To Love or Not to Love

This is the first time that I had ever watched any Doctor Who. At the beginning I really enjoyed the show. It was interesting and out there. Shows like this have always intrigued me so I thought I would thoroughly enjoy it. As time has gone on though I have liked the show less and less. There certain episodes that I enjoy, but the show itself gets so repetitious. I am holding a very unpopular opinion I know, but it is a hard show to get through honestly. I can’t seem to get a background story from it. I think it doesn’t help that the companions change so you just start to get their backstory when they go up and disappear.

I talked to a student that isn’t in this IS class. We talked about how I didn’t enjoy the show and he just couldn’t understand, but then we started talking about how I was watching it for a class. He said that it would probably be able to enjoy a show that you had never seen before when you were forced to watch certain episodes and take notes for a class. I feel that this is a good point, but I took the IS 101 class about Buffy and ended up loving the show! Even though I had to watch it for a class I enjoyed watching the episodes and continued to watch it after the class ended.

I feel that I just can’t get into Doctor Who yes I felt sad when nine had to regenerate, but I just cant connect with the characters and the story.

Don’t get me wrong. I wish I liked the show! My roommates love it and I wish I could watch it and enjoy it with them! But I just don’t think that I am meant to be a Whovian.


Doctor Who Experience

Coming into this class I had merely heard of Doctor Who and very little about it at that. Initially I really struggled to getting into the show because of several factors. The first reason was just simply the way the episodes were, I disliked the immature way that the doctor would act at times and kind of the lack of maturity in the show. Then the second reason that I struggled initially with was at least in the first episode, the low budget it seemed to display. While this reason wasn’t a huge issue, the mannequins seemed very low budget and how they miraculously had guns inside their hands was confusing to me. These were just some initial problems that I had in the show and why it was difficult for me to jump on the Doctor Who train.

However, in my eyes the show much approved around season 4, the show got much more intense and mature. It seemed to take a look at more serious topics as well as taking a step away from the child show title that I felt it held in past seasons. While not trying sound scary, it always kind of bugged me that the doctor in the early seasons never wanted too kill anything despite their efforts to kill him. Granted its a TV show, but I just know that if something had tried to kill me and all of humanity several times I don’t think it would be too hard of a decision. Thats obviously personal preference though, but as the show went on it seemed the Doctor focused less preserving all life and more on preserving the side that he was on, usually humanities side. It’s like in the movies when the main character catches the bad guy and decides to give some big speech that results in the bad guy having enough time to get away. However, while Doctor Who isn’t a show that I am going to pursue watching it was definitely a very unique show to watch over seasons and watch how it approached different issues and topics.

The Doctor’s Age Jumping

While the Doctors are obviously going to change from time to time, all the Doctors on the reboot tend to have be showing a pattern when it comes their doctor selection. The 9th doctor was a little past middle age and the third oldest of the four new doctors. While he was old for the new doctors, he is probably considered young for the doctors in the old Who.

I believe the producers saw the response to the younger 9th doctor and decided to continue with the trend of an even younger doctor by choosing David Tennent to be the 10th doctor. While I my knowledge of reactions to doctors extends to that of our class, it would appear that many peoples favorite or top doctors is Tennent. Once again I believe that the producers saw this increased positive reaction to a younger doctor and took it one step further. The brought on the 11th doctor who is Matt Smith who is the youngest doctor to date and while I have heard people express that they do like Matt Smith, I have heard people make jokes about how young he is and that he is a “child”. A lot of this push back on the youth fullness of the doctor I believe comes from the “Old Who” fans who believe the doctor should be older. After some pushback however, I believe that the producers went ahead corrected heavily be choosing Peter Capaldi who is much older than any of the last couple of doctors.

While I haven’t seen any of the episodes with Peter Capaldi, I believe there are no relations with the doctor and anyone, unlike any of the other especially like Smith and Tennent. That is why I believe the that with the new doctor being selected they will go back to younger doctor so that they can incorporate that component back into the show.

The Doctor and Rose and back together

Rose was not happy that the Doctor left her behind when he moved to another companion. Rose took a lot of time to find a way to meet the Doctor again. After a long time of planning, she came up with the best solution to make him come back for her. The plan that the Doctor cannot run away from. The one that the smart Rose made.
Rose started to look around London to find something that makes the Doctor to come back to her. After weeks of looking around the big city, London. She found the place that she was looking for. The place was the London Eye. She chose wisely. The London Eye is located by the Thames River and attract people from around the world. As much as she hated to hurt people, her love to the Doctor was unstoppable. Thus, she worked days and nights to find a way to make the London Eye attract the Doctor.
After few months of planning, she finally came up with the plan to make the Doctor leave the new companion to be forever with her. Rose “The entire world cannot stop me to get my baby back”. She said that from the bottom of her heart. Rose also loves to help people, so she made the plan to balance between both. On a quiet night in the big city London, the world was not expecting what love can make into one of the most visited place in the world. Rose sneaked into the London Eye and started digging a hole next to the Eye. She did that for two years, and no one found out about her plan.
After the two years of making the big hole by the London Eye, Rose made a hole as large as the London Eye. Her plan after that was to invite the Daleks to live in that hole and make the city unstable. Yeah, Rose made all that to make the Doctor come back to fight them all. Not only to fight them, but also to come to be with her again. Smart Rose knew that the Doctor cannot leave those Daleks to hurt the city of London.
Daleks started to scare people in London and made them leave the center of the city. The Daleks were all over the center of the city and people no longer live there. TO BE CONTINUED

Longing for Rose

Image result for rose and the doctor final scene

As we all watched the traumatic ending of Rose and the Doctor, I can’t help but wonder the effects Rose and the Doctor left on each other. It is very interesting to think about because we never really saw the relationship side to them. We saw Rose travel with the Doctor and help him out, but it was never on another connection level. However, we saw other ladies come into the Doctor’s live and Rose’s jealously towards that. It makes me wonder what the directors and writers had in mind while writing their characters.

