Gun Violence in America

Something that I have been noticing in the news a lot lately has been have been arguments about gun safety laws and protests all over the country protesting gun violence. One thing that I have noticed is that the news stations seem to take a bias toward the removal of guns which I have no problem with because in the manor that some of these violent acts happens with guns it appears that it needs to happen. Also, over Winter Break I had a couple conversation with my mother about the guns and everything that has been going on in the news and she also agreed there needs to be more gun control in our country. I on the other hadn’t think there could be improvements on gun laws and requirements but as to removing all guns a highly disagree with doing that.

            So, to me seems that everyone is picking sides either pro-gun or more gun control, for me I don’t see the point in picking sides because the second amendment will never be removed. As well as, people will never sop protesting and screaming for more gun control. There needs to be compromise on both sides if there ever will be any progress, but I find that hard to see anyone agreeing anymore. I didn’t necessarily grow up around guns but if shot them before and have a certain respect for them and would rather have them available then be taken away from the public. There are definitely other different forms of self defense than using a gun like mace or a taser, but at the same time if you have either of those and someone is armed with a gun and is threatening people you have no chance of rendering the guy disabled of shooting. Even though many people will not see one of these events happen in their lives is a satisfactory feeling for me to know I have a chance if it does happen to me.

            I have seen many people take to social media on this issue as well, but the most I have seen it on is twitter. There was a person on twitter that posted a picture of facts about guns in other countries and the leading causes of death of guns, and there were defending their opinion on keeping guns legal. I thought it was a good article partially because I agree with them but as other countries have shown in to not work by taking away guns completely.


Gender role is what society says its appropriate for male and females, including dress, behavior, hairstyle, speech, the way people walk or use their hands, and other different activities. When children encounter gender role restrictions that don’t make sense to them, they often conclude that they have a problem and begin monitoring themselves to make sure they don’t step outside the gender role considered appropriate for their assigned sex. For example, some boys try to hold back their tears as they go through tough times for example when their close relatives die, when they are heartbroken or when they are disappointed because the society says that strong boys do not cry. Most of the times restrictions for gender roles differ because of different cultural beliefs. What is accepted or considered appropriate in one culture or country is completely unacceptable in another culture or country. For example, in the United States, adult women are allowed to drive, they are allowed to join the army, while in some countries it is forbidden.

Also some religions they don’t think that a female can be a leader of a church for example being a pastor or a Bishop. In politics also, some cultures they do not want to be led by a female as they think that man can be better leaders than females. When people grow up they learn from their elders,  and some people tend to stick to what they only learn from their elders and not want to learn more and understand how today’s world is.  For example in my country, some people who live in  the countryside have less assess to social media, therefore, children  learn from their elders and they still believe that the role of a women in society is to have children and take care of the family whilist the husband goes to work and provide for the family. Unlike children who grow up having access to social media they are always updated and tend to understand how the world is changing. 2 1st-century beliefs about gender roles are different from the beliefs that people had in the 19th century. There is now gender balance, what men can do can also be done by females. Some of the most successful women such as Oprah have proved that.

The new doctor who female doctor Jodie Whittaker has also proven that people in the role don’t always have to tick the same box. Though the introduction of a new female doctor has led to fans of Doctor Who being divided as some fans says that the character has always been a man, therefore, BBC ruined the character by introducing a female in the role. Surprisingly some people started hating on the female Doctor before they have even seen how she plays the role, this is because of the restrictions that the society has when it comes to gender roles.

7 Things I Dislike About Doctor Who

  1. Regeneration

The fact that almost every season there is a new Doctor really upsets me. Just when I start to get used to the new actor they go and make him regenerate. Every time after a regeneration happens, I end up yelling at my screen saying “I LIKED THAT ACTOR!” Except for when Tennant went to Smith. I mean I loved Tennant but I liked Smith too.

  1. Daleks

Okay seriously, how are they not dead yet? After awhile the Daleks being the villains just got old. I know they are the Doctor’s biggest enemy but can they at least find some way to incorporate more villains. I mean with the Daleks it’s always the same, exterminate human kind.

  1. Treatment of the Ood

People can be so cruel. Watching the episode “Treatment of the Ood” I was cringing and could not believe what I was watching. It was horrible seeing how cruel humans can be. The Ood seemed like they were a nice species and did not deserve to be treated as servants. Helping others is always a good thing but it is not right to force someone to help others.

  1. Cassandra

You think Donna is annoying how about the “last” human? I did not like Cassandra from the being because she acted like she was the best being in the universe. The fact that she called herself a human when all she was, was a layer of skin. Not to mention that she was rude and tried to kill everyone on the spaceship during “End of the World.”

  1. Rose Stuck on Another World

Rose and the Doctor were supposed to be together forever. I honestly cried when 10 and Rose were first separated. How could they separate them and leave the Doctor all alone? Hasn’t he been through enough? Then leaving Rose with a half Time Lord, half human Doctor. Come on, he is not the real Doctor! Sure he looks, sounds, and acts like 10 but it is just not the same! Rose and the Doctor belong together!

