Fan Video


When thinking of the show Doctor Who and ways to describe it, time is one of the first words that comes to mind for myself. Each and every episode the Doctor is faced with challenges and opportunities that allow, and sometimes force him, to go to a different time in life. When I first began watching this television show, I thought it was nothing more than a character that traveled through time and experienced history, but it is so much more than that.

This fan video demonstrates who the Doctor is in relation to time traveling. Being a timelord, the Doctor lives a life where time simply does not exist. Constantly running to new and different places, he is able to create as well as change history. A huge part of his lifestyle is spent altering time for benefits of others. This video exemplifies the seriousness of his life. He must make sometimes rash decisions on what to do knowing its later effects. I think this video is also a good example of why the Doctor has the relationships he has. He must constantly be on his toes ready to help or save others.

The music and scenes chosen for this video create a very dramatic and intense emotion right off the bat. It gives you the visuals needed to see the predicaments the Doctor is faced with sometimes and what he must be feeling. Every second of this video is a build up to the choices he must make in hopes of helping those around him. The background music creates a feeling as though we are running out of time, which in some cases is exactly what is happening for the Doctor. Of all of the fan videos I have been able to watch, I felt the most engaged with this video.




Good Doctor Who Fan Vid


The fan who made this video made it to appear as if it was for a Doctor Who movie. If I were to come into watching this video never hearing or seeing anything about Doctor who than I think I would have believed this was an actual movie trailer. The sound and visuals are very high quality and were very well spliced together to give off that movie trailer feeling. On top of the high quality splicing, they choose very good background music that fed into the movie trailer feeling by making the “movie” appear to be very dramatic.

There doesn’t appear to be a very strong plot throughout the preview however from what I could gather its a drama that examines the lives and the choices of the Doctor and his companions. With his companions it seems to come up with the question of why they choose to travel with him verse living a normal life. It says that we are always told to get married, buy a house, have children, etc. and that is a great life and so why would a companion risk that and choose to travel with the Doctor. The other person that it appears to involve is the Doctor and it talks about his life. It mentions that he has been doing this his whole life and asking why he keeps doing it. It then proceeds to imply that he is running from something and that he cannot run forever and that he will and must settle down. I believe this movie preview is meant to look at both end of the spectrum of life and that one person is breaking from the norm and adventuring out and the other one is breaking away from the adventure and entering a more normal life. However, none of this is the case for the true Doctor Who since this is a fan video and this is their spin on the Doctor.

Best Fan Video

This is the best Doctor Who vid because it shows the true nature of the Doctor, the visual editing is sublime, and the sound editing is out of this world. The objective of the vid isn’t to tell a story, but introduce what makes the Doctor, the Doctor.  This vid provides adequate screen time to all of the Doctors from the reboot, and it also gives adequate time to the Doctor’s greatest foes (i.e. the Daleks, the Master/Mistress).  The music is never a distraction and the scenes and audio from the show fit the style of the video perfectly.

Favorite Fan Video

I chose this video as my favorite fan video. The 10th Doctor is by far my favorite, so I knew I wanted to choose a video that had him in it. I also love this song in the video. I think it sums up the Doctor’s quirky, fun, and serious personality. I also think the words “I’m never changing who I am” fits perfect for the doctor because no matter what regeneration he goes through, or who his companion is, hes always the same at heart. I feel like the editing is also very good in this video. There are some things that could be better, but I like the overall theme of it.

Mysteries of the TARDIS

This blog post will be a little different than the rest in that I will be asking more questions with my analysis. I’m hoping that you can help me analyze this further in the comments section because I would really appreciate your insight.

I have always wondered what happens to time inside the TARDIS, specifically in regards to the companions. The show indicates that the human companions live on a short timeline, which begs the question, Do they age inside the TARDIS? Does it somehow stop time and they stay the same age no matter how long they are in there? Or do the companions start aging again once the TARDIS reaches its destination and they are back in the regular time stream?

I wonder about these things because the Doctor laments often that he cannot travel with a human companion forever because they wither and die, but if time is irrelevant in the TARDIS, the humans would never age as long as they kept travelling in the TARDIS. It’s confusing, really, and the show never really explores these things. So, can you spend time in a time machine and not die? I like to think that the TARDIS suspends time, and as long as humans stay with the Doctor, they do not age at the normal rate. Obviously, the actors will age as they spend more time on the show, so it will not look like the TARDIS stops the aging process. I see this as a huge dilemma for the overarching plotline and the history of the TARDIS.

So, I think the companions stop aging inside the TARDIS. Do you? What is your interpretation of this hole in the story?

Fan Video: Sexy Crack

I chose this video for several reasons; the obvious one being the very intriguing title.  The second reason was the great selection in music and the impressive editing! But, most important of all, the implications of this video are interesting when taken in the context of this show’s motives.  As a show that started out as a kid’s television show, Dr. Who has obviously evolved as a show that now tries to cater to all age groups.  By contrast, this fan video emphasizes the Doctor’s sexuality in the show, which is usually presented more subtly.  I guess in some fans’ eyes, the Doctor is much more than a figure of intelligence!