Mickey is not at all a Mouse!

Out of all the characters that we have met so far in our viewing, I have found Mickey to be one of my favorites. He’s funny, relatable, and oftentimes heroic, but due to the occasional portrayal of him as a clingy boyfriend who has nothing better to do then wait and hope for Rose’s return, he’s seen as lame or lacking in depth. I would argue, citing a few episodes, that Mickey is one of the more interesting characters with more depth than characters on the show and fans of the show give him credit for.

The first episode I would cite is one of the first episodes in the new series, “Aliens of London / World War Three”. In this two part episode, the Doctor and Rose discover a sinister plot by the Slitheen to launch the world into nuclear war. They disguise themselves as officials in the British government, and one such alien disguises himself as a police officer. When he reveals his true form and attacks Jackie in her flat, Mickey is there to rush in and save her from a gruesome death at the alien’s claws. Later on, Mickey is given access to government software and uses it to effectively stop the Slitheen by launching a missile at their gathering place using a British submarine. Mickey proves that he’s not just the bumbling boyfriend in this episode.

Mickey further proves himself in later episodes, especially when he eventually joins the Doctor and Rose on the TARDIS. In the episode “School Reunion”, Mickey’s first adventure with the Doctor, he plays a major role in taking down the Krillitanes by driving his car through the front of the school to orchestrate the escape of the trapped school children. Mickey saves them and is basically an action hero in the process. I think this is almost a turning point for Mickey, where he learns what he really is capable of.

Mickey only further expands on what he believes himself capable of doing in the two part episode “Rise of the Cybermen / The Age of Steel”. While he causes the problem initially by holding down a button for too long, he proves himself effective in solving the problem. We also see more character depth in Mickey than ever before with his visit to his parallel universe grandmother, who raised him and was very important to him. We find that she had recently passed away on the true earth, also. Even the Doctor and Rose agree that they often take Mickey for granted. At the end, he turns into a total action hero, much like his parallel universe counterpart, Ricky, when he pilots the blimp and saves Rose, the Doctor, and Pete from certain death in the burning building. Mickey is a hero in this episode and should be given credit for it.

Overall, Mickey seems to be, especially during the Ninth Doctor’s run, seen as a bumbling boyfriend who has nothing better to do than wait for Rose to come back. I would argue, however, that Mickey is an interesting character who brings a lot of depth to the show. We see ourselves in Mickey; he is fearful, but brave in spite of his fears. He is loyal and unwilling to give up on the people he loves. Mickey is certainly my favorite character right now, and I would hope that more people might feel the same.


Reviewing: Cybermen

As a first time Doctor Who fan, I had yet to meet the Cybermen, that was until season two of the new Doctor Who. The best part about being introduced to them was the episodes they were featured in, which just so happened to be ‘to be continued’ episodes! It left us with a major cliff hanger between the two episodes, which are entitled, “Rise of the Cybermen” and “Age of Steel”. Now, let me start with the first episode, in this awesome two-part story, “Rise of the Cybermen”. This episode was about Mickey, the Doctor, and Rose getting stuck in a parallel universe after the TARDIS blows up due to Mickey holding down the button that allows them to glide through the universe. However, before we see the TARDIS drop into a parallel world, we see the face of John Lumic and get slightly introduced to his plan of mass chaos. As soon as I caught onto what was going on, I knew the Cybermen were going to be involved and was so excited! This was mainly due to Professor Lindgren talking about the original villains which, in my opinion, are primarily the Daleks and the Cybermen. This was also exciting to me because it was the first time that I had gotten a glimpse of the Cybermen and let me tell you, they didn’t disappoint. Anywho, back to the episode recap, it continues with Rose and the Doctor splitting up from Mickey, while Rose and the Doctor meet Pete and Jackie Tyler of the parallel world, Mickey meets himself, Rickey. A few hours pass as Lumic sets up his Cybermen in their final positions while the Tyler’s have a big birthday bash for Jackie, where Rose and the Doctor are disguised as the help. The Cybermen interrupt the party by busting through the window and surrounding all guests, little do they know that Mickey and Rickey are outside following them. After a brief argument between the President and Lumic, the Cybermen kill the President and start to kill off all other party-goers, claiming they are “unfit” to be upgraded. Rose, Pete, and the Doctor escape the massacre by running through the broken window, but just end up surrounded by the rest of the Cybermen outside, who loudly groan, “Delete, delete.” But then Mickey and Rickey jump in and…don’t really help anything at all. This is where the episode ends with the Doctor stating that the group will volunteer to:


The next episode begins with the group escaping by jumping into Rickey’s van and making a clean get away, where they can now form a plan. This plan involves splitting up again and results in two deaths. The Doctor working with Mickey to get the code to give back the Cybermen’s feelings, which results in the death of all of them except Lumic, who has been forcefully upgraded by his minions, but gets thrown into the explosion when he tries to follow and kill the remain group members. After this all transpires in 24 hours the Doctor is able to restore the TARDIS’s light making time travel possible again. Mickey then breaks the news that he will be remaining in the parallel universe while the Doctor and Rose return home. The END!

All I can say after watching this episode is I believe it was the best way to introduce the new fans of Doctor Who to the Cybermen and give you some peace to the whole Mickey-Rose thing. As well as give you some insight into one of the many parallel worlds. Now let me leave you with my reaction after watching this two-part story:


As a side note: There’s another episode where the Cybermen AND the Daleks return and battle each other!! It was AWESOME! I’m totally digging all the villains in Doctor Who!