Doctor Who Identity #2

The last post done from yours truly, it was about identities of the characters from Doctor Who and how a lonely Dalek (the last species of their kind) was lost as to who he should be; what his identity is. A recent episode I’ve watch however, reminded me of the episode Dalek once more and the identity about Dalek’s in general. The two episodes: Dalek and The Parting of Ways, both relate to one another of the struggle of identity.

From the episode of “The Parting of Ways” we discovered that the Dalek race has lived through the Time War thanks for the help of the Dalek Emperor. He then explains that by mixing dead human bodies with the little pieces left of the Dalek’s he was able to revive the Dalek race little by little. This little information is interesting because like Rose pointed out “wouldn’t that make the Dalek’s part human?” The Emperor denies this statement by getting rid of anything related to humans through the years that the Dalek’s control the human race.

As we know, its possible for Dalek’s to become part human because that’s what happened to a Dalek as he absorb a part of Rose’s DNA. We also know however, that this can drive a Dalek crazy in a whole other level; crazy to the point that a Dalek would commit suicide. This type of craziness can be seen as the Dalek’s tries to get rid anything human related. Even the Doctor points this out by stating the fact that the Dalek’s hates the stink of humanity, to the point that they hate their own existence. This is why they get rid anything human related, that way they’re not reminded that the Daleks are part human.

The Dalek’s tries anything possible to avoid their true identity despite their intelligence. The emperor has a mind set that they are pure Dalek’s and that he is God. Just the fact that he believes that he’s a God is prove that he’s part human more than he believes. The belief of a God in general, is a human believe that the Dalek’s didn’t had before. Basically, the Emperor and the Dalek’s in general are contradicting themselves to think that their not part human.


The Struggle of One’s Identity

Every living being from earth or even beyond the universe, has a identity. There are many types of identities that each of us holds value to or not even realizing having this type of identity. In Doctor Who (the TV show), identity is played or challenged to many times throughout the series. In one particular episode of Doctor Who, identity is strongly played that the audience discovers secrets about the Doctor. This episode will reveal a part of the Doctor’s secrets and the importance that identity plays in the episode.

In the episode of Doctor Who Dalek, the Doctor and his companion was ┬átraveling through time till they received a distance signal calling for help. The Doctor followed the signal and led him to a basement that contained alien artifacts from cross space that has landed on earth. One of these “artifact” that the people had discovered was a alien lifeform that was being held captive by the humans. This alien name is Dalek knows the Doctor and see’s him a moral enemy to his race. The Doctor acts hostile and tries destroy Dalek in anyway possible. Dalek escapes but ended his life in his terms.

In this scene, identity is strongly played by Dalek. Dalek identifies himself as a soldier that destroy anything that threatens his race. This type of identity is called National identity since he views himself as a soldier to his race. However the Doctor closes Dalek off by claiming the fact that he destroy all of his kind (in other words, he’s the only breathing alien of his race). After this, he becomes confused and depress throughout the whole episode of who he suppose to; his identity. At the end, he ends his own life in order to join his brother and sisters to the other side.

The Doctor struggles with identity as well in this episode. The who reason why the Doctor eliminate Dalek and his race was because he and his people are the one’s who destroy the Doctor’s people. That’s why the Doctor holds a deep hate to Dalek and avoids the fact that both Dalek and the Doctor are the only person of their race left. While most of the time, he has the identity of someone with great knowledge, this clip shows another identity that the audience hasn’t seen before from the Doctor; a identity of a lost, alone alien like Dalek. This is why the Doctor holds his companion very dearly to forget the fact that he’s “all alone.”



Diversity over Pizza and OJ

Being an international student, I had the honor to be a part of a group of people of different nationality, culture, family upbringing, major, religion, and personal interest. The fact Wartburg College has a small campus makes it even easier. Lunch and dinner conversations are always my favorite: everybody brings their own attributes to the table and because we have such different backgrounds.

One of my favorite conversations happened in Mensa was about wether an Indian friend of mine should be considered Asian. We went into great length to discuss what does it mean to be a part of that continent, is it just a place in which you’re born in? Is it the culture you grew up with? Is it the genetic traits you carry? Or is it even a combination of all of the above?

Which led me thinking, do I still count as a Chinese? I’ve been way from home since I was 15 years old. In the past 6 years, I’ve done my best to immerse myself in American culture: I’ve attempted Mac N Cheese multiple times(despite the fact I’m lactose intolerant); I’ve fell in love with Grey’s anatomy; I’ve witnessed two rounds of election; I’ve went on both hunting trip and youth religion camp; I’ve adapted to the use of OMG and LOL; I’ve been Americanized. I’ve grown into an adult in the American society and accepted it’s values. At this very moment, I might even be more fluent in English than I am Chinese. I’ve always prided myself as Chinese and I always will, but exactly how Chinese am I?

Who am I?