Gender Diversity

               One of the most recent things that I have noticed in social media on Doctor Who is the new #13 doctor who is a girl the actor, Jodie Whittaker, and all the uproar about her. Many people we very excited to see a women doctor for the first time in the series. I feel like it’s a really good idea since the world is changing and it’s not a male dominated series as much anymore and it has attracted a female audience. A lot of the supported took to social media, and when I looked on twitter about the gender dilemma there was a lot of people supporting the decision of the female doctor. It was not just female support though, there was a lot of guys supporting this. I think this is great of the community to support her because there has not been a bad doctor in my opinion and to assume this new doctor could be bad because it is a woman is a terrible use of judgment. Jodie Whittaker seems like a great choice for an actor because she has been in many movies and with as much experience as she has gotten from her twenty plus movies she has been in I think she will do great.

            Unfortunately, though there are a surprising amount of people who disagree with this choice of having a doctor be a female. Some of the comment I find very confusing, very inconsiderate, and self-centered. Some being that if a woman can be a doctor why can’t a horse be one and one saying that they ruined the show for them and their young song. First off, these comments by these people seem very unnecessary because you do not know how this doctor is going to be maybe she turns out to be your favorite doctor. I think many people that are not supporting this decision are just over reacting from shock that they are finally changing the show a little bit. I feel that this is a great chance for the Doctor Who series to become even more diverse from its original state. I am curious though as to who the doctor new companion will be, as in will it stay as a female or will they change to companion to a guy now that the doctor will be a girl.

Revisiting, and the End of an Old Hero

I would like to start by saying this is not the first time I have watched Doctor Who. I may not have gotten into the show as my brother did when he binge-watched what all was on Netflix before they took it off the U.S. servers. I did watch a few episodes of each doctor from 9th through 12th, but never an entire season. As Dr. Lindgren said in class, the first doctor you watch is usually your favorite, and that is very true for myself. Christopher Eccelston was a fantastic introduction to the Doctor’s universe. Since it was the reboot, they had to explain a lot of things over again because of the new audience, which really helped my understanding.

Next, I want to review the 9th Doctor’s final episode, as he was my absolute favorite Doctor. It was a brilliant send off for the doctor that essentially “regenerated” the series. I really like how the Doctor was faced with such moral dilemmas, before, during, and after Rose’s decision. The Doctor was being faced with creating an explosion to kill all the new-gen Daleks and their original generation emperor that somehow survived the Time-War. But at the exact same time, Rose was taking matters into her own hands as she, Jackie, and Mickey rip off a part of the TARDIS so Rose can look in to the heart of it. That in my opinion is the biggest plot hole thus far of the “New-Who”, however it does not make it a garbage episode.

The Doctor sends Rose with the TARDIS, facing certain regeneration either by previously mentioned way of him setting off an explosion, or simply getting killed by a Dalek. When Rose looks in to the heart of the TARDIS it is the stupidest thing to do. It did not need to happen. Being that she had the TARDIS, the Doctor would have found his way back to it after regeneration, thus still creating the reunion and start of season 2 in the same shape. She did not need to put her own life at risk by absorbing that power, and singlehandedly be the reason for the 9th Doctor to regenerate. Rose would have been better off waiting, not putting herself in harm’s way, and getting the Tenth Doctor after he regenerated from the other two outcomes. Overall, it was a good episode and introduction to David Tennant. I am very excited to continue watching future Doctors in our class!


I’m not crying… I just have something in my eye

Spoiler alert: the Doctor dies. Another spoiler alert: he comes back as David Tennant. (oh la la!)

Now this is the first time that I’ve seen Doctor Who. Watching the old who episodes I didn’t think that I was going to get so into the show. And going into the first season of new who I also wasn’t quite sure what I should expect. Would I like it more than the old who? Well one thing I especially didn’t expect was that I would get so close to the Doctor and feel so torn when the ninth doctor died.

I would say this especially surprised me when some of the episodes with the ninth doctor didn’t even take my attention that well. They would start off well and grab my attention, but as the episode went on I just lost interest. I would watch them for class, but honestly, I don’t think I would ever watch some of those again. It was hard to keep my attention to write down what was going on. Yet here I am at the last episode with Christopher Eccleston as the Doctor and my eyes start to tear up. I look over at my roommate (who is a huge fan of Doctor Who) and wonder how she has gone through this with how many doctors she has watched.