We also see Rose confess her love to the Doctor when she is standing on the beach while the Doctor projects his image to Rose. Just when the Doctor is getting ready to tell her he loves her back, he disappears forever.

I think this part is one of the most important scenes between the two of them. It is the most deep the two characters have ever gotten with one another and then it all just ends. It leaves us wanting more to happen between them.

We never hear from Rose again, but we see how much Rose affected the Doctor. He is always saying, “Rose would know what to do if she were here.” It is very clear how important Rose was to the Doctor after she leaves him. We, as the audience, grew a connection with the characters for it to just all end. I think this is by far, the best scene we have watched in Doctor Who.

Rose Tyler. All the feels.:


Tennant’s Specials expressing culture!

After writing my last post about Tennant I wanted to look for the specials he did mention in the video that I shared with you all.

I can tell that I really didn’t like Donna (Catherine Tate) in this video.  She has this strong sassy adolescent personality of her. Also it was kind of annoying listenning to her. I was like: “Doctor please stop her NOW”

The discusion about being scotish or british is really interesting because when Donna says “Are you speaking Scottish now?” It is kind of a lame question because they all speak English. It remainded me when people ask me “So, you speak Costarican?” and I’m with my friends from Argentina and people ask “And you most speak Argentinian” It is funny and at the same interesting knowing that some people do not know about many culture, places, langages among other stuff which is important for society around the world.

At first I thought the special was going to be something else apart from Doctor Who. However, I feel that BBC just wanted to show what would it be Doctor Who out of the TARDIS. I also loved to see the Doctor’s character as a “teacher” and how he gets in the cahracter of being strong and imposing order to the “student”

I just laugh a lot with this special and I hope you do too. Also wanted to share it with you by being the last week of the semester. Laught is disstressing!

Whovian 101


While sitting down with my friend and discussing classes, I told her to take the Doctor Who IS 201 class, and she asked me what it was all about, and after i explained that there is Classic Who and New Who, I did not know what else to tell her because there was so much to tell. So, I figured that if someone should ask me about Doctor Who, I’m going to give them my Whovian 101 lesson on the 5 major things to know about Doctor Who (Now, I do not really know how to explain these to someone in a professional way, so i thought i’ll explain it to my own understanding), which are:

#1  Who is The Doctor?

The Doctor is a Time Lord, who comes from a planet called Gallifrey. The Gallifreyans are these mighty human look-alikes, that have ruled the universe for 10 millions years. The Time Lords, rule the space and time vortex, and in my understanding they are/were the most powerful creatures in the universe. After a bad Time War, between the Time Lords and The Daleks (which are the most annoying Archnemesis of The Doctor) that resulted in both sides getting “destroyed”, The Doctor found the TARDIS which was broken, and fixed it up (..and threw out the manual), and began travelling through the Universe, and manipulating history in good ways. Plus, the Doctor is almost immortal, because he regenerates. Futhermore, although there are different people who have acted as the Doctor, he is really one person. Think of him as someone with many faces.

#2 What is a TARDIS?

Time and Relative Dimension in Space. it’s better to say TARDIS, really. well, the Tardis, is this time travelling machine, that helps the Doctor travel through time, and other dimensions (..rarely). It is disguised as Police Box, to make it less obvious to people, and it can become invisible. Also, it is way bigger on the inside. Why is it disguised as a Police Box? well, it is known that it had many other disguises, but it got stuck as a Police Box, and The Doctor just left it as that. Additionally, it you look into the heart of the TARDIS  (..i think), you’ll see whatever you desire or so. The energy of the TARDIS also plays a part in The Doctor’s regenerations.

#3 Why does The Doctor regenerate?

Well, in order for The Doctor to escape death or any fetal/chronic injury, his body needs to renew, and with the help of the TARDIS energy, he regenerates. Actually, all Time Lords regenerate when dealing with major injuries. it’s just like restarting a story, only this time you know what to do, and when to do it. Also, when he regenerates, he becomes a different person physically, and acquire a new personality. The regeneration cycle is really good for The Doctor, i mean, what good will it be if he dies.

#4 Does The Doctor have any partners?

We Whovians like to refere to The Doctor’s “partners” as Companions.These companions are mostly women, and they each have their own unique behaviors and skills. Basically, they are The Doctor’s sidekicks. how he meets his different companions differs in time, and environment, but the situation are most times thesame.

#5 Captain Jack Harkness

Yes, i know that he is not really as important as the Doctor, but somehow he bacame a huge part of Doctor Who. He’s this over-confident young man from the Boeshane Penisula in the 51st century Earth, that was a Time Agent. Along the road of the series, we get to see that he becomes a loyal friend to The Doctor, and when the Daleks killed him, then Rose ( a Companion) brought him back to life. The Doctor then sends him way back in time to start over, and in those long years, Jack discovered that he cannot die. Later, we recieve this big shock, that he became the Face of Boe. Futhermore, he was like a companion, but one who could come and go as frequent as he chooses (i guess).

I know there are many more major things to know about Dr. Who, but this are the only 5 “basic” major things about DW that i could think about.