated by a Higher Power for that Higher Power’s own birth, only to go into a coma immediately after giving birth. It is also later revealed that the Higher Power had instigated several miracles to ensure that this would happen.

There are so many issues surrounding this, both on screen and behind the scenes. The main issue on screen is that since the Higher Power had influenced history to ensure that Cordelia was impregnated, her consent to the situation is questionable. Also, falling into a coma just after giving birth and then being killed off in the 100th episode of the show just after she returned makes it seem like her only purpose in the show was to have a child.

Behind the scenes things were an even bigger mess. The actress who played Cordelia, Charisma Carpenter, had gotten unexpectedly pregnant just before filming the fourth season of the show. When she told the show’s producer about it he was reportedly very angry that he had to rewrite her character’s story line and chose to kill her character off despite promises not too. It is horrendous that women in the film industry are shamed and punished for getting pregnant since it is a personal decision for those actresses to make.

Caroline Forbes – The Vampire Diaries


When Jo Laughlin is murdered on her wedding day, her family of witches performs a spell that transfers the twins she is pregnant with into Caroline’s own body.

This whole situation is incredibly icky. Jo’s family impregnates Caroline without asking for her consent. On top of that, Jo’s fiancé, Alaric, is her professor and best friend’s adoptive father. Caroline has known him for years and he has served as a mentor figure for her and her friends throughout the show. When word gets out that she is pregnant with his children, fellow students and professors at the school are highly judgmental. It is terrible that the writers shamed her for getting pregnant despite it not being her choice. As if things couldn’t get worse, Caroline decides to raise the children as her own and gets engaged to Alaric who is twice her age.

Vincent and the Doctor

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I will be the first to admit that I was not happy when the 10th Doctor regenerated into the 11th Doctor. I loved David Tennant and thought he did an excellent job at portraying his emotions. I think what also did not help is that no companion carried over, and they also rebooted the TARDIS. It felt like a completely new show. However, as it goes on, I start to like it more.

I think the episode Vincent and the Doctor was the episode that really convinced me that I really like the new Doctor. I think everyone knows Van Gough or has at least heard of him since his artwork is very popular today. I think because I am somewhat knowledgeable of it, it is why I really liked this episode as well. I thought it was also very unique that they went back in time to specifically help someone. I, as well really liked how they brought Vincent to the present day time to show him how important he will soon be. When the curator tells the Doctor that Van Gough “was the greatest painter of them all” and was “one of the greatest men who ever lived” like come on, after seeing Van Gough’s reaction to that, has to tear at your emotions a little. I also thought this was very unique since we have not seen this type of situation happen before. I felt more of an emotional tie to this episode that I have not experienced yet.

This was a lovely episode, and I totally cried: Doctor Who season 5 episode 4: Vincent and the Doctor:

Gender Diversity

As this class continues, I am learning to look at Dr Who episodes in a different way than I had originally started. It was a show I could not see the possibility of immersing myself into and thought I would not find it as interesting as I do now.

Throughout each episode, though quite strangely, I am able to pick up on small pieces that demonstrate diversity. Whether it be through male versus female roles or even by race and ethnicity, I think as the show progresses with time, diversity evolves with it. A topic that was brought up in class was the idea of a female doctor. I personally think it would be very cool to see a female lead as the doctor. It was clear to me that most of the people who are more knowledgeable to the show tend to lean towards the opinion of wanting the doctor role to stay as a male role. Today’s generation is a wonderful example of why I think my opinion is what it is. Growing up, I was always told that girls can do anything boys can do and with that seed planted in my brain, I am able to look at that lead role as female and male. In certain scenarios I think a male lead would be better, but as for the newer and most recent episodes I think a female doctor role would appeal to more viewers in a good way.

I think male versus female roles demonstrates diversity in this show quite well. It was one of the first things I picked up on when starting to watch Dr Who and it has stuck with me ever since. Although all of the doctors have been played by a male role, I think the female roles have become stronger with time.

Good Doctor Who Fan Vid


The fan who made this video made it to appear as if it was for a Doctor Who movie. If I were to come into watching this video never hearing or seeing anything about Doctor who than I think I would have believed this was an actual movie trailer. The sound and visuals are very high quality and were very well spliced together to give off that movie trailer feeling. On top of the high quality splicing, they choose very good background music that fed into the movie trailer feeling by making the “movie” appear to be very dramatic.

There doesn’t appear to be a very strong plot throughout the preview however from what I could gather its a drama that examines the lives and the choices of the Doctor and his companions. With his companions it seems to come up with the question of why they choose to travel with him verse living a normal life. It says that we are always told to get married, buy a house, have children, etc. and that is a great life and so why would a companion risk that and choose to travel with the Doctor. The other person that it appears to involve is the Doctor and it talks about his life. It mentions that he has been doing this his whole life and asking why he keeps doing it. It then proceeds to imply that he is running from something and that he cannot run forever and that he will and must settle down. I believe this movie preview is meant to look at both end of the spectrum of life and that one person is breaking from the norm and adventuring out and the other one is breaking away from the adventure and entering a more normal life. However, none of this is the case for the true Doctor Who since this is a fan video and this is their spin on the Doctor.