Who run the world? Girls.

There has been so many doctors throughout history of Doctor Who, but the 13th Doctor is the first to be a woman. There has been a wide range of opinions on the first woman regeneration. Plenty of them have been negative but so many have been great as well. While you can argue whether you think it is a good idea or an awful idea, it is very difficult for someone to say that they do not think having a woman for the thirteenth doctor is a big deal.

The show had gone 54 years before casting a female as the Doctor. To stay relevant, the show would have had to take this step eventually, in my opinion. The show becomes a little more relatable because now they have opened the door to even stronger female characters than they had in the past. There are lots of females who like Doctor Who anyway, but now those females, especially little girls, have a more relatable role model. Personally, whenever I see someone on television or in movies that represents me in some way, I automatically become at least ten times happier.

The decision was made by the show’s new episode writer, Chris Chibnall. Steven Moffat had decided his time writing for the show had ended, but with that being said, that did not stop him from voicing his opinion about the new female doctor. Moffat has talked about why he has not casted a woman as the Doctor before, and honestly, it made some people angry. Moffat had said “This isn’t a show exclusively for progressive liberals; this is also for the people who voted for Brexit. That’s not me politically at all — but we have to keep everyone on board.” While the show does try to aim to lots of different types of people, I do not believe that this was quite the right thing to say. I think most conservatives would be able to say that they love their children  no matter what sex or gender they are. That is their child after all. Wouldn’t they want to see their child be inspired by a strong person as well? Doctor Who does not have anything to do with politics. It is a science fiction show meant to entertain. Although Moffat did admit that having a female doctor would go well with the audience, I still don’t think his political reasoning behind having only male doctors for so long is very justified.

No Me Diga

So many people know Lin-Manuel Miranda for his Tony winning musical, “Hamilton: An American Musical”. But so many of those same people forget that he had made a musical before that. “In The Heights” is a musical set in Washington Heights where the main character, Usnavi, runs a bodega along with his cousin, Sonny. All of the characters come from a poor background which is why in the song 96,000, they all say what they would do if they were to win the lottery.  They are all dreaming of what it would be like to live more comfortably than they currently are.

“In The Heights” truly showcases what it is like to be struggling financially, especially in Hispanic neighborhoods. In the opening song, “In The Heights”, many of the problems of the community is expressed. Usnavi’s fridge breaks in the first verse so all of the things in the fridge had gone bad. That led to Usnavi panicking about how he would continue to sell coffee without milk. He figures it out, but that also doesn’t solve his broken fridge. He doesn’t have enough money to buy a new fridge out of nowhere. Throughout the whole opening song, everyone’s struggles mainly have to do with the expensive rent.

Although the plot is not just about the struggle of living in Washington Heights, it is clearly the reason so many of the characters feel stressed in their lives. For example, in the song 96,000, many of the characters talk about doing luxurious things with the lottery money if they had one. Sonny talks about how he would fix up his house and how he would help make the community better, and the rest of the cast scoffs at him for being “boring”. However, Usnavi brings everyone back to reality when he says that 96,000 dollars would barely save him from his financial ruins. The others sadly accept that he is right but understand where he is coming from.

“In The Heights” brings many issues to the table. From financial instability to dropping out of college to immigrants, Lin-Manuel Miranda puts many of his beliefs and thoughts into this now revived Broadway musical. Despite Hamilton being a great musical as well, In the Heights is just as thought-provoking and eccentric. In my opinion, it is truly a toss up as to which musical brings more to the table. The two are so different but so similar that it completely mind-boggles me.

Diversity in the YouTube Community

Social Media platforms have enhanced our generation’s methods of communication immensely. YouTube in particular is one of my favorite platforms. YouTube allows anyone in the world to post anything they want (okay, within reason) online for the entire world to see. Anyone who isn’t a millennial may be asking themselves, “Why the heck would someone do that?” Many YouTubers have come out with statements about feeling like they never belonged, what better way to meet others than to put yourself on the internet and open yourself up to the entire world? This being said, I feel that YouTube has developed into one of the most diverse forms of social media we have seen thus far.

YouTube offers a wide range of content areas-there’s something for everyone! Here are just a few of my favorite YouTubers ranging from a wide variety of content areas!

