Fan Vids: Courtney and Pj

The worst Fan Vid that we found was one that was titled Doctor Who Crack! Vid. As we started the video we instantly agreed within the first few seconds that it was so unbelievably bad and hard to watch in many ways. This particular vid was also quite choppy in how it was put together as a whole. After every scene that was used they would insert an old time video of what looked like the TARDIS in the middle of the screen with the sounds of what it makes when it is traveling to another place. At first we did not understand as to why someone would include that, but then after watching the video a few times we came to the conclusion that they did it on purpose. We think they inserted the TARDIS clip because that was their way of showing they were going to a new place. As if the TARDIS was travel to a new clip. This is a smart idea but overall we feel that it was not done correctly.


The best Fan Vid that we found was one that was titled Love Story (Doctor;Rose). As we started this video we instantly fell in love with it because as girls a video about a love story is sometimes the cutest thing, especially when it shows how the actors and actresses fell in love and their journey along the way.  It started off with Rose Tyler narrating the words, It all started when I met a man named The Doctor.” We listened to the first few seconds and started hearing a guitar playing the tune to the song Love Story by Taylor Swift. An oldie but a goodie yes!! There is no better way to show a love story than to have this particular song playing in the background. The song starts off with the very first episode of the series where The Doctor grabs Rose’s hand and tell her to run. Instantly our hearts melted and we knew we were in for a real treat. We watched as the video then included many scenes where The Doctor and Rose’s relationship grew throughout the two seasons they were together.