Doctor Who is a totally new experience for me. Yes, I’ve watched the occasional show about aliens, but nothing about aliens and time travel. It’s certainly different than things that I have watched before. I have gotten pretty sucked in. And boy oh boy will I still be sucked in with David Tennant. Especially since my tears got sucked RIGHT back into my eyes when I saw David Tennant. I always knew that the doctor regenerated, but it doesn’t seem true until you see it actually happen. Watching the episode in class with David Tennant as the Doctor got me pretty excited. It brought back in my excitement for Doctor Who. It drew me in and made me super excited for the tenth Doctor. Maybe this time I will be more prepared for when he regenerates, but probably not…

Diversity in Doctor Who

The long running television show, Doctor Who is not know for having too many diverse elements will on the air. Yes, Old Who does try to have some different backgrounds for some episodes but for the most part, the writers and casting directors failed miserably.  Old Who has gotten a lot of backlash for the lack of representation; however, this backlash was only given to the  Old Who writers  after years of the show being of the air. Why is this? Why does it take years for someone to speak up against the under representation of minority characters? During the time the first season of Doctor Who was air, which was in the 1930s, underrepresentation was a common feature for television programs everywhere, especially in America. Even though Doctor Who has always been a British television program, it probably would never get the proper airtime in America if there were minorities featured in the show, which is sad to say the least. Also, female representation was not a huge deal during that time period as well. For the most part, from what I have seen from Old Who, diversity was not a key factor in the production of Doctor Who. When the show started again, Doctor Who writers attempted to be more diverse through different writers, more female character(still no female Doctor), and even a racially diverse cast in many episodes. I believe this has a lot to do with the evolution of the Sci-Fi genre. Since Sci-Fi focuses more on space, aliens, science, and time there is not limit to who the character are. It is important for shows like Doctor Who to show more and more characters of all backgrounds. The idea of Sci-Fi focuses on being who you want to be despite being judged for it: the idea that everyone can be amazing. The Doctor Who fandom consists of people who come many kinds of backgrounds. The current Doctor Who should continue to strive for diversity because it means a lot to the fans.


The Doctor’s Age Jumping

While the Doctors are obviously going to change from time to time, all the Doctors on the reboot tend to have be showing a pattern when it comes their doctor selection. The 9th doctor was a little past middle age and the third oldest of the four new doctors. While he was old for the new doctors, he is probably considered young for the doctors in the old Who.

I believe the producers saw the response to the younger 9th doctor and decided to continue with the trend of an even younger doctor by choosing David Tennent to be the 10th doctor. While I my knowledge of reactions to doctors extends to that of our class, it would appear that many peoples favorite or top doctors is Tennent. Once again I believe that the producers saw this increased positive reaction to a younger doctor and took it one step further. The brought on the 11th doctor who is Matt Smith who is the youngest doctor to date and while I have heard people express that they do like Matt Smith, I have heard people make jokes about how young he is and that he is a “child”. A lot of this push back on the youth fullness of the doctor I believe comes from the “Old Who” fans who believe the doctor should be older. After some pushback however, I believe that the producers went ahead corrected heavily be choosing Peter Capaldi who is much older than any of the last couple of doctors.

While I haven’t seen any of the episodes with Peter Capaldi, I believe there are no relations with the doctor and anyone, unlike any of the other especially like Smith and Tennent. That is why I believe the that with the new doctor being selected they will go back to younger doctor so that they can incorporate that component back into the show.

The 9th Doctor’s Personality Pattern

From the few episodes of Doctor Who that I have seen, both old and new Who, it would seem that the 9th Doctor tends to show a pattern of personalities throughout episodes. In the beginning of episodes, the 9th Doctor appears not serious in the slightest bit and very goofy, this reminds of the old doctors very much. However, as the episode progresses the Doctor turns to a more serious character. While I have made this observation, it could also be said that as episodes progress the plot turns more serious and therefore requires a more serious Doctor. However, that does not discredit the continuous pattern that occurs with the doctor’s personality.

During the first episode in season 1, Rose, the Doctor is extremely goofy in the beginning for example when he is walking with rose and the plastic arm he acts very weird and is not serious whatsoever. Then later on in the episode when he is trying to find the main transmitter he becomes very serious and even slightly angry, even saying the human race are apes. This transition can also be seen in the second episode, The End of the World, when in the beginning he is laughing with Rose about what time to go to and is joking and laughing. Then as the episode progresses he becomes more serious and even ends up crying when his home planet is brought up. Him and Rose even get into a fight when he won’t tell her who he is, something that would never happen in the beginning of an episode. While this my analysis of solely watching a hand full of episodes, I am interested to watch the rest of the new Doctor Who series and see if this pattern in the 9th Doctor’s personality continues or changes as the show proceeds.

New to Who

As we are coming to end of the semester, I thought I would reflect on my feelings about Doctor Who now that I have seen so many episodes of the show. Before I took this class, I had never seen Doctor Who, so it was definitely all new to me. The Classic Doctor Who was a little difficult to enjoy at first. However, I did like the fist Doctor! I think the first episode I really like was “The Green Death”. There was a little bit of romance, which I love, and a bit more action.


I continued to enjoy most of the other Classic Doctor Who episodes, but I was very excited to start the newer episodes. I had a few friends who had told me about the newer seasons and about actors like Tennant and Smith. From their descriptions, it sounded like the show gained a lot more romance and action! They were definitely right. The 9th Doctor was okay, but I really started to like the show when I was introduced to Tennant. His goofy attitude on and off the screen was great. I also loved the connection between him and Rose.


Overall, I have enjoyed watching Doctor Who, but I’m not sure whether or not I will continue to watch it. The characters are great and the plot is intense, but it just isn’t my type of show. I’m glad I was able to be introduced to it, and I’m excited to be able to talk to my friends about it now that I actually understand what the show is about!