Gender role is what society says its appropriate for male and females, including dress, behavior, hairstyle, speech, the way people walk or use their hands, and other different activities. When children encounter gender role restrictions that don’t make sense to them, they often conclude that they have a problem and begin monitoring themselves to make sure they don’t step outside the gender role considered appropriate for their assigned sex. For example, some boys try to hold back their tears as they go through tough times for example when their close relatives die, when they are heartbroken or when they are disappointed because the society says that strong boys do not cry. Most of the times restrictions for gender roles differ because of different cultural beliefs. What is accepted or considered appropriate in one culture or country is completely unacceptable in another culture or country. For example, in the United States, adult women are allowed to drive, they are allowed to join the army, while in some countries it is forbidden.

Also some religions they don’t think that a female can be a leader of a church for example being a pastor or a Bishop. In politics also, some cultures they do not want to be led by a female as they think that man can be better leaders than females. When people grow up they learn from their elders,  and some people tend to stick to what they only learn from their elders and not want to learn more and understand how today’s world is.  For example in my country, some people who live in  the countryside have less assess to social media, therefore, children  learn from their elders and they still believe that the role of a women in society is to have children and take care of the family whilist the husband goes to work and provide for the family. Unlike children who grow up having access to social media they are always updated and tend to understand how the world is changing. 2 1st-century beliefs about gender roles are different from the beliefs that people had in the 19th century. There is now gender balance, what men can do can also be done by females. Some of the most successful women such as Oprah have proved that.

The new doctor who female doctor Jodie Whittaker has also proven that people in the role don’t always have to tick the same box. Though the introduction of a new female doctor has led to fans of Doctor Who being divided as some fans says that the character has always been a man, therefore, BBC ruined the character by introducing a female in the role. Surprisingly some people started hating on the female Doctor before they have even seen how she plays the role, this is because of the restrictions that the society has when it comes to gender roles.

Speedster Who?

Jay, a speedster from Earth 2 once said, “There are consequences to time travel.” These consequences can be seen in most shows or movies about time travel. This theme of consequence is seen in the movie Back to the Future when Marty changes the past. Not only does this quote apply to the famous movie but it applies to The Flash and Doctor Who. In both shows, at least one episode shows that one major change to the past causes chaos and there are different worlds in the universe.

Consequences of time travel is one of the main components that relates a superhero drama to a science fiction drama. In The Flash, speedster Barry Allen goes back in time to save his mother from an evil speedster from the future. Since his mother lived, his father did not go to jail and he never goes to live with Iris and Joe. This changes his present day life majorly. A few episodes later, Barry gets to the point where he cannot handle his new life and ends up going back in time again to stop himself from saving his mother.


Then in Doctor Who, Rose decides to save her father from getting hit by a car. From there things go drastically wrong. First, Jackie sees Rose with her father and believes he is cheating again which leads to a fight between the two. Then time raves show up and start to make people disappear. Of course, the Doctor tries to save the day by getting everyone into a church. In the end, Rose’s dad decides to let a car hit him to save the day. That is one of the biggest consequences of all because now people believe he committed suicide instead of being killed in a hit and run.

Not only do consequences of changing the past relate the two television shows but the idea of different worlds does too. For starters, when Barry runs fast enough he can travel to a different world. The first world he ever travels to is Earth 2 where everyone has a doppelgänger. Barry is not the Flash, Caitlin and Cisco are evil meta-humans, and Star Labs is still up and running. The second world Barry travels to is Gorilla City where all the inhabitants are giant gorillas. Secondly, the Doctor and Rose travel to another world where everyone has a doppelgänger. Mickey is Rickey, Rose does not exist as a human, and there are cybermen. That is the only world, that I know of, that the Doctor travels to.


Now take a minute to think about the consequences if we could actually time travel, and play around with the possibility of there being different worlds/Earths. After you’ve done that ask yourself what would you if you could go back and change the past? And would you want to travel to a different world if it was possible?


Quote found here: http://www.buddytv.com/articles/the-flash/best-flash-quotes-from-paradox-61629.aspx


Diversity in Political Ideas

It goes without saying that many individuals were disheartened and angry when Donald Trump was chosen to be the incumbent president in November, myself included. As a woman and a scientist, the prospect that all the progress we as a society had made in recent decades could disappear in the blink of an eye was entirely frightening. The instance of such an event happened just hours after newfound President Trump gave his inaugural address: all occurrences of the words “climate change” were wiped away from government run websites. As I soon found out, this action made many others like me around the country incredibly upset, causing them to call out not only the Trump administration, but those who voted him into office.

However, while I found Trump’s act of deleting climate change entirely upsetting, my thoughts of anger were directed solely at Trump and his advisers, never those who voted for him.

The actions taken by those who were upset by Trump to reprimand and verbally abuse those who voted for him were, in my opinion, stooping to Trump’s level. Name calling will not change the minds of others. Maltreatment will not change the results of an election. And quite frankly, how can any individual become upset by the practices of another when they themselves turn and commit the same discrepancy, albeit in a slightly different form?

In a world where any thought that doesn’t match up with your own is considered reason for dismissal, the idea of attracting more flies with honey than with vinegar is one that we all seem to have forgotten. In my opinion, the best way to overcome the tension in our society today is through accepting diversity in all forms, part of which comes through diversity of ideas and backgrounds. While acceptance does not equate to agreement, it allows us to disagree respectfully, which is a skill we could all do better to exhibit.