Fan Vids – Robert & Brittany

To start our quick video commentary, we have decided to show you the best one first. To set a bar extremely high and in our opinion mix two great BBC fan communities that have often wished that these two have met. We chose this not only because of the popularity of the two fandoms but also because of the power behind both these characters and the titanic. combination that they would make.


The bad fan video that Robert and I found was called Doctor Who song spoof | crack!vid. This video is a whole 7 minutes and 59 seconds of pure pain. There are so many songs changes within the video and video cuts that aren’t edited very well. Some clips have weird filters or a of differing quality. Many of the songs don’t fit with the clips that are played. Some parts are actually kind of funny, like the song Titanium going with the clip of the Daleks being shot at. Another thing that makes it bad is that there are random clips of dialect with no song, but they don’t really add anything to the video. Overall, Robert and I were filled with sadness at this bad video, but really enjoyed the good video that we found.


As a special note we would like to include some honorable mentions for all of you to enjoy, in our journey to find in our opinion the best fan video, we came across these honorable contestants the ultimately lost out to the impressive VFX work in our main video above, enjoy as we know we enjoyed these.

Good and Bad Dr. Who Fanvids

Cayley and I thought this video was very neat. The creators of this vid did a very nice job with matching their lyrics to the song Run, You Clever Boy. Their lyrics also fit the slow, sad melody of the original song. There was also a few funny lines as to not have the melody fully depress people. It was amazing work.

Cayley and I thought this video wasn’t the greatest. This video was rapped very, very fast and at times hard to understand. Also, some of the clips didn’t match up well with the lyrics or they just made it awkward. The way that this video was put together made it seem very childish and unlikable.

Fanvid Summary by: Melissa Dryml & Nathan Huff

The first link that we are posting is the fanvid that we consider to be “bad”. We believe that it’s considered bad because of the way that the audio of the clips overpowers the music. We’re not sure if the fan forgot to mute the clips, or wanted it to be perceived this way, but I guess we won’t know, however their clips are very well timed with the song. But they edited the clips and messed with the color saturation, which we believe is another thing that really messes with the video. Please click the following for the vid:

Bad Video Link

The second vid we will be talking about is what we considered a “good” fanvid. We liked the timing of the clips, as well as how they lined up with the lyrics of the song Tik Tock by Kesha. We found the vid to be amusing and fun to watch especially since the clips were all muted and you could just focus on the music. Posted below is the link to the “good” vid:

Good Vid Link

Favorite Fan Video

This video is great because it takes a show that is usually fun and quirky and puts an interesting darker spin on it. One of my favorite parts of Doctor Who is the constant question of how much influence the Doctor should have on the course of history. Is he making the right decisions? Would the universe be better off without him? How far is too far? And should anyone have that kind of power? My favorite episodes are the ones that explore this fine line between good and evil. I think this fan video highlights this well.

Favorite Vid

Here is a link to my favorite Vid that I have seen. The tenth doctor is my favorite doctor because of his personality. His charm and looks are a big factor but also his friendly, upbeat personality. I also very much enjoy Amy as a companion. In this Vid they show a lot of the two of them but the message that the author is trying to portray is a theme throughout all of Doctor Who. The doctor is always running, but his reasons go deeper than the aliens chasing him. He is scared to lose the ones he loves. He sees everyone around him fading from his life. I picture it almost like he is the hourglass and all of his friends are the sand slipping through his fingers. It also eludes to all of the secrets he must keep. The suffering and pain he endures is to keep those around him safe. He is trying desperately to hold on to them but he knows that in the end they will all eventually fade.


Here is a close second on my favorite video! I think this one has a happier note and I really appreciate the combination of multiple doctors to exemplify his valor.

Fanvid: The Doctor and Rose


After watching some Doctor Who fan videos, I decided to choose this one about the relationship between the Doctor and Rose, featuring the Tenth Doctor. I am sucker for romance and this video really intrigued me. It shows the Doctor’s vulnerable side which is very interesting to see. While I am not familiar with the song, I think it fit the video and went well with the scenes that are shown. It has an exciting mixture of action, heartbreak and romance that can please all fans.