History of the TARDIS and the Sonic

So, there were reasons to how the TARDIS ended up looking on the inside and outside… This isn’t revealed until the New Who when it is revealed that it does take 6 people to fly the TARDIS. It was also revealed that TARDIS’ aren’t built they are grown like trees from a seed and then the equipment and everything is added later. This is part of why there is mismatched and some strange equipment in the console. When the TARDIS is being remodeled there is some new equipment that is changed and updated but it’s always recognizable things that must have been reused from somewhere, like Eleven had ketchup and mustard bottles and Nine and Ten had the monitor, a keyboard, and the small sledgehammer on the string that does get used occasionally. The TARDIS also has a soul as discovered in “The Doctors Wife” and can see all parts of time even then, but the real question is whether the Doctor stole the TARDIS or if the TARDIS stole the Doctor. As this is what the TARDIS also called sexy keeps reminding the Doctor of. The console is slightly redone with each Doctor but they all resort back to the same basic layout with either a hexagon or circular shape. The Ninth and Tenth Doctors layouts had the pillars that branched which was designed off choral and trees to reflect that the TARDIS is grown and is a living thing.

The exterior of the TARDIS also has never really changed and this was explained with the chameleon circuit being broken. This seems to be a defect in a lot of the TARDIS’s. This is my theory because when the 12th Doctor and Clara stole another previous version of a TARDIS Clara took it and had it shape into a diner for her final meeting with the Doctor who could no longer remember her. We then saw her TARDIS take off and it kept the shape of the diner and they mentioned that the circuit went down again. This was a defect created so the show could keep one object that people would recognize as the Doctor’s no matter when and where it landed and it was an easy way to save money by not needing to replace the TARDIS constantly.

Did you know the Sonic Screwdriver was taken out of Doctor Who in Classic Who? Upon bringing the show back Davies decided he wanted to keep a device that kids could play with and the Doctor could use in times of need for simpler tasks like picking a lock to save time because episodes went from two hours to fifty minutes. He did include flaws in the screwdriver in that it can’t get past a deadbolt lock or wood, and this does come up a few times in episodes. The sonic is a device connected and created by the TARDIS. When the Doctor needs a new sonic the TARDIS will produce it and based off the interior design of the console room. I look forward to where they will take the TARDIS design and technology like the sonic in the future.



Africa is a continent which is considered to be one of the most linguistical continents, with estimates putting the number of languages spoken at as many as 3000 challenging the translation companies to get to grips with all of them. The languages form part of 4 language groups, namely Nilo-Saharian covering Central and Eastern Africa with approximately 140 languages, Khoisan covering the Western part of Southern Africa and has approximately 30 languages, Niger-Congo covering Southern, Central, and Eastern Africa gathers more than 1000languages and Afro-Asiatic covering Nothern Africa, Central Sahara and Horn of Africa. All of these languages are considered official. English has been considered as another official language though some speak it as their first language and some as their second language. A wide variety of sign language is also used.

One of the reasons behind the continents language diversity is the influence of European languages. Europian imperialists had their sights firmly set on Africa towards the end of the 19th century. During the time of colonization European countries were applying diplomatic pressure to get their own way. They used their imperialist might to push into Africa with military invasions, therefore resistant to follow their rules was fierce. Therefore because of this reason, the presence of European languages in Africa could not be avoided, In many instances, these European tounges were taken and localized, being converted into local dialects. For example, Roger Lass in 2002 identified three distinct versions of the SouthAfrican language, there was the broad English used by the working class, general English used by the middle class the cultivated English used by the upper class. The latter was approximated to African English. Therefore local languages which were spoken in South Africa became entwined with European languages which is one of the reasons why there are many languages spoken in Africa.

In relation to Dr. Who: The Fifth Doctor guessed that Matilda was a South African, because of her accent and pronunciation of the word “genetically”. It should be noted that the Doctor was probably versatile in African languages (some though), seeing as he came to earth in the old times and Africa is one of the most ancient continents n earth.







Did the film industry take a shower? Because its whitewashed.

Many of us know that tv shows and movies are often white washed. Angelina Jolie playing an African American woman. Emma Stone playing a half Chinese woman. John Bennet playing an Asian man. Honestly there is probably a list of hundreds of actors that have played someone not of their race.

In Doctor Who a major one is when John Bennet, an English actor, played an Asian man named Li H’sen Chang. Li H’sen Chang was supposed to be a stage magician. Also when watching the scenes with Li H’sen Chang there are many instances of racism. He is wearing quite a bit of grab and has a very awful and offensive “typical” Asian American accent. The episode as a whole has quite a few racist aspects to it. Is this because of the time or because of the director and writer?

There have been many instances here in America of white washing as well.

When Disney first came out saying they would be making a live action Mulan there was a lot of stir that they were trying to cast a white actor as the main male. This has now been confirmed as not true, but is this because of the backlash or was this the plan all along?

In the movie Drive Carey Mulligan played a character that was originally written for a Latina woman. The director felt that Mulligan was perfect for the part… even though she wasn’t Latina I guess… In the movie Whiskey Tango Foxtrot Christopher Abbott and Alfred Molina were both cast as Afghan characters. Last time I checked they were both white actors, but I guess they fit the role better than an Afghan actor.

Johnny Depp played as a Native American in the movie The Lone Ranger. He said that he has some Native American heritage, but honestly it isn’t enough for me. Johnny is still too white of an actor to be playing a Native American in a movie.

Honestly this list could go on and on. I found a ton when I was looking online to even spark this topic. This is something that has been happening for years. Looking at the past we could say that they have an excuse. It honestly was pretty racist back in the day and it was “better” for the companies to hire white actors and actresses. But now? We don’t have anything to say to explain this. Times are changing, but not fast enough in the film industry.

Fan Video


When thinking of the show Doctor Who and ways to describe it, time is one of the first words that comes to mind for myself. Each and every episode the Doctor is faced with challenges and opportunities that allow, and sometimes force him, to go to a different time in life. When I first began watching this television show, I thought it was nothing more than a character that traveled through time and experienced history, but it is so much more than that.

This fan video demonstrates who the Doctor is in relation to time traveling. Being a timelord, the Doctor lives a life where time simply does not exist. Constantly running to new and different places, he is able to create as well as change history. A huge part of his lifestyle is spent altering time for benefits of others. This video exemplifies the seriousness of his life. He must make sometimes rash decisions on what to do knowing its later effects. I think this video is also a good example of why the Doctor has the relationships he has. He must constantly be on his toes ready to help or save others.

The music and scenes chosen for this video create a very dramatic and intense emotion right off the bat. It gives you the visuals needed to see the predicaments the Doctor is faced with sometimes and what he must be feeling. Every second of this video is a build up to the choices he must make in hopes of helping those around him. The background music creates a feeling as though we are running out of time, which in some cases is exactly what is happening for the Doctor. Of all of the fan videos I have been able to watch, I felt the most engaged with this video.