Safiya Nygaard

Safiya began working at the popular channel, Buzzfeed but recently left to pursue her own career. She posts “Buzzfeed” style videos where she tries wacky clothing items, takes fan suggestions, and does clothing hauls from sketchy websites. Her channel has recently sky rocketed and her quirky personality is sure to keep you entertained!

Shane Dawson

Shane is one of YouTube’s OGs and the content on his channel has ranged from eating videos, to conspiracy theories, to documentary style short films. Shane allows his viewers to follow him on his journey of self acceptance and discovery (See “I’m Bisexual” and “My Body Dysmorphia Disorder”) Shane is both funny and relatable and I highly recommend checking out some of his 2018 content!

The ACE Family

The ACE family follows family vloggers Austin McBroom, Catherine Paiz, and their daughter, Elle. The couple recently announced their second pregnancy and they are some of the cutest family vloggers on the internet!

Danelle Hallan

Danelle’s channel has been growing immensely since starting YouTube! She is part of a unique community on YouTube where people cover true crime video, Missing Persons cases, and Criminal cases. She is a great start if you have any interest in criminology!

Jenna Marbles

Jenna is another OG YouTuber and is known for her changing hair color, funny personality, and cute dogs. Jenna creates very unique content and has a huge fanbase. She is overall hilarious and takes the cake for one of my favorite “comedian” YouTubers.

Alex Aiono

Alex is a member of the music community on YouTube. If you love mashups, original music, and covers in general- Alex is the man for you!


Better known as Adande, Swoozie began the illustrated storytime trend on YouTube. He tells hilarious stories about his life through cartoon images. I would definitely recommend checking him out if you are interested in a good laugh!

Casey Neistat

Casey is another very popular name on this list. With some of the most high quality content, Casey takes his viewers on his everyday adventures and is a part of the daily vlog community.

Tyler “Ninja” Blevins

Ninja has been blowing up since recently playing Drake on the popular video game, Fortnite. Dubbed as the best player in the word, Ninja is a huge contribution to YouTube’s ever powerful gamer community.

Gigi Gorgeous

Gigi is a huge name in the beauty community on YouTube and is also very well known for being on of the first transgender YouTubers. She’s a great role model for people of all demographics to look up to!

Channel Links

Safiya Nygaard- https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCbAwSkqJ1W_Eg7wr3cp5BUA

Shane Dawson- https://www.youtube.com/user/shane

The ACE Family- https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCWwWOFsW68TqXE-HZLC3WIA

Danelle Hallan- https://www.youtube.com/user/danelledoesitall

Jenna Marbles- https://www.youtube.com/user/JennaMarbles

Alex Aiono- https://www.youtube.com/user/AlexAiono

sWooZie- https://www.youtube.com/user/swoozie06

Casey Neistat- https://www.youtube.com/user/caseyneistat

Ninja- https://www.youtube.com/user/NinjasHyper

Gigi Gorgeous- https://www.youtube.com/user/GregoryGORGEOUS

Diversity in On My Block

*Includes spoilers

I have to say I am a huge procrastinator. As finals week approaches I have been going through Netflix TV shows like no other. There are TV shows that I liked and didn’t like. One that is now one of my favorites is On My Block. It is about four teenagers, Monse, Cesar, Ruby, and Jamal, coming into their freshman year of high school. Everyone one of us knows that everyone has problems in high school, although these kids’ problems are the worst I’ve ever heard of. This is one of the main elements that I found in this show; diversity in problems. The other main element is race.

Monse’s Problem:

Monse is fifteen year old African American female who is having problems with her love life. When she went away to camp for the summer Cesar told his brother and gang members that he slept with Monse. Even though it turns out to be true, Monse is angry because they agreed not to tell anyone. Cesar offends her and she gets super upset, but he comes to apologize later and they sleep together again. They both come to the conclusion that they want to be together, but Monse says they can’t tell their friends because it would ruin everyone’s relationships since they are like a family.

Cesar’s Problem:

Cesar is a fifteen year old Latino male who is having problems with his brother. His brother is the leader of a gang and he wants Cesar to join. Cesar doesn’t want to get mixed up in that because he has big dreams. He is bound to be part of it, though, because his whole family is in it.

