Stefan’s Reaction to Doctor Who

As someone who had seen many episodes of Doctor Who before deciding to take this class, all of the episodes I have watched thus far for class are all ones I have seen at least once, if not two or three times previously. We are not yet to my favorite episodes, I love Rory and Amy and the relationship they have with the Doctor, however, I have enjoyed revisiting Nine and Ten along with all of their companions because I haven’t seen the show since it was taken off of Netflix.

I have enjoyed re-watching all these episodes even more because I have been watching them with my fiancé, Stefan, who had never seen Doctor Who before I started this class. I had talked to him about it previously, but never shown him an episode. Watching Doctor Who from the rebirth of the show with a first time watcher has been extremely enjoyable for me. I enjoy seeing his reaction to big plot twists or his reaction to the different aliens. One of Stefan’s most shocked reactions so far has been when Jack revealed he is called the Face of Boe. I can’t wait for him to see more of the show throughout the semester and see his reaction to more big events.

Overall, he thinks that the show gets much better as it goes on. He had an extremely hard time getting into the show in the beginning, but he is blown away by how everything is so connected and how they have done a good job paying attention to detail. He enjoys the show a lot more now, but still says he wouldn’t just sit down and watch it by himself. When I asked Stefan to rate the show out of ten, he said it was a four in the beginning but now he thinks it’s a seven or an eight.

Stefan’s favorite companion so far is Martha because she is smarter than Rose but not as much of a know-it-all as Donna is. Donna is his least favorite because he doesn’t like her character and doesn’t like her behavior. I’m excited for him to meet Eleven, Rory, and Amy in the future and I hope he continues to think the show gets better as we go forward.

First Time Watching Doctor Who

This class is the first time I have had first hand experience with Doctor Who. I have had many friends who enjoy the show and because of them I knew little bits and pieces about it, but had never seen it for myself. I was very excited for this class and wanted to see if the show would live up to all the hype I had heard. I was not disappointed by the show. The plot, characters, science fiction aspects, and many other contributions of the show make it entertaining and interesting for me as a viewer. The science fiction and fantasy concepts in media have always intrigued me and I have always enjoyed watching and reading about the crazy concepts writers and directors have come up with. I am glad that I took this class and have the discussion and readings to back up what I am watching. The little bits of Classic Who that I saw were not my favorite, but once we reached New Who, I was instantly drawn in. I think the show does a nice job of appealing to many different age groups and offers a lot of different themes throughout each episode. I look forward to continuing to watch this fascinating show and seeing how the parts of the show advance and change as the seasons go on.

The Doctor: First Impressions

Before this class, I had heard of Doctor Who but had never seen it or known what it was about. After watching a few episodes of the show, I was surprised to have enjoyed them so much. I had heard from many people that it was a little weird and from the short clip that we watched in class, I was expecting it to be a little out there. However, after watching episodes I realized that this is the kind of show that I really like. I love the idea and time travel and time and space. I really like the 9th doctor because he is witty and fits my vision and expectation of what the doctor is like. The classic Who episodes were a little harder to understand because they are older, but they were still very interesting. It is hard to understand what they are saying because not only did the characters come from a different country with a different way of talking, but it is also from a different time period.

The first episode we watched of the Classic Who showed diversity even back then when diversity was not as accepted as it is now. The female teacher was very assertive and curious, which was not how females were seen as acting by society. She was just as curious and adventurous as the male teacher was, which was different to how society would have seen women then. Women were to let the men work out all the problems. In addition, in the first episodes of the New Who, Rose is a working-class female with an African-American boyfriend, which, compared to the classic Who episodes, were extremely different in that it was a lot more diverse.

Rose sees the world a lot differently than the Doctor does and they both have different beliefs and ideals. The Doctor has traveled through time and space a lot longer than Rose has so the Doctor, as expected, has a very different view of the world and people. The Doctor has more faith that things are going to work out. When something bad happens Rose always thinks that they are doomed and that they are going to die. The Doctor, having conquered and saved people many times, is more confident that he will be able to fix the problem even in situations that seem impossible to fix. This shows that diversity is not only associated with race or gender, but with ideals and backgrounds.

First impressions on Doctor Who

The episodes we were assigned in class were the first episodes I had ever seen of Doctor who and, to be honest, I had never heard of the show before. My first impressions of the show were a little skeptical and the late-night TV show clip we watched in class I thought was a bit childish. However, when I watched the episodes I was shocked because it turned out that I really enjoyed watching them. So far, I prefer the ninth Doctor (Christopher Eccleston) because he, out of all the Doctors, seems to be the most comfortable on the stage and the Doctor with the most personality. The show is full of diversity starting with the writers. The show is very “out there” meaning it takes a vivid imagination to see just what is going on. The episodes take some unexpected turns where Rose and the Doctor meet some very eccentric characters like the last human in the universe and some of the aliens portrayed in the show. Cassandra’s character was a piece of skin with a face and she didn’t really look like a human at all. The authors’ thinking behind the characters, had to be very imaginative to be able to think up characters such as her. The diversity between the Doctor and Rose’s thinking in the first couple episodes that we watched were astounding because the Doctor believes that he is very smart when in fact he doesn’t know all that he thinks he does. This is shown when Rose must save the Doctor on one of their first adventures, and at other times they are very hostile to each other because of their different ways of thinking. When the audience first meets Rose, she is seen to have an African American boyfriend and for classical who watchers may come as a shock to them. Along the lines of race and sexual orientation, in the first episode of the classic who that we watched the whole concept of having a female companion and an assertive female teacher must have been uncommon for that time. The teacher’s assertiveness and comments toward the Doctor would have been very out of line for that era. This ties back into the writers of the show being very diverse thinkers because they obviously thought up those kinds of diverse aspects of the show and took bold risks in publishing their thoughts on television.