Good Doctor Who Fan Vid


The fan who made this video made it to appear as if it was for a Doctor Who movie. If I were to come into watching this video never hearing or seeing anything about Doctor who than I think I would have believed this was an actual movie trailer. The sound and visuals are very high quality and were very well spliced together to give off that movie trailer feeling. On top of the high quality splicing, they choose very good background music that fed into the movie trailer feeling by making the “movie” appear to be very dramatic.

There doesn’t appear to be a very strong plot throughout the preview however from what I could gather its a drama that examines the lives and the choices of the Doctor and his companions. With his companions it seems to come up with the question of why they choose to travel with him verse living a normal life. It says that we are always told to get married, buy a house, have children, etc. and that is a great life and so why would a companion risk that and choose to travel with the Doctor. The other person that it appears to involve is the Doctor and it talks about his life. It mentions that he has been doing this his whole life and asking why he keeps doing it. It then proceeds to imply that he is running from something and that he cannot run forever and that he will and must settle down. I believe this movie preview is meant to look at both end of the spectrum of life and that one person is breaking from the norm and adventuring out and the other one is breaking away from the adventure and entering a more normal life. However, none of this is the case for the true Doctor Who since this is a fan video and this is their spin on the Doctor.


Emic vs Etic

A key topic that is commonly missed when discussing diversity and the understanding and accepting of the diverse is the topic of emic vs etic; the former relates to an approach or of studying cultures or languages from its internal elements and how they function while the latter denotes an approach that studies society from an objective, nonstructural perspective. While these two ideas, more importantly emic, are most commonly associated with the study of societies, they are important factors that should be adopted into everyday mindsets as they can serve as an adequate basis for understanding and accepting the points of views of people from different backgrounds.

The importance of an emic point of view is that if we as a naturally fearful race of the unknown sought to understand the activities, traditions and simply the lifestyles of people who differ from us by for example simply talking to them the we will gain a better, more reliable image of them and their backgrounds. By doing this, by taking the effort to learn about a society from the member of that society then room for bigotry and racism would be greatly diminished because the first step to accepting the diverse is understanding it and to understand it you have to learn about it.


Olive, James L. (2014). Reflecting on the Tensions Between Emic and Etic Perspectives in Life History Research: Lessons Learned [35 paragraphs]. Forum Qualitative Sozialforschung / Forum: Qualitative Social Research, 15(2), Art. 6,

Are We Gridlocked Today?


The premise of season three, episode three of New Who was particularly interesting to me since it was based in a dystopian future on a planet called New Earth. Apparently, five billion years in the future humanity has not only survived but has moved to a planet many light years away.

Early in the episode we see the underground world that most of the people on New Earth live in. It’s like the “slums” of a bigger city and we find out there is a superhighway that people drive on for years at a time (some for their whole lives). As us viewers watching this episode here on “current” Earth, we see this New Earth scenario as ridiculous and far beyond anything conceivable in our lives today. However, are some of our lives really that different from the citizens of New Earth?

Most scenarios presented in Doctor Who should be taken for something more than their surface value. Even though it seems preposterous that anyone would drive for years on end, wasting their life, how many of us are guilty of simply going through the motions everyday and not truly seizing everyday as an opportunity for something new and exciting. Much like the people driving on the superhighway, it is all too easy to get comfortable in living the same way we have been for so long.

I think anyone can find himself or herself living this kind of life, but we, here on Current Earth, are at a disadvantage compared to the people of New Earth. We cannot wait for the arrival of the Doctor (or some other outside source) to enlighten our lives. We should all learn from the people of New Earth and break free of our own superhighways we might be stuck on.