Ruby’s Problem:

Ruby is a fifteen year old Latino male who is having problems with his family. His brother went to college, so he finally gets to have his own room. Four hours later he learns that he has to share a room with his grandmother. Later on, he gets his own room again then thirty minutes later he has to share his room with his brother and sister. He also has to wear a dress his grandmother is making. He is tired of not having his own space.

Jamal’s Problem:

Jamal is a fifteen year old African American male who is having problems with his sense of adventure as well as his parents. He is looking for buried treasure and follows a treasure map all over town. He never gives up even though things aren’t looking good. Then, his parents are big on him playing football. Jamal is scared of being hurt, so he quits the team. He doesn’t tell his parents because he is afraid they will get mad. Instead, he comes home with faked injuries every so often.


On My Block is a really great TV show, especially if you like drama.


Diversity in My Life

Growing up I had only been exposed to a small amount of diversity. It was as if I was in my own little world, oblivious to what else was out there. I was brought up in a middle class white family in a small town here in Iowa. Throughout my whole high school we had a very select few people of race, nationalities, and ethnicities. As I grew older, I had the opportunity for an experience of a lifetime traveling with my church on mission trip to Guatemala where I was first introduced to a more diverse world. Being there was an incredible, breath taking, and eye-opening experience to see first hand how others live their day to day lives. What they eat, where they work, what clothes they wear, how they travel etc. Everything was new to me. It truly was a culture shock. Communication was a huge part in the diversity that we experienced. The native language was spoken in Spanish, therefore, we had translators with us at all times. I was able to pick up on some of the language an a few people outside of the translators were able to speak English, however, they were few and far between. After returning home, I was much more aware of just how diverse this world is and how little we are in comparison to it. I think it it extremely important for everyone to get the chance to witness other cultures and realize the amount of diversity this world contains. I am extremely grateful to have had the opportunity to travel outside of the country and witness these types of diversity first hand. It prepared me for my future endeavors and even for college here at Wartburg. Wartburg is tremendously diverse throughout the campus compared to what I grew up around. I think it is so neat to see how the small town of Waverly can hold so much diversity and opportunities for everyone who comes through here. Also looking into my future, as a future educator, I am blessed to have encountered these different experiences dealing with diversity so I will be prepared to teach in a diverse setting in a way that everyone will be able to learn and grow and at their own pace. Being at Warburg College has given me yet another new perspective on the diversities in which this world and this life contains outside of my small town where I grew up.

Minority Depictions in Fan Art and Fiction


Scrolling through facebook, I occasionally come across posts or articles of fan art from various fandoms that reimagines characters as minorities. For instance, there’s an artist I love on Tumblr called wingedcorgi who does Harry Potter fan art, and she draws Harry and James potter as Indian and Hermione as black. When I see her art shared on Facebook or anywhere outside of her own blog, people often get upset at the interpretations of these characters. They argue that the books don’t describe them that way. The same thing happened when a black actress was cast as Hermione in Cursed Child.

People react similarly when they see two male or two female characters who are canonically straight being portrayed as in a relationship. I think that the people who complain about that kind of thing don’t really understand the point of fan art or fan fiction. It doesn’t need to be a hundred percent accurate to the original source. Artists and writers are free to make artistic liberties and write or draw those characters the way that they envision them, or the way that they want to see them.

That being said, I think there is a moral difference between making characters into minorities and whitewashing or making a character into a majority. For example, mods in video games can be another form of art, and sometimes mods will change a dark skinned character into a light skinned one or make it so that gay characters can romance women as well as men. The reason I think this is different is because the intent is different. When giving a character a minority trait, the intent is to create more diverse characters so that more people can have characters who are like them that they can look up to. Whitewashing or erasing a minority trait in a character in turn erases diversity, and implies that the artist or writer is uncomfortable with the minority that they are erasing. Of course, fans are still free to do what they want when drawing or writing an interpretation of a character, but I think that if a character is representing a minority, it’s best not to change that.

Our Past Shapes Our Present

The recent talk about gun control across the nation has sparked an idea about diversity. It made me realize there is a large range of diversity in the experience and such with guns.

