David Tennant

David Tennant is the Tenth Doctor in the series in Doctor Who. Tennant’s real name is David McDonald. Born in Scotland in 1971 he was three or four years old when a young Tennant said that he wanted to be an actor, and growing up he wanted to be on the Doctor Who show. Tennant was married in 2011 to Georgia Moffett with three kids, two sons Ty and Wilfred and a daughter Olive. In 2005, his childhood wish came true. When reading about Tennant I always see that tenant keeps his personal life personal. Tenant attended the RSMAD (Royal Scottish Academy of Music and Drama) and received his BA in dramatic studies. Tennant is 44 and is still making a name for himself in many different ways such as film, plays, and voice overs

Tennant was cast to play the role of the tenth Doctor in Doctor Who (2005) alongside Billie Piper, after Christopher Eccleston decided to leave. Playing the Doctor made him a household name. Since leaving the series in 2010 his career has continued to rise, with lead roles in films, TV series and theatre (imdb.com). Tenant has been in many TV shows, films, stages, and voice-overs from 1987 to now. The first acting film he was in was an anti-smoking when he was 16. Tenant has been nominated for 41 awards and has won 24 different awards for being the main character and also a supporting cast. He has one pending award for best supporting actor on television in his recent show “Jessica Jones” in website (metro.co.uk) Cameron McEwan said that “In a performance that was universally praised, it was almost like the actor was playing a dark version of his Tenth Doctor.” Tennant appeared with his future wife Georgia Moffet in the 2008 Doctor Who episode The Doctor’s Daughter. She played the Doctor’s daughter in the show.


The Tenth Doctor

I choose the Tenth Doctor/David Tennant because I wanted to find out more on him and also he is my favorite Doctor for the episodes I have seen. In this part of the blog I am going to talk mainly about the tenth Doctor as a character and not David Tennant. For the tenth Doctor I am going to talk more about the relationships him and his companions have had and whom he has faced such as monsters, aliens, or humans messing with something not human.

The Tenth Doctor uses an Estuary English accent but his actor Tennant has a Scottish English accent. The Doctor also has had his hair in many styles. In the “Christmas Invasion” the Doctor’s hair was un-styled, but in the “Runaway Bride” and “The Day of the Doctor” his hair in flattened. The Doctor ‘s main style of hair is a spiked up. The tenth Doctor shows up first in the Christmas Invasion where after the ninth Doctor had absorbed the energy from the Time Vortex, it forced him to regenerate into The Tenth Doctor. Then he regenerates into the eleventh Doctor in the episode “The End of Time.” The tenth Doctor regenerates by holding off his regeneration by going to see all of his companions from his past. When the Doctor is finish he takes one more fly in the Tardis before regenerating in the Tradis. The Doctor has many companions that come and go such as the famous Rose Tyler, Mickey Smith, Donna Noble, Martha Jones, Captain Jack, Astrid Peth, Sarah Jane Smith, Jackson Lake, Lady Christina de Souza, Adelaide, and Wilfred Mott. Many of these companions are just there for one or two episodes and or specials. The more main companions such as Rose Tyler, Martha Jones and Donna Noble have been in more the 15 episodes each. With all of these companions there has to be many aliens, monsters, and other non-human thing the Doctor and his companions have faced. The main aliens are the cybermen and the Daleks who always seem to come back to life after the Time Lord War. When the Doctor meets the monster or aliens for the first time he seems to mess with the aliens or monsters before the Doctor destroys their plans of take Earth as their planet.

The tenth doctor and Rose Tyler show up on Christmas day to find out that the Sycaracts are taking the over the world, and like always The Doctor and Rose defeat the leader and save humankind. In the last episode that Rose Tyler is in which is called “Doomsday” where the Cybermen and the Daleks are taking over the world. To save the world the Doctor and Rose opened the space gap to suck them all back in to where they came from, but when that is happening the Rose was trying to keep the space gap open she lost her grip but was saved by her dad. The Rose and Doctor relationship is the strongest relationship in the whole tenth Doctor. They both loved each other and when other companions came a long the Doctor still thought and brought Rose up in intense situations. In the article at RadioTimes.com had an interview with David Tennant and he admits that Rose was girlfriend to the Doctor even if they didn’t say.

Also with Rose came Mickey Smith who was a secondary companion to Rose. When with the Doctor and Rose Mickey was doing all of the jobs that kept them out-of-the-way. More than once Mickey referred to himself as the tin dog, he said this because he was treated that way and was given the worst jobs.

Martha Jones is first appeared in the episode of “Smith and Jones”. Where she meets the Doctor as a patient and discovers he has two hearts when inspecting him. The two become close when the hospital she and the Doctor are in is transported to the moon where the space police search the hospital for a non-human species. When the Doctor saves the two-thirds of the world from blowing up Martha joins the Doctor for “one trip” but she ends up going with the Doctor for many more trips but the trips were accident because there was something going on with the Tradis. The relationship with Martha and the Doctor is very one-sided. In the episode “Utopia” the Doctor references to what Martha said in an earlier episode “that I love the Doctor but he sees right through me.”

The Doctor and Captain Jack are kind of in the same boat where they cannot die. The relationship between him and the Doctor are from previous Doctor that I am still unsure of. Captain Jack is a bit different, he is bisexual, and when in Torchwood the first time he see an old friend Captain Jack gives him a kiss. The Doctor sometimes gets annoyed with Jack when he tries to flirt with anything that moves.

The next companion I would like to talk about is Donna Noble. Donna had an interesting way of meeting the Doctor. On the way down the aisle of her wedding day se was transported into the Tardis. But the Doctor didn’t stay with Donna he found Martha in the next episode. When returning to Earth in the episode “Sontaran Stratagen” Donna and the Doctor meet again. When Donna leaves the Doctor eh had to erase her mind after she saved the Doctors life and was destroying her body. I think their relationship is a more of a friendship than one of then loving the other one. Donna likes to joke with the Doctor and she doesn’t look at the Doctor like Rose and Martha did.

Looking back on this year I have grown to like Doctor Who a lot more than I though I was going to. It has made me realize how many popular actors are in Doctor Who and also other good shows I have seen. I like the tenth Doctor because he is a funny and sarcastic Doctor. I may continue to watch just to see when he meets River and also see how the tenth Doctor compares to the other Doctors.