Meme Mania

As I was searching through a facebook group chat that has been made exclusively for memes, someone posted a meme about Doctor Who. I believe that memes are now an important part of people expressing their ideas and thoughts on a topic. Almost a subset or meta form of social media that can be turned into a picture and shared on other social media sites. As I thought about this, I googled “Doctor Who Memes” and scrolled through some of the memes. I will be going through different types of memes and how they relate to other topics.


This is the first meme I found in the group chat. This one is singularly related to Doctor Who and looks at the excitement of a fandom when they are referenced and cited somewhere else. This meme generally occurs in a comments section on social media and is the basic, silly, fun form of a meme. This meme is shown as a reference for how general memes can be and that they can be on the non-confrontational side of social media.


Opposite of that, this meme is the equivalent to the other meme but on the opposite, confrontational, side of some types of memes. People can use memes to express their political views through the filter of a show or topic. This can make people feel more comfortable or allow them to express themselves in a direct way without having to be verbally/textually direct such as typing their own Facebook post. These types of memes increase in popularity and frequency whenever there is a topic that is highly publicized. As an example, with the recent shooting in Florida, there are a lot of memes going around expressing opinions based on gun control. These type of memes allow for discussion of a topic that may be particularly harsh or hard to talk about and give it a softer filter for people to speak through or a harder filter to see so that writer can show the reader how they really feel.



Aside from general memes or political memes, there are memes that are pieced together to relate across fandoms and join them together to bond across fandoms. The first meme is related to Dungeons and Dragons and brings together those who are both in the Doctor Who fandom and the Dungeons and Dragons fandom, and then maybe bring some of those who are in one fandom but not the other to explore the other side.

The other meme is one that crosses fandoms based on the actor. David Tennant who was the tenth Doctor, and who appeared in the Harry Potter series. This also brings fans from both fandoms across to another fandom and exposes them to more information.


Overall memes are a form of social media that allow people to explore other fandoms, have difficult or open discussions, and allow the creator to share their own ideas in a way that is different than a post on Twitter or Facebook.

Harry Potter vs. Doctor Who


Have you ever watched something as a kid and then re-watched it when you were older? Did you ever notice things that you hadn’t noticed when you first watched it? One example of this for me would be the Harry Potter movies. When I first watched the Harry Potter movies, there were things that I never really thought that much about. However, re-watching them, I’ve noticed things like class (Weasleys vs. Malfoys), racial diversity (Cho Chang, Angelica Johnson, Patil twins, etc.), diversity in species (wizards, centaurs, muggles, elves, etc.) and many other things. I think that there are also several similarities between Harry Potter and Doctor Who.

In Harry Potter, there are several themes that occur within the movies. One theme that is often shown in the movies is differences in class. The Weasley family and the Malfoy family are great examples of class. The Weasleys are in what appears to be the lower class, while the Malfoys are in the upper class. Often times, the Weasleys struggle to pay for the school supplies for all of their children. They are also often seen hand-me-down clothing or clothing that appears sort of old and ragged. The Malfoys are seen with the best of the best clothing and having the newest things that come out. They also have house elves, which is a sign of wealth and power in the wizarding community. A second theme is the diversity in the cast. Although the movies and books are set in England, there are African-American students, Asian students, Indian students, and several others. Even though most of the cast is Caucasian, there is a diversity in languages, accents, location (Beaubaton and Durmstrang), attire, family status, and more. However, one thing that I have noticed is that even though the cast is racially diverse, they do not have very many lines. A majority of the lines are given by the Caucasian actors, such as Daniel Radcliffe (Harry), Emma Watson (Hermione), Rupert Grint (Ron), and others. The other cast members such as Alfred Enoch (Dean Thomas), Katie Leung (Cho Chang), Afshan Azad (Padma Patil), and others have little to no lines at all. While the movies did a good job of including a racially diverse cast, they could have expanded their roles. In class, comments about class in Doctor Who, especially in regards to the kind of clothes people wear, were similar.

Diversity in the species within the wizarding world is another big theme. The creatures range from dragons, house elves, goblins, and centaurs, to pixies, spiders, boggarts, and Dementors. However, these are not the only creatures in the magical world. One thing that I have noticed about some of the creatures is that there is not much diversity within the species themselves. The house elves, goblins, Dementors, and pixies that are shown in the movies appear to look similar to all the others in the species, with little to no distinction. A similar comment about Doctor Who was mentioned in class that some of the aliens do not have much diversity within the species (Daleks, Cybermen, Sycorax, etc.).


Some other fun facts/things about Doctor Who and Harry Potter are certain actors or concepts. For example, David Tennant, who plays the 10th Doctor, plays Barty Crouch Jr. in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. Zoë Wanamaker, who plays Madam Hooch in Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone, plays Cassandra in Doctor Who. There are many other actors that have been in both franchises. In regards to concepts, there are things like an object is bigger on the inside than the outside, time travel, flying, or one race is superior to the other. In the end, there are many things within the Harry Potter franchise that are similar to Doctor Who.

My Top 5 Favorite Doctor Who Memes

Since this is my last blog post, I thought I would have some fun.

One of the most universal forms of internet humor and fan culture is memes. As for any popular show, there is going to be memes making fun of the show or simply using an “inside joke” approach that only fans will understand. Not only are they funny, but with so many people online, they can spread quickly and become popular overnight.

For my entertainment (and hopefully yours, too), here are my top 5 Doctor Who memes:

#5: A summarized look at the Doctor


I found this meme to be funny because it’s entirely true. In the show, they make the Doctor seem so complex and mysterious, but in reality he’s just a heroic old guy who travels in a box with a screwdriver.

#4 Donna and the 9th Doctor 


This meme made me laugh instantly. How funny would it be to see these two together in an episode?  I feel like there would be a lot of yelling and confrontation. Both the 9th Doctor and Donna have such strong personalities that I’m pretty sure this match up would end in Donna leaving because she couldn’t handle him anymore.

#3 Toy Story Reference 


I thought this meme was cute. It could be because I’m a huge Disney fan, but regardless I think that the connection made is awesome. Also, the look on Woody’s face is so accurate.

#2 Okay, but really 


I understand that Doctor Who is a British show, but would it kill them to have more diversity in the cultural background of their characters? Even some of the aliens they meet have British accents, which is really odd if you think about it.

And a drumroll please… (thank you)

#1 My Doctor 


I hope you all find humor in this as much as I do. However, how unbelievably awesome would it be if Morgan Freeman was the Doctor? Racial diversity… check! Popularity around the world… check! A kick-ass actor that is full of himself… check! I really don’t see how this could get any better!