Being from Colorado, we have had quite a few memorable tragedies. Columbine was the first big school shooting and the entire nation was tuned in as more updates were being broadcast. Students and teachers were stuck in the school until late at night when first responders were finally able to get to them. This changed the way first responding teams entered school buildings in situations like these. Now schools lock their doors and typically have some type of security among the grounds. Columbine changed protocols for schools across the entire country.

More recently, the Aurora theater shooting shook the states yet again. Midnight premieres are no longer offered and costumes are usually not allowed anymore.

A lesser known event occurred the following year. There was another school shooting in Colorado at Arapahoe High School. One girl died 10 days after being shot during the incident. I remember being in a lock in because of the situation.

There is a slightly different atmosphere surrounding everyday activities in Colorado, at least where I am from. We did not have class on April 20 for many years in fear of copycat attacks. When we scrimmage at Columbine’s field dedicated to Dave Sanders, my mind can’t help but wander to him and the rest of the victims. We held a fundraiser for Claire Davis, the victim in the Arapahoe shooting. I think about her and the tragedy it was every time I put the shirt from the fundraiser on. I remember watching a movie and being paranoid the entire time, simply because it was a Batman movie in a theater near Aurora.

I’m not saying that we are the only people who have experienced terror like this, but there is definitely a difference between those who have gone through something like this and those who have not. April 20 is just another day for most students around the country, but when we began holding classes on that day again, I know I attended each one in fear. Some people have not experienced something like this, just as I have not experienced what students who attend Columbine or Arapahoe have experienced, or those who go out of their way to avoid going to their regular theater since it was attacked.

Everyone has a different experience or exposure to incidents like these, or just to guns in general. Some may have grown up in a hunting family where they are very comfortable in the presence of guns, and others may have grown up in a dangerous city where they are very fearful of guns.

All of us have our reasons for liking or disliking guns, and most of these probably stem from their experience with guns. We should all consider the reason behind their opinions rather than just noticing that they are different and dismissing them. You would want them to listen to your rationale, wouldn’t you?

Transgenders Deserve A Chance Too

For my 5thand final blog post, I will be gladly be discussing one hot button issue for some. Most people have an opinion on whether they are for or against children, let alone people in general, becoming transgender. The very least all people should agree on is that transgender students get the right as the gender they feel more naturally as.


My hometown news station KCCI recently covered and updated a story on a transgender student in Center Point, Iowa. This students name is Emmet Cummings, he was originally born a female but has begun transitioning into the male gender. The focus of the article is that originally, Emmet was not going to be allowed to participate in a boys summer program.


That summer program’s name is “Boy’s State”. This is a program for high school juniors that focuses on legal aspects of being a citizen, including state government (which Emmet is interested in). During the summer students attend seminars, and have opportunities to participate in music ensembles. Emmet was nominated and accepted by the Center Point chapter of the American Legion to attend Boys State this upcoming summer. When receiving his application, the state legion board originally accepted his entry into the program. However, upon further looking into who Emmet is, the state legion board realized he is transgender and denied him rights to the camp.


Fortunately, but mostly because of backlash, the board has decided to allow Cummings to attend and make an exception only for him. This means though no other transgender may stay at Boy’s State, at least for now. Through the updated portion of the article it describes Emmet’s relief of being able to go, but also the frustration. Frustration in the whole ordeal for himself, but also that others are being treated unfairly for simply being themselves. Emmet hopes at the very least he can provide a pilot or a test run to show the board all transgendered students should be allowed to attend their program. Emmet just wants to learn the basics of how our government runs, and simply because of his preferred gender he almost was not allowed to. How can anyone claim these people are un patriotic and do not belong in our country, when in this example, Emmet was trying to learn more about the government instead of defying it.


Hopefully, this summer will allow Emmet to pioneer a new movement to allow transgender students to attend Boys State to learn about our government. If you have read this article an argued with every single thing I have stated, then consider this. How would it feel to be a college student and not be allowed to go to a graduate school simply because of your under-grad’s mascot? Something that defines you is now not allowing you to get ahead in life. That is exactly how Emmet feels, one could at least value his bravery.

