Doctor Who is who?

I’m going to talk about the changing characters. I don’t think I have ever watched a show that changes the main character from season to season. There have been shows that I watch that some of the minor characters change, but never the main character. It might draw negative attention to the show that could cause confusion for the watchers. I know when I first started watching and the first doctor switch occurred, I was confused. I didn’t understand why they would switch the main character throughout the show. I had never seen a show that switched the main character. If I was the director, I would not think about switching the main character. Even if I did switch the main character, I wouldn’t think about also changing a minor character. I would think that the main character change was enough for a while, due to the extreme change. Character change is a very daring thing to do, especially if you are also going to change the companion also. Confusing the viewers must draw a negative view upon your show. I know that if I was watching a show and I got confused, I would no longer continue to watch the show. But that is just my personal opinion. Others must feel different about the character change. They could enjoy the new person within the seasons. Others might enjoy the excitement of trying to remember who the new character is within the episodes. Personally, I would be able to keep track of the new characters or who is no longer in the show. I like the show I watch to just be a show I can watch and relax and not have to make a list of who’s in the episodes. But like I said, others might feel different. I like the simple episodes that I can just sit back and watch. I don’t like shows that confuse me and make me think. Might sound dumb, but that’s just how I like my shows to go. Other things that kind of confuse me are the names of all the different creatures that are throughout the episodes. I’m sure someone who is interested in science fiction would highly enjoy this show because of the different creatures, but not me. I’m not entirely interested in this show, therefore, I’m not as willing to put extra time into it to remember all the names and who’s all in the episodes.


Favorite Doctor

Before I took this class, I would have said that Matt Smith was my favorite doctor, because I had seen the most episodes with him and because he was the doctor I started with. Now that I’ve seen all of Eccelston and Tennant, I’m not sure who my favorite doctor is. I really like Nine because he can be snarky and fun, but he also has several moments where you can see a lot of fear, anger, and sadness in him. I think that’s true for all of the New Who doctors, but I do think there’s something special about Eccelston. Ten is a bit more fun and zany than Nine. He makes a lot of insane statements and does crazy things that really fits the “Mad man in a box” description. Eleven goes even further in that direction, and then Twelve goes back to the “Grumpy old man” description. I wish I was better at describing what makes each of them special, but they are, and I’m grateful for all of them.

I don’t understand how people choose a favorite when they’ve seen all of the episodes. It’s like choosing a favorite child. I love them all. I especially don’t understand why some people say to skip Nine and start with Ten. Not only is Nine fantastic, but a lot happens in the first season that is frequently referenced or characters that were introduced in the first season are brought back several times in future seasons. It’s like skipping the first few chapters in a book. There’s bound to be important information in those first few chapters.

Anyway, I think I’m just bad at choosing in general. Although it is easy for me to say that my favorite companion is Donna. I’m not sure why, I just connect with her the most. Maybe it’s just hard to choose a favorite doctor because, in the end, they’re all the same character. Yes, each regeneration has a unique spin to the character, but in the end they’re all the same person. I see every doctor as an extension of the previous ones, so there’s not really a need to choose a favorite. They’re all the doctor and that makes them special.

Doctor Reunion

When will we see another Doctor reunion? We have only had one in New Who so far to this point. Actually, I am not sure about this Christmas special or whatever the episode was where the twelfth Doctor meets the first Doctor. I also just remembered the children in need mini episode where the tenth Doctor met the fifth Doctor.  It would be interesting to look at how many times in classic who did doctors meet other incarnations of themselves.

Well, I looked into it. The answer is 4 times. I thought it would be higher than that but it makes sense. So now the show has been running form its continuation for about 13 years. Classic who ran from 1963 to the late 80’s. Let’s say around 25 years. Well if we don’t count the children in need episode and we don’t count the recent episode than we really only have one true storyline that includes multiple doctors in new who. I, as a fan, am not satisfied with this. I want more. I don’t just mean the Doctor either, I want the companions to come back too. I want River back the most. I know she was just in the Christmas special last year but I hate that now we have basically closed the character. Who knows though. I still have hope.