  1. Angel Statues

The angel statues terrify me. I was brought up believing that angels are good beings who look after us. For example, Guardian Angels are a real. Then I watch Doctor Who and realize I can never look at a statue of an angel the same way again. I just do not understand how the creators could turn something so good into something so evil.

  1. Donna Not Remembering

I’m just going to start off by saying that Donna is my favorite companion. She was the first one from New Who, who does not have romantic feelings towards the Doctor. Because of that she became the Doctor’s true friend. It is sad how she has to forget a good friend, and she has to go back to her old life. Not to mention that the Doctor is once again alone which he does not deserve.

Re-watching Doctor Who

Re-watching Doctor who has been an interesting experience for me, I really enjoyed watching it as a middle schooler and a little bit into high school. I have not really kept up with it in recent years, but re-watching I have found a couple problems as I am thinking deeply about the episodes. Recently, I have been getting bored of the episodes at times they seem to be so repetitive. Some episodes seem to really follow a formula of something weird is going on, Doctor and companion show up, its some sort of alien, Doctor figures out how to fix the problem. This formula gets boring when it is repeated over and over again. I also tend to to find plot holes and things that don’t always make total sense to me. For example when the weeping angels are just chilling out they can’t look at each other ever, that would be so confusing and weird. How do they communicate? How do they reproduce? If they are on a planet full of them then how do they get around if it is busy, someone is always going to be looking at them even if not on purpose.

In re-watching the show, I do enjoy a couple of things, one being seeing the villains that I really like. For example, the Daleks are my favorite, so whenever there is an episode with the Daleks in it I get excited and enjoy the episode. I like how they talk to each other, they have a passive aggressive way of talking that can be really funny. I like the weeping angels, they genuinely scare me. The part in an episode where Amy looks at a video clip of an angel and she gets dust coming out of her eye and it becomes real, that is super freaky to me. The angels are a good example of a villain done well, they are super unique, and they are scary. I look forward to the newest season and seeing what they are going to do with a female doctor.

Did the film industry take a shower? Because its whitewashed.

Many of us know that tv shows and movies are often white washed. Angelina Jolie playing an African American woman. Emma Stone playing a half Chinese woman. John Bennet playing an Asian man. Honestly there is probably a list of hundreds of actors that have played someone not of their race.

In Doctor Who a major one is when John Bennet, an English actor, played an Asian man named Li H’sen Chang. Li H’sen Chang was supposed to be a stage magician. Also when watching the scenes with Li H’sen Chang there are many instances of racism. He is wearing quite a bit of grab and has a very awful and offensive “typical” Asian American accent. The episode as a whole has quite a few racist aspects to it. Is this because of the time or because of the director and writer?

There have been many instances here in America of white washing as well.

When Disney first came out saying they would be making a live action Mulan there was a lot of stir that they were trying to cast a white actor as the main male. This has now been confirmed as not true, but is this because of the backlash or was this the plan all along?

In the movie Drive Carey Mulligan played a character that was originally written for a Latina woman. The director felt that Mulligan was perfect for the part… even though she wasn’t Latina I guess… In the movie Whiskey Tango Foxtrot Christopher Abbott and Alfred Molina were both cast as Afghan characters. Last time I checked they were both white actors, but I guess they fit the role better than an Afghan actor.

Johnny Depp played as a Native American in the movie The Lone Ranger. He said that he has some Native American heritage, but honestly it isn’t enough for me. Johnny is still too white of an actor to be playing a Native American in a movie.

Honestly this list could go on and on. I found a ton when I was looking online to even spark this topic. This is something that has been happening for years. Looking at the past we could say that they have an excuse. It honestly was pretty racist back in the day and it was “better” for the companies to hire white actors and actresses. But now? We don’t have anything to say to explain this. Times are changing, but not fast enough in the film industry.

O’Connell’s blog post

Doctor Who Blog

I had never heard of “Doctor Who” before I started this class. Being honest I only signed up for this class because it fit my schedule nice. After my first initial showing of the older series, I was confused only seeing sections of the old series. It definitely was not my thing. It seemed very childish and honestly annoying. As we got into the newer episodes it was still rather annoying to me but less childish. The ideas and theme in the newer episodes of Doctor Who confused me. In WWIII when pigs took the skins of humans did not make sense to me but yet, I am not used to watching science fiction is not my thing. As a history major, I do like when the doctor and his companion go back in time. The incorporation of history keeps me more interested in the show. The show as a whole I would have to give a four out of ten. Although I was not a big fan of the show, there are some aspects that I did enjoy. It keeps you on your toes as you follow the story. There are also very slow aspects of the show. It has the drama part of the show that slows down. If it had less drama more history I might watch it in my free time. All in all the show has some interesting aspects but in total these shows are directed at a specific audience and I am not of them. As far as diversity is concerned I see a little diversity within the show. The most important role I see diversity playing in “Doctor Who” is the role of females in the show. In “world war III” there were females that played prominent roles in the government of Britain. Within shows, you see the typical government official as a larger male in a suit. This had that represented but also the diversity within the British Government.