Transgender Pride flag

Diversity in Thinking Strategies

Something I have come to realize recently is how diverse everyone’s minds are and how different each one works and thinks about things. I’m not talking about diversity of opinions, but  how everyone’s individual mind associates certain words with other things based on personal experiences. This is because of a variety of reasons. I recently played a game called Code Names in which you are on teams to try and communicate to your teammates which words on cards belong to your team. You are only allowed to say one word that relates to as many of your team’s cards as possible without accidentally guessing the other team’s words. Something that I realized was that it was much easier for me to guess what my sister was trying to refer to when we were on a team together because I know how her mind works better than anyone else. I would typically know how she would think of a word that could potentially have multiple meanings.

One of my cousins and I were on a team together attempting to discover what words my mom was referring to, and we were debating between two different words. We ended up picking the word that my cousin thought was the answer, but I was right and we ended up losing that round. I find it interesting that as we continue to spend time with certain people, we learn and adapt to how they learn, think, and process information. We learn if they are good spellers or not, if they stutter or not, if they are good readers or not, and grow accustomed to how their individual minds work, then we adapt to that and keep it in mind subconsciously as we interact with them.

I also find it very fascinating that as we get to know a person more, we tend to behave more and more like them. We pick up mannerisms, phrases, and humor from the people we spend our time with. I’ve noticed recently that I have picked up many mannerisms and phrases from my friends in college, and my parents definitely notice that when I’m at home. In Doctor Who, The Doctor’s mannerisms and ways of thinking rub off on each character that he impacts in some way. The rules of time travel, the TARDIS, and his own personality sticks in each character’s mind in its own special way, and they all pick up something and learn something about life and themselves based on The Doctor and his behavior. I find it special that people are capable of having that sort of impact on one another, and I think it shows just how diverse our minds are, and how each week, month, or year can diversify our own minds so much by interacting with others.

The Doctor’s Diverse Personalities

Now that I have watched Seasons 1-9 of the new Doctor Who TV series, I would like to write about the diversity in the 4 Doctors that I have watched grow and regenerate before my eyes. The first Doctor that I met was number 9, aka Christopher Eccleston, he is fresh out of the war on Gallifrey and is said to have PTSD from the actions that took place while fighting in this war. Eccleston’s portrayal of the Doctor was supposed to be aimed at the 21st audience, this is seen by his attire, which was a leather jack and black jeans, or black leather pants. He shows people his many personalities by being the hero in the first scene when we meet him, by saving Rose from the plastic army. We learn to love him as he learns to love Rose and we cry for him as he becomes emotional when he saves Rose’s life in the final moments before he regenerates into David Tennant. David Tennant becomes our beloved 10th Doctor and unlike Eccleston, Tennant ends up staying for 3 seasons. We finally get to see his personality through the choice of his clothing, which is a suit and his tan detective coat. This shows that he’s more curious about the world and the universe. This brought on more weird and supernatural episodes and we learn more and more of Tennant’s Doctor’s personality. Tennant portrays the Doctor as charismatic and charming whose likable and easygoing, most days, but it can easily be turned into fury and outrage when he is double-crossed. He also gives off this “years of sadness” vibe, which is reiterated when he regenerates into Matt Smith, by crying and saying he “doesn’t want to go.”

Matt Smith’s 11th Doctor version is a bit unique and crazy. This is seen by his different style change which is also a suit, but picks up different colored bowties. He is also different as he is the first Doctor to travel with 2 companions whom are in a developing relationship, and eventually seen as married, and they have a daughter whom turns out to be married to the 12th Doctor in her past and their future. His characteristics include being quick-tempered, but a compassionate man who uses his youthful appearance which differs with his more discerning and world-weary temperament. This temperament leads into crazy adventures and eventually causes him to get trapped on a planet and eventually die from old age, but gets granted a new regeneration cycle by the Time Lords, leading to him regenerating into Peter Capaldi. Peter Capaldi is the most boring seasons that I have watched out of all the other Doctors. He is also clothed differently in a mostly navy two-pieced suit. He is different from the other’s as he is older than the others we have seen and he portrays the Doctor as a “spiky”, brusque, contemplative, and pragmatic, he also tends to conceal his emotions especially if faced with tough and sometimes ruthless decisions.

As you can see the New Who has shown us many different personalities, faces, and costumes. These details may seem small, but they make up who we have begun to see as the Doctor. This also causes for very diverse and unique portrayals of the Doctor, as you can see in the examples above.