Now, I know that if we have multi-doctor storylines all the time then they cease to be special but I just really want a nice storyline with Nine, Ten, Eleven, Twelve, and Thirteen. Just imagine it. The Day of the Doctor but way better! I have seen some interviews with David Tennant and Matt Smith where the interviewer asks about a possibility of returning to the show. Each time that is asked I see David or Matt responding that they would love to but it needs to be the right time. They don’t want to come back too often otherwise it will not be as good. This gives me hope that in the future I will see an awesome multi-doctor episode. This is probably likely to happen on the 60th Anniversary of the show in 2023. That may seem like a long ways away but I can remember 2013 like it was only yesterday.

All that being said, I think the fans would love to see more crossovers between the different Doctor incarnation. I am torn between the possibility of the scenario getting too boring but also the fact that it would mean my favorite characters would be coming back.



Hey There Rose Tyler


The idea form this blog post came from a video on Youtube that was a mix of Hey There Delilah entitled Hey There Rose Tyler. Parody songs where an individual changed the lyrics have always fascinated me and the ones centered on Doctor Who are so creative and cover so many Doctor Who bases, I was amazed at the quality of some of them. Particularly in Hey There Rose Tyler, the singer uses lyrical techniques that closely mimic the original song. In this post, I will compare lyrics of the original song to the parody and then do a lyrical analysis. Beginning with Hey There Rose Tyler, in the original song Hey there, Delilah, the song begins with,

“Hey there, Delilah

What’s it like in New York City?

I’m a thousand miles away

But, girl, tonight you look so pretty

Yes, you do

Times Square can’t shine as bright as you

I swear, it’s true”

The cover song begins like this:

“Hey there Rose Tyler

What’s it like in your dimension

I’m a thousand worlds away

But I’m still seeing your reflection in the blue

My hearts are broken without you

I swear, its true”

Both songs obviously start with addressing the one who the singer longs for, then they move on to the loved one is a distance away from them and their longing for them from a distance. Both lyrics reflect their love and their longing in a parallel, which I believe is a great technique for song cover lyrics. People who listen to the original song or know the original song will relate more to the cover song if it parallels a similar storyline. I believe that Hey There Rose Tyler is a successful cover because of how it uses the parallel to form its own story.  The comments are a tribute to its success as no one is questioning the quality of the song, and all are able to reflect on their feelings that it gives them in correlation with the show.

Another song that is well done, is a parody of Shake It Off by Taylor Swift, done to the tune of Take’em out in reference to Doctor Who fighting the Daleks. The parody’s chorus goes like this:

“ and the Daleks always say say say say

Exterminate nate nate nate nate

But I just wanna take take take take take

Take’em out Take’em out”

Taylor Swifts Chorus is written like this:


“Cause the players gonna play, play, play, play, play
And the haters gonna hate, hate, hate, hate, hate
Baby, I’m just gonna shake, shake, shake, shake, shake
I shake it off, I shake it off”


In this parody, the Daleks are equal to the players and the haters. The Doctor and his companions are the ones who are shaking it off (or taking them out in this case). This works so well because of the popularity of the Daleks and their juxtaposition against the Doctor and his companions. The comments in this video are as positive, with reviews that admit they are subscribing because this parody was so well done and of viewers feelings excitement from the feeling they get from the original song and the parodied version.


Overall, well-done parodies are ways for fans to relate to the show and create their own song using their own feelings. Using parallels to the original song amplifies the effect and the overall feeling of the parody, giving it a professional and comfortable experience.

One Month Later

Yesterday I attended my first ever rally here at Wartburg. The rally was for the 17 kids that lost their lives to a shooting a month ago and for stricter gun laws. Personally I only went to the rally for the remembrance of the 17 kids who lost there lives. At first when I heard about the “walk out” rally I told myself their was no way I was going to go and put myself in that situation but as the last couple days went on I found myself still thinking about it so I decided to go. For me I am not one that thinks guns is really the problem in this situation so that was another reason I felt like I shouldn’t have gone but in my mind I thought going even if I was a little against what they were protesting meant that I was with the 17 kids and to let them know that they are not alone. So yesterday I walked out for them, I walked out for their mothers and fathers, sisters and brothers, friends and coworkers who have lost someone very important to them. To see all of these different people from campus come together to fight for something they believed in was actually really amazing, even though I felt out of place and very anti-social I still was really happy I decided to go.

