Diversity and Relationships in Dr. Who

Coming into this class, I wasn’t sure what to expect. I had heard of the Dr. Who tv show before, but hadn’t seen it. A relative of mine gave me a small overview about the Dr. Who, but after watching the very first episode of Dr. Who I realized that they completely mislead me. Somehow they had gotten it into their heads that Dr. Who was almost the equivalent to the Sherlock Holmes tv show. I was a little bummed that it wasn’t going to be more of a detective show, but I thought I’d give it a try anyway.

As I continue to watch Dr. Who I have grown to like it overall as a show, but I think the diversity in relationships are some of the most interesting parts to watch, especially between the main characters. In the beginning first episode, Rose and Mickey were shown as being in a very strong relationship, but that changed the minute she met The Doctor. At the end of that episode, Rose decided to leave Mickey to go off with some odd, random man she had only just met in a time travelling police box. Rose didn’t look like she had any regrets when she stepped into that police box either. Poor, poor Mickey.

Rose and The Doctor got closer and closer as the first season went on. Eventually, their closeness lead to a kiss at the end of the season. Although, between the first and last episodes, Rose would get back together with Mickey when The Doctor and her would come back to Earth. It was interesting how easily she switched between the two. It was also interesting how neither Mickey nor The Doctor seemed to care one bit.

Another relationship including The Doctor and Rose (not together) is both of their relationships with the Daleks. The Daleks absolutely hate The Doctor and The Doctor absolutely hates the Daleks. Their relationship is fighting and death all of the time. On the other hand, Rose’s relationship with the Daleks, more like with one of the Daleks, is completely different. One of them actually started to care a little about her. It cared enough not to kill her, which was amazing because they kill or destroy pretty much everything.

Side note: When Captain Jack Harkness came into the picture, Rose quickly turned her attention to him, seeming to forget about The Doctor and Mickey.

The Doctor and Rose and back together

Rose was not happy that the Doctor left her behind when he moved to another companion. Rose took a lot of time to find a way to meet the Doctor again. After a long time of planning, she came up with the best solution to make him come back for her. The plan that the Doctor cannot run away from. The one that the smart Rose made.
Rose started to look around London to find something that makes the Doctor to come back to her. After weeks of looking around the big city, London. She found the place that she was looking for. The place was the London Eye. She chose wisely. The London Eye is located by the Thames River and attract people from around the world. As much as she hated to hurt people, her love to the Doctor was unstoppable. Thus, she worked days and nights to find a way to make the London Eye attract the Doctor.
After few months of planning, she finally came up with the plan to make the Doctor leave the new companion to be forever with her. Rose “The entire world cannot stop me to get my baby back”. She said that from the bottom of her heart. Rose also loves to help people, so she made the plan to balance between both. On a quiet night in the big city London, the world was not expecting what love can make into one of the most visited place in the world. Rose sneaked into the London Eye and started digging a hole next to the Eye. She did that for two years, and no one found out about her plan.
After the two years of making the big hole by the London Eye, Rose made a hole as large as the London Eye. Her plan after that was to invite the Daleks to live in that hole and make the city unstable. Yeah, Rose made all that to make the Doctor come back to fight them all. Not only to fight them, but also to come to be with her again. Smart Rose knew that the Doctor cannot leave those Daleks to hurt the city of London.
Daleks started to scare people in London and made them leave the center of the city. The Daleks were all over the center of the city and people no longer live there. TO BE CONTINUED

Rose, Mickey, and a bit of relationship advice

Rose and Mickey have an interesting relationship that causes quite a bit of stress for the both of them. Both have deep affection for one another but they are each searching for something more. They are tied to each other by their circumstances and past, but sometimes they realize that they are becoming very different people.

Rose wants adventure, excitement, and spontaneity. She wants to wake up each day and have a new experience every day. She is a wandering soul that will never be satisfied with a quiet life of the same thing day to day. If there is danger, she will be there in a heartbeat.

