Doctor Who Vid

I thought this video was very well put together. The clips had a nice flow and weren’t too choppy. It gave a new perspective on the Doctor’s life because it highlighted what he may be feeling each time. This video made me think about how the Doctor lives his life and since it got me thinking, I thought it qualified as a good vid.

Good and Bad vids of Doctor Who, myself and Nicole Lutes

Nicole and myself thought that this video was a very interesting parody. We enjoyed how it incorporated modern day music with an older TV series. The rewording of the song “Good Time” by Owl City, was extremely suiting. The words fit perfectly together within the melody.  The song stayed on beat, with no awkward pauses of silence for lack of word filling. In conclusion, we thought this video was one of the best because it was a catchy song and it brought in today’s music to make the series seem up to date. This is important for people like us who have never seen the series prior to this class. It brings a positive connotation to the series for those who have never watched it.

This parody is the one that Nicole and I chose was the worst. Due to the lack in acting throughout the short clip brought a sense of awkwardness to us. The characters in the parody section seemed to get too much into their character, causing a large difference in comparison. It was supposed to be similar to the original scene, but instead it was not very similar. The characters in the parody made the show seem very dramatic during the scenes they are reenacting, which can causing a negative view of the show. In the end, the poor acting skills was the main cause of us thinking that this video was one of the worst out there.