After attending this walk out I then went back to my dorm and sat down to watch some tv before going to my next class, I got on my usual social medias and started to see all of the news reports about different colleges and schools also walking out, I thought it was one of the coolest things I have ever seen, I actually got goosebumps thinking about how my generation is going to make such a big impact on America. Just last year I didn’t think any of this would be happening, I wasn’t planning on attending a walk out to protest things that are happening so close to home for some people, I always thought growing up that eventually everything will become normal again and things will get better after about a month or two but as of right now I have a feeling of worry, that this will only get worse. I’m so glad people are taking a stand, and i’m so glad I got to be apart of it.

Diversity through Service

I had the opportunity of participating in a service trip through Wartburg College over Winter Break and was inspired by the diversity I saw in just a small part of America. I traveled to New Orleans, LA to assist with hurricane recovery. (The fact that we are still recovering from the effects of Hurricane Katrina, which occured in 2005, is unbelievable.) We volunteered at many different organizations including the Ronald McDonald House, the Food Bank, Camp Restore, and YLC Recycles. I am very thankful that I was giving this eye-opening opportunity and able to see how diversity is displayed in NOLA’s culture.

We were exposed to many different types of people walking around the French Quarter on our free day. I was unprepared to see the amount of homeless people that live there and I was extremely saddened. I feel as an Iowan homelessness isn’t a huge issue that I think about, it was a humbling experience to say the least. I was also exposed to many different races and languages being spoken around me in the more touristy parts of the city. I loved getting to see all of the different cultures merge into one.

Volunteering at YLC Recycles was probably my favorite part of the entire trip. YLC stands for Young Leadership Council, this organization works toward helping New Orleans become a more green, sustainable city by collecting and recycling mardi gras beads. The organization also employs adults with intellectual disabilities and pays them minimum wage and offers wages to those who earn it (which they are not required to do). I was able to interact with some of the adults that worked there and it seemed that just having someone new to talk to really brightened their days. I also noticed some of them take a leadership role when showing us how to sort the beads and I think that made them feel very valued.

Overall, I am very thankful I was given the opportunity to participate in this trip. It was super interesting to see different types of diversity merge together into one community. It was a very eye-opening experience for me coming from Iowa and it made me think a lot about diversity in general and the lack of it in the Midwest. I would 10/10 recommend a service trip to everyone at Wartburg. I was able to see a new place and learn about NOLA’s culture in such a short amount of time.


Who turned out the lights?

There is something about the episodes “Silence in the Library” and “Forest of the Dead” that gets me every time I watch it. They have always been one of my favorite story arcs in the whole series of Doctor Who ever since I first watched it. Upon revisiting this double feature episode I have noticed some interesting things when it comes to diversity. This episode or episodes have got quite a bit of diversity among them. There is the diversity of race with Other Dave, Anit, and Dr. Moon. There is the diversity of intelligence with The Doctor and River being at the top and Evangelista being at the bottom. It also has the diversity of gender with having both men and women being in positions of power.

The enemy in this episode, the Vashta Nerada, are, in my opinion, some of the most inventive creatures in Doctor Who. They are the reason we all, at some level, are afraid of the dark. They are not in every shadow of darkness but in any shadow of darkness. They feed on the flesh and can rip it away from the bone in less than a second. This is truly a terrifying monster. I can only imagine a 7-year-old watching these episodes and having their fear of the dark being enhanced even more. They are an infestation and as humans, we all seem to have fears of infestations whether it is termites or fruit flies or some flesh-eating virus.

We learn so much about The Doctor in this episode. We learn about his future quite a bit. Professor River Song is introduced. She is from the Doctors future. After watching the rest of her storyline throughout the next few seasons all of the references that she tries to clue The Doctor into are awesome for those viewing. Knowing the fate of Professor River Song does quite a bit for the viewer when watching the later seasons because we know that she will not die in any of the episodes. Thier relationship is my favorite of any in the entire show of Doctor Who. She is the one person that, in my opinion, truly understands The Doctor. She is part Time Lord. She gave up all her remaining regenerations to save the Doctor in a later episode. They are truly meant for each other.

Overall viewing these episodes has reminded me exactly why I love this show so much. The relationships make it for me. This lonely Time Lord finally has met his match. Unfortunately, they never meet in the right order. The curse of the time traveling couple.