Mickey wants safety, comfort, and stability. He would love to repeat the same routine for the rest of his life and never think twice about it. Mickey needs to feel protected by having the security of a significant other to empathize with his life struggles. When Rose leaves him to go on adventures with the Doctor, Mickey feels abandoned and hopeless. After some time of being gone, Rose returns to find that Mickey has started seeing someone else. This is a turning point in their relationship because they both grasp that if things are not going to change, the two will be at the end of their relationship. They both have to decide which life they want to live and what they are willing to sacrifice. Rose decides to bring Mickey along on her adventures, which isn’t sacrificing much, but Mickey goes a ways out of his comfort zone again for Rose to help the Doctor, Rose, and Jack defeat the Slitheen. This shows Rose how much Mickey cares for her, but in the end it may not be enough to hold them together.

In my opinion, this is how a lot of relationships end. In life, we only look at our side of things, but someone else could be going through so much more than what shows on the outside. It is important to keep an open mind. The moment we are not willing to compromise on issues in the relationship is the moment the battle is already lost. One person can only do so much to keep the two together, and sometimes we have to look at how it is affecting us personally. Mickey will always come running to Rose because he is so in love with her, he would do anything for her. I feel like this relationship is doing more harm than good for him, and he will be a happier person if he just lets Rose go. The hardest part is realizing that sometimes we are not the best thing for the one’s we love.

Emic vs Etic

A key topic that is commonly missed when discussing diversity and the understanding and accepting of the diverse is the topic of emic vs etic; the former relates to an approach or of studying cultures or languages from its internal elements and how they function while the latter denotes an approach that studies society from an objective, nonstructural perspective. While these two ideas, more importantly emic, are most commonly associated with the study of societies, they are important factors that should be adopted into everyday mindsets as they can serve as an adequate basis for understanding and accepting the points of views of people from different backgrounds.

The importance of an emic point of view is that if we as a naturally fearful race of the unknown sought to understand the activities, traditions and simply the lifestyles of people who differ from us by for example simply talking to them the we will gain a better, more reliable image of them and their backgrounds. By doing this, by taking the effort to learn about a society from the member of that society then room for bigotry and racism would be greatly diminished because the first step to accepting the diverse is understanding it and to understand it you have to learn about it.


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The Companion’s relationships


Through watching the New Who series it has been very evident that the companions of the doctor have had interesting relationships with other humans. In almost every instance the companion’s previous relationship or current relationships are almost always interracial. Now before I get hammered with “what about Amy and Rory” I would like to point out that Amy is Scottish and Rory is English. They are the closest to the same ethnicity as any of the companions and their relationships. Starting with Rose the beloved and I would like to say it hurt me a little when she was gone but her “boyfriend” Mickey before and during her excursions with the doctor was obviously a different race than what she was. He being Black and Rose being White. It is not odd for there to be relationships with someone of a different race but it does seem odd that It has become a theme throughout the New Who series. Then we see Martha who is only interested in being more than friends with the Doctor who was and has always been white. Even Donna here husband that she was going to marry was “black” and she was white. This now has turned from a coincidence to a trend. Now we learn that Donna was just tricked by her would be husband because he was promised by the spider-like alien that lived in the middle of the earth to be saved when the end of the world comes. Now we come to the most current companion that has been available is Clara Oswald. We first meet her in the body of a Dalek in the episode Dalek Asylum and she saves the Doctor by clearing the memory of him throughout the Daleks. We later learn that this is just because Clara jumps into the Doctor’s timeline and is seen all through the history of the Doctor. But that’s not what we need to talk about now. Clara’s main love interest throughout her time with the Doctor is Daniel Pink and guess what. He is also black while Clara maybe having a dark complexion is white creating this yet broken trend of the companions having interracial relationships. I have said it before that this is not a bad thing but it is something that I wanted to point out. The final piece I wanted to throw in is that River was Black at one point in her regenerations to bring up the question. Will the Doctor ever be Black? Thus continuing the trend of interracial relationships throughout the show.