Why do some people like Doctor Who?

Doctor Who seems to be this show that has fans from across the spectrum. By spectrum, I mean that some people are die-hard fans of the show while others are on the complete opposite end where the absolutely hate the show. There are people on both ends and there are those who are in-between. Doctor Who is a very interesting show in regards to the population’s response to it.

Over the years I have shown Doctor Who to quite a few people in hopes of them turning into a fan of the show just like I did. Sometimes this works well, other times it does not. I think it really depends on when they start watching and what their initial reaction to the show is. I think I saw mine after seeing a spoof of some sort on youtube or something. I guess I thought the doctor looked pretty cool and tried to find out what was going on with this whole Doctor Who thing. I must have really liked it cause down the rabbit hole I went.

Some of the people I have shown the show to have taken well to it. I remember, I showed it to one of my really good friend about a week after I started watching it and she was hooked as well.It was exciting to be able to talk to someone about this new show that no one else that I knew was watching (at that time I was not aware of the massive online forum or blog presence in the Doctor Who fandom). She liked the show quite a bit, enough to name her car “Rory the Rav 4.”

I have also shown people the show and the response has been less than hopefull. My friend and I showed one of our mutual friend an episode from the fourth season of Doctor Who hoping that our friend would love it and binge it all like we did. This did not go as planned. We watched the episode and after we asked: “What did you think”? She responded, “Didn’t like it.” That was a fail on our part. Who knows, maybe she will watch an episode in the future and suddenly become a fan but, probably not.

In the end, Doctor Who is just one of those shows that people will think what they want. It is also one of those shows that can lose fans due to a new Doctor and regain them a few years later after that Doctor’s time on the show. The show truly is one of a kind.


Diversity in Doctor Who

The long running television show, Doctor Who is not know for having too many diverse elements will on the air. Yes, Old Who does try to have some different backgrounds for some episodes but for the most part, the writers and casting directors failed miserably.  Old Who has gotten a lot of backlash for the lack of representation; however, this backlash was only given to the  Old Who writers  after years of the show being of the air. Why is this? Why does it take years for someone to speak up against the under representation of minority characters? During the time the first season of Doctor Who was air, which was in the 1930s, underrepresentation was a common feature for television programs everywhere, especially in America. Even though Doctor Who has always been a British television program, it probably would never get the proper airtime in America if there were minorities featured in the show, which is sad to say the least. Also, female representation was not a huge deal during that time period as well. For the most part, from what I have seen from Old Who, diversity was not a key factor in the production of Doctor Who. When the show started again, Doctor Who writers attempted to be more diverse through different writers, more female character(still no female Doctor), and even a racially diverse cast in many episodes. I believe this has a lot to do with the evolution of the Sci-Fi genre. Since Sci-Fi focuses more on space, aliens, science, and time there is not limit to who the character are. It is important for shows like Doctor Who to show more and more characters of all backgrounds. The idea of Sci-Fi focuses on being who you want to be despite being judged for it: the idea that everyone can be amazing. The Doctor Who fandom consists of people who come many kinds of backgrounds. The current Doctor Who should continue to strive for diversity because it means a lot to the fans.


The Perks of Being A Part of a Fandom

Many people may not know this, but I am a part of a fandom: the anime fandom. A fandom is the act of having a strong admiration of someone or something in particular. My love for anime is something that I can not fully explain, and being a part of the anime fandom helps with finding ways to explain why I love it so much. Anime more than something to watch. It’s a way of seeing someone’s hard work come to life on a screen. The different genres, characters, plotlines, and scripts show the author’s creativity.  Being in a fandom means that you are a part of a club that shows appreciation to a particular person or thing. In a fandom, you can talk about what you have in common with the next person in that fandom. Because of anime, I know what a fandom is. I never really thought about fandoms as an actual thing until I enrolled in my IS 201 class. This is when my hatred of Doctor Who started: I just cant get into the show at all. Despite how I feel about the show, I can understand why there are Doctor Who fandoms. The show brings a Sci-Fi element to someone’s everyday life and like every other fandom there are always a ship war. (Ship wars are when fans want characters to have a relationship and sometimes the pairings aren’t the same between some fans) Fandoms have a lot in common with each other. The only real difference is what or who the basis of the fandom originates. Fandoms are a big part of why celebrities, shows, movies, books, music, and more are even still popular today. Being in a fandom is something special, and everyone is a apart of one if not many.

Fan Art

The creative minds and abilities of fans never fail to amaze me. People are able to write an entire new plot for Doctor Who or make a video using specific clips from episodes that I would never be able to remember! However, what amazes me the most is the fan art. It is so interesting to see how people view the Doctor through paintings, comics, and sketches. Some people draw comics featuring their favorite characters as adorable cartoons.They even add their own twist. I thought this comic was really cute and I love how they compared regeneration to taking turns playing a video game.


Other fans mix Doctor Who characters with characters from other shows. In this drawing, the Doctor is portrayed as Lucy messing Charlie Brown, or in this case, a Dalek. Another very creative and cute piece of art!84873

The most impressive of all fan art, however, are the paintings. The color, detail, and accuracy is incredible. The artwork really shows how well fans know the characters and the show. You can almost see his personality come alive through the painting.


Fan art is something I will most likely never be very good at, but it is fun to look at what others have created. It is a creative way to express one’s live for the show through art.