David Tennant, Wow What a Character You Are!

I remember watching the last episode of season one come to a close with the 9th Doctor (Christopher Eccleston) regenerating into his new body. It was an interesting thing to watch as I saw The Doctor look as if he was on fire, bending his back looking as if he was in pain during the process. For the first time seeing this I thought to myself this is not what I imagined at all. When I thought about how a regeneration process was going to take place I had in my head that The Doctor would die and then all on the next season they would start to show a new actor as him. Clearly this was not the case. The Doctor’s new body started to grow thick brown hair on his head as well as a long thin face. This was the new Doctor, the 10th Doctor, David Tennant.

Quickly I started the next season to see what happens next. Episode 1: The Christmas Invasion began with The Doctor unconscious while aliens were invading the city of London. For most of this episode The Doctor is this way until finally after he is fully regenerated he comes out of the TARDIS a new man. Tennant opens up the doors and with a smirk on his face he rhetorically asks, “Did you miss me?” At that moment I knew that David Tennant was going to be a completely different character for The Doctor than Christopher Eccleston was.

I very much enjoyed the part when The Doctor walked up to the Sycorax Leader snapped his weapon in half with his leg and points to him saying, “Now you just wait, I’m busy.” Hearing Tennant say this I could tell that he was going to use more humor in his character. As I kept watching Tennant did just that. With his sarcastic attitude he walks over to the big threatening button and presses it acting like a child, adding humor to the show.

David Tennant ended this particular episode with picking out his outfit. He was no longer going to wear the thick black leather jacket anymore. Instead he chooses a much more Sherlock Holmes type of outfit. Going with a brown pinstripe suit with a pair of converses for his shoes and a long light brown trench coat falling to the floor. As I have watched this show for a while now I know realize that each separate actor puts their own spin on The Doctor’s character. I greatly appreciate this though because it keeps the show interesting. David Tennant known as the 10th Doctor for some and the Doctor who wears the pinstripe suit, but for me I know David Tennant as the actor who added humor to The Doctor’s character in the show Doctor Who. 


Wartburg college is one of the institutions that provide a variety of opportunities to learn with people of different race, age, classes, religion and sexual identities. There are students from more than 51 countries such the United States, Swaziland, Nigeria, Japan, China, Malaysia, and other countries. There are professors and some members of staff from different countries also.Though a large percentage of students and staff are from the United States. There is a relatively equal balance between males and females and the college is ranked #286 in male to female nationwide.Undergraduate students range in age of 18 to 22.

When students arrive on campuses there will be having different personalities and perspectives already fully formed and still malleable.This sense of self-knowledge is sharpened with exposure and close contact with others whose life experiences are on the opposite spectrum.Engaging with others whose opinions, customs and personal lifestyles differ sharply from your own increases one’s self-insight.This type of exposure helps students to make informed decisions about their career directions which is an advantage of attending a diverse school.

Other advantages of attending schools with more diverse enrolment are that students get exposed to people they wouldn’t meet from backgrounds they may not otherwise encounter. One can make a lot of friends with different people from different races and backgrounds. A more diverse campus also means for more interesting clubs with minority populations coming together to celebrate their uniqueness.Promoting diversity in schools helps students accept diversity and promote it in their daily lives. A school administration degree readies graduates for promoting and teaching diversity as a means of accepting it. Educators can help students better understand that while everyone is different, in the most fundamental ways, everyone is the same and should be treated with respect.

Also, diverse college experience will enhance students to think of their careers based on a global perspective.No matter what career one chooses to pursue, employers, coworkers, customers, and clients will come from different backgrounds. Exposure to a diverse environment in school lays the foundation for a global perspective and helps the student learn how to interact with different people from different backgrounds.For example in Doctor who the actors are from different backgrounds, races and their ages are different also. In the first episode, the doctor looks older than Rose and Rose is white whilst Mickey is black but they were in a relationship.  Despite all of these differences they could understand each other and work together as a team.




Gender role is what society says its appropriate for male and females, including dress, behavior, hairstyle, speech, the way people walk or use their hands, and other different activities. When children encounter gender role restrictions that don’t make sense to them, they often conclude that they have a problem and begin monitoring themselves to make sure they don’t step outside the gender role considered appropriate for their assigned sex. For example, some boys try to hold back their tears as they go through tough times for example when their close relatives die, when they are heartbroken or when they are disappointed because the society says that strong boys do not cry. Most of the times restrictions for gender roles differ because of different cultural beliefs. What is accepted or considered appropriate in one culture or country is completely unacceptable in another culture or country. For example, in the United States, adult women are allowed to drive, they are allowed to join the army, while in some countries it is forbidden.

Also some religions they don’t think that a female can be a leader of a church for example being a pastor or a Bishop. In politics also, some cultures they do not want to be led by a female as they think that man can be better leaders than females. When people grow up they learn from their elders,  and some people tend to stick to what they only learn from their elders and not want to learn more and understand how today’s world is.  For example in my country, some people who live in  the countryside have less assess to social media, therefore, children  learn from their elders and they still believe that the role of a women in society is to have children and take care of the family whilist the husband goes to work and provide for the family. Unlike children who grow up having access to social media they are always updated and tend to understand how the world is changing. 2 1st-century beliefs about gender roles are different from the beliefs that people had in the 19th century. There is now gender balance, what men can do can also be done by females. Some of the most successful women such as Oprah have proved that.

The new doctor who female doctor Jodie Whittaker has also proven that people in the role don’t always have to tick the same box. Though the introduction of a new female doctor has led to fans of Doctor Who being divided as some fans says that the character has always been a man, therefore, BBC ruined the character by introducing a female in the role. Surprisingly some people started hating on the female Doctor before they have even seen how she plays the role, this is because of the restrictions that the society has when it comes to gender roles.

My Top 5 Favorite Doctor Who Memes

Since this is my last blog post, I thought I would have some fun.

One of the most universal forms of internet humor and fan culture is memes. As for any popular show, there is going to be memes making fun of the show or simply using an “inside joke” approach that only fans will understand. Not only are they funny, but with so many people online, they can spread quickly and become popular overnight.

For my entertainment (and hopefully yours, too), here are my top 5 Doctor Who memes:

#5: A summarized look at the Doctor


I found this meme to be funny because it’s entirely true. In the show, they make the Doctor seem so complex and mysterious, but in reality he’s just a heroic old guy who travels in a box with a screwdriver.

#4 Donna and the 9th Doctor 


This meme made me laugh instantly. How funny would it be to see these two together in an episode?  I feel like there would be a lot of yelling and confrontation. Both the 9th Doctor and Donna have such strong personalities that I’m pretty sure this match up would end in Donna leaving because she couldn’t handle him anymore.

#3 Toy Story Reference 


I thought this meme was cute. It could be because I’m a huge Disney fan, but regardless I think that the connection made is awesome. Also, the look on Woody’s face is so accurate.

#2 Okay, but really 


I understand that Doctor Who is a British show, but would it kill them to have more diversity in the cultural background of their characters? Even some of the aliens they meet have British accents, which is really odd if you think about it.

And a drumroll please… (thank you)

#1 My Doctor 


I hope you all find humor in this as much as I do. However, how unbelievably awesome would it be if Morgan Freeman was the Doctor? Racial diversity… check! Popularity around the world… check! A kick-ass actor that is full of himself… check! I really don’t see how this could get any better!