Diversity in On My Block

*Includes spoilers

I have to say I am a huge procrastinator. As finals week approaches I have been going through Netflix TV shows like no other. There are TV shows that I liked and didn’t like. One that is now one of my favorites is On My Block. It is about four teenagers, Monse, Cesar, Ruby, and Jamal, coming into their freshman year of high school. Everyone one of us knows that everyone has problems in high school, although these kids’ problems are the worst I’ve ever heard of. This is one of the main elements that I found in this show; diversity in problems. The other main element is race.

Monse’s Problem:

Monse is fifteen year old African American female who is having problems with her love life. When she went away to camp for the summer Cesar told his brother and gang members that he slept with Monse. Even though it turns out to be true, Monse is angry because they agreed not to tell anyone. Cesar offends her and she gets super upset, but he comes to apologize later and they sleep together again. They both come to the conclusion that they want to be together, but Monse says they can’t tell their friends because it would ruin everyone’s relationships since they are like a family.

Cesar’s Problem:

Cesar is a fifteen year old Latino male who is having problems with his brother. His brother is the leader of a gang and he wants Cesar to join. Cesar doesn’t want to get mixed up in that because he has big dreams. He is bound to be part of it, though, because his whole family is in it.

Ruby’s Problem:

Ruby is a fifteen year old Latino male who is having problems with his family. His brother went to college, so he finally gets to have his own room. Four hours later he learns that he has to share a room with his grandmother. Later on, he gets his own room again then thirty minutes later he has to share his room with his brother and sister. He also has to wear a dress his grandmother is making. He is tired of not having his own space.

Jamal’s Problem:

Jamal is a fifteen year old African American male who is having problems with his sense of adventure as well as his parents. He is looking for buried treasure and follows a treasure map all over town. He never gives up even though things aren’t looking good. Then, his parents are big on him playing football. Jamal is scared of being hurt, so he quits the team. He doesn’t tell his parents because he is afraid they will get mad. Instead, he comes home with faked injuries every so often.


On My Block is a really great TV show, especially if you like drama.



The Doctor and Rose and back together

Rose was not happy that the Doctor left her behind when he moved to another companion. Rose took a lot of time to find a way to meet the Doctor again. After a long time of planning, she came up with the best solution to make him come back for her. The plan that the Doctor cannot run away from. The one that the smart Rose made.
Rose started to look around London to find something that makes the Doctor to come back to her. After weeks of looking around the big city, London. She found the place that she was looking for. The place was the London Eye. She chose wisely. The London Eye is located by the Thames River and attract people from around the world. As much as she hated to hurt people, her love to the Doctor was unstoppable. Thus, she worked days and nights to find a way to make the London Eye attract the Doctor.
After few months of planning, she finally came up with the plan to make the Doctor leave the new companion to be forever with her. Rose “The entire world cannot stop me to get my baby back”. She said that from the bottom of her heart. Rose also loves to help people, so she made the plan to balance between both. On a quiet night in the big city London, the world was not expecting what love can make into one of the most visited place in the world. Rose sneaked into the London Eye and started digging a hole next to the Eye. She did that for two years, and no one found out about her plan.
After the two years of making the big hole by the London Eye, Rose made a hole as large as the London Eye. Her plan after that was to invite the Daleks to live in that hole and make the city unstable. Yeah, Rose made all that to make the Doctor come back to fight them all. Not only to fight them, but also to come to be with her again. Smart Rose knew that the Doctor cannot leave those Daleks to hurt the city of London.
Daleks started to scare people in London and made them leave the center of the city. The Daleks were all over the center of the city and people no longer live there. TO BE CONTINUED

Longing for Rose

Image result for rose and the doctor final scene

As we all watched the traumatic ending of Rose and the Doctor, I can’t help but wonder the effects Rose and the Doctor left on each other. It is very interesting to think about because we never really saw the relationship side to them. We saw Rose travel with the Doctor and help him out, but it was never on another connection level. However, we saw other ladies come into the Doctor’s live and Rose’s jealously towards that. It makes me wonder what the directors and writers had in mind while writing their characters.

We also see Rose confess her love to the Doctor when she is standing on the beach while the Doctor projects his image to Rose. Just when the Doctor is getting ready to tell her he loves her back, he disappears forever.

I think this part is one of the most important scenes between the two of them. It is the most deep the two characters have ever gotten with one another and then it all just ends. It leaves us wanting more to happen between them.

We never hear from Rose again, but we see how much Rose affected the Doctor. He is always saying, “Rose would know what to do if she were here.” It is very clear how important Rose was to the Doctor after she leaves him. We, as the audience, grew a connection with the characters for it to just all end. I think this is by far, the best scene we have watched in Doctor Who.

Rose Tyler. All the feels.: