Meme Mania

As I was searching through a facebook group chat that has been made exclusively for memes, someone posted a meme about Doctor Who. I believe that memes are now an important part of people expressing their ideas and thoughts on a topic. Almost a subset or meta form of social media that can be turned into a picture and shared on other social media sites. As I thought about this, I googled “Doctor Who Memes” and scrolled through some of the memes. I will be going through different types of memes and how they relate to other topics.


This is the first meme I found in the group chat. This one is singularly related to Doctor Who and looks at the excitement of a fandom when they are referenced and cited somewhere else. This meme generally occurs in a comments section on social media and is the basic, silly, fun form of a meme. This meme is shown as a reference for how general memes can be and that they can be on the non-confrontational side of social media.


Opposite of that, this meme is the equivalent to the other meme but on the opposite, confrontational, side of some types of memes. People can use memes to express their political views through the filter of a show or topic. This can make people feel more comfortable or allow them to express themselves in a direct way without having to be verbally/textually direct such as typing their own Facebook post. These types of memes increase in popularity and frequency whenever there is a topic that is highly publicized. As an example, with the recent shooting in Florida, there are a lot of memes going around expressing opinions based on gun control. These type of memes allow for discussion of a topic that may be particularly harsh or hard to talk about and give it a softer filter for people to speak through or a harder filter to see so that writer can show the reader how they really feel.



Aside from general memes or political memes, there are memes that are pieced together to relate across fandoms and join them together to bond across fandoms. The first meme is related to Dungeons and Dragons and brings together those who are both in the Doctor Who fandom and the Dungeons and Dragons fandom, and then maybe bring some of those who are in one fandom but not the other to explore the other side.

The other meme is one that crosses fandoms based on the actor. David Tennant who was the tenth Doctor, and who appeared in the Harry Potter series. This also brings fans from both fandoms across to another fandom and exposes them to more information.


Overall memes are a form of social media that allow people to explore other fandoms, have difficult or open discussions, and allow the creator to share their own ideas in a way that is different than a post on Twitter or Facebook.

Dungeons and Dragons and Doctor Who?

In watching the first few episodes of the 2005 reboot of Doctor Who, I have caught myself thinking to myself time and time again, ‘this would make a GREAT dungeons and dragons adventure!’ From the fantastical aliens and monsters that the Doctor and his companions battle and outwit in nearly every episode, I cannot help but see the storytelling parallels that exist in the Dungeons and Dragons world. So that really got me thinking: could the Doctor make his way onto Faerûn?

There are many specific instances from the show that shouted Dungeons and Dragons to me in my watching so far; these instances would make for really fun and exciting adventures (providing players had not seen the episodes and therefore know exactly how to defeat the enemies already!). The first such example is the very first episode of the reboot, “Rose”. The Autons are an exciting enemy that the Doctor and Rose face down and defeat the Nestene Consciousness, which controls the Autons. The Nestene Consciousness is essentially set up just like a beholder


, a common first boss for beginning Dungeons and Dragons Players. They both control a group of mindless enemies that the heroes fight through to defeat and shut down the ‘mastermind’. “Rose” also serves as a great introduction to the world of Doctor Who in that Rose is learning about the Doctor the same way the audience is. This would make a similar ‘session 1’ for new Dungeons and Dragons players effective in introducing the ideas of the Dungeon Master’s world. The prospects of introducing new players the way the BBC reintroduced Doctor Who would be highly effective.

Another episode(s) that would make a fun adventure is “The Empty Child / The Doctor Dances”. More hordes of mindless monsters chase the Doctor and Rose, but this time, the Doctor has to discover the reason the monsters exist in the first place, determine how to defeat them, and then actually defeat them. This follows a classic Dungeons and Dragons campaign style of having inexplicable things within the adventure than can only be solved through specific investigations. All the ingredients for a fun and exciting campaign are all right there. It would be very easy to adapt this episode for Dungeons and Dragons-ing purposes.

Doctor Who, I’ve found, is the perfect source material for fun and exciting adventures in a Dungeons and Dragons context. I find it fun to think about the stats of a Dalek or if the Doctor could have negotiated better with the Nestene Consciousness if he rolled a higher Persuasion check! The elements are all there, the only thing left to do is to apply a new lens to these fun and exciting adventures!