Rose Tyler’s Costuming Makes Complete Sense

Costuming is so important to a character because it shows who they are in ways that maybe other ways couldn’t. Think about Rose Tyler’s costuming for a moment. It’s pretty casual, isn’t it? Although occasionally she gets a nice outfit here and there, Billie Piper’s costuming in the Doctor Who episodes typically includes baggy pants, plain shirts that don’t usually match the rest of her outfit, and thin, 2005 zip-up hoodies.


It’s amazing how much clothing can tell us about a person in a television show or a movie. Before we even knew anything about Rose as a character, we could likely tell that she isn’t very wealthy, and that she doesn’t dress like she expects much out of her day.

If you think about who she really is as a character, it makes a lot of sense why she’s dressed the way that she is. She lives a simple life with her mother working a simple job at a shop, and dates a boy named Mickey Smith. Her outfits are consistently casual throughout almost all episodes that she is in, even when her lifestyle gets more exciting and she spends most of her time with the Doctor. Perhaps they stay the same to reflect back on where she began so we are reminded where she started and who she has always been as a character.

Rose’s costuming definitely isn’t for impressing the audience, but is rather a way to be as real to the audience as possible about what kind of a person she is. She is somewhat a girly girl, but she is also unafraid of getting her hands dirty, thinking through difficult situations, and ultimately completing very important tasks that save the world in several episodes.

Comparing Rose’s clothing to Martha’s, Martha’s outfits are much more professional than Rose’s. Since she is an upper-class med student, her costuming looks are more polished and put together. She typically wears a brown leather jacket, bootcut jeans, and heels. Unlike Rose, she had a path that she was following for her life, and she had goals to become a doctor before meeting the Doctor (ironic, I know). Rose really wasn’t going anywhere before she met the Doctor.

Martha’s clothing involves dark colors that represent professionalism, while Rose’s clothing includes dull colors, and sometimes brighter, more youthful colors. Some of these clothing choices are even reflected in Rose’s mother’s wardrobe of bright sweatpants and matching jackets as well as big scrunchies and creative jewelry. Rose’s clothes are practically a more downplayed version of what her mother wears, which is far from professional.

Overall, costuming can be very effective and helpful to viewers to find out more about who characters are before their story even begins.



My Unpopular Opinion

When I first joined this class, I honestly had no idea what Doctor Who was. I came into it with an open mind and with hopes of finding a new show to binge outside of my comfort zone. However, this was not the case. I have discovered that sci-fi is not my cup of tea and found the show to be very cheesy. That is, until Martha Jones was introduced.

Let me start by saying, I hate Rose Tyler. She drives me absolutely nuts and I find her very annoying. I didn’t realize how much I disliked her until Martha Jones came into the picture. Martha stands her ground and isn’t the damsel in distress that we know Rose to be. Though Martha is very forward about her feelings toward The Doctor, I believe she makes it clear that she is still an independent woman. Not to mention she is a perfect representation of this class’ primary focus, she is diverse because of her race.

I must say I was disappointed in the way the writers handled this issue particularly in the episode, The Shakespeare Code. Martha definitely should have been worried about walking around freely during this time period. I’m not sure if the writers were just too lazy to find a way to address this issue, were blinded by their own privilege, or thought it would provide a bit of comedic relief. Hoping it wasn’t the later and either way, I’m not laughing. Racial discrimination is STILL a serious issue and I believe the writers should have used their platform to discuss it, or at least been more historically accurate about it.

I’ve read a lot of bad things about Martha and I think the main reason people hate her is because Rose shipped with The Doctor first. Who’s to say it wouldn’t be the other way around if Martha had came into the picture during the first season of the new who? Also, Martha was unaware of The Doctor’s relationship with Rose. People shouldn’t hate her for trying to “steal” him away, if anything we should just acknowledge the fact that The Doctor gets around. (I mean, he’s been around for hundreds of years, how could you be tied down to one person? Not to mention there were MANY other female companions before Rose.)

Overall, Martha has resurrected the show for me. She is a female character I can actually relate to. She is very intelligent and strong willed, and I admire her for that. Though I don’t necessarily ship Martha and the tenth Doctor, I do find her much easier to stand than Rose.

Diversity within the Characters

Diversity is often a concept that people shy away from. Why is that? Why is everyone worried about being different? Or are people worried about not being the same? Which one? Are people more worried about standing out or not being able to fit in? In Doctor Who, “the doctor”, is the perfect example of not caring about being different. He knows that is he not alike anyone in the world and he embraces it. He enjoys being different and embraces it. He shows his love for diversity throughout the episodes that I have watched. He himself deals with a lot of diversity while traveling through space. He meets a lot of different creatures and aliens while traveling ahead in history. Therefore, if he had a negative attitude towards diversity, he would no longer time travel. He would not like meeting those who are not human.

Another character that embraces diversity is Rose. Majority of people who just meet a man who is offering to time travel with him would not take the offer. She was willing to grow a friendship with him and take the chance of time traveling. She knew nothing about this man and she still took the chance. She also meets creatures along with “the doctor”. Majority of the time, she is open to the thought of diversity when meeting these new non-human creatures. She sometimes seems a little skeptical towards them in the beginning, but as the episodes progress, I can tell that she starting to become more open. Being with a man who time travels, you must be open to trying new things and being okay with diversity. Going forward in time, you could possibly meet people who are not like you. You might not like everyone that you meet, but you need to be willing to embrace the differences and get to know them. “The doctor” does a very good job of looking past the creatures’ physical features and gets to know their personality. He knows that they are different, but he considers that he probably seems different to them also. He takes into account that he is traveling into their time frame, therefore he cannot judge them because they are considered normal in that current time. This is a huge reason why he doesn’t judge others and embraces difference, because he does not know what normal is. Surprisingly, none of us know what “normal” is. Therefore, we should all embrace difference among ourselves. Love not hate.

Oh Captain, My Captain

I have been a fan of Doctor Who for several years, but haven’t actually seen that many seasons, so being forced to sit down and watch the first season of the rebooted series was really nice, and stirred up a lot of emotions. I’ve never really been a hard-core fan, it was more of a family activity to watch Doctor Who. But I got into it late, during Matt Smith’s run, and have only watched a select few episodes of the seasons before him. I had only seen maybe half of an episode of season 1, so the 9th doctor was fairly new for me. As I went through the season I felt more and more attached to him, and was really sad when he regenerated, though I was also excited to see Tennant as the doctor, because I have often heard that he’s the best.

The character I love the most in the first season is Captain Jack Harkness. Bisexual and pansexual characters are hard to come by in the media even today, and bi/pan men are represented even less. So I was excited about Jack’s character right off the bat. It’s fun to see how smooth he is with everyone he meets, and he is this confident, fun character most of the time. But I also love that he cares so much about people and especially about Rose and later the doctor. He may be a rogue, but he put his life on the line multiple times to right a wrong or to save others.


You also get to see just how much he cares in episode 12, “Bad Wolf,” when the doctor and Jack believe that Rose was disintegrated. This was probably the most heart-wrenching scene in the entire season for me. I knew that she wasn’t really dead, because I knew that she was still a companion in the next season, but watching the Doctor shut down because he thinks she’s dead and it’s his fault, and similarly watching Jack scream at the programmers that they killed her and breaking down after several episodes of only really seeing his confident devil-may-care persona, it was just such a moment. I had to pause the episode to take that in while I was watching it.

I’m actually pretty sad and mad that the doctor and Rose left Jack in the last episode of the season, and it’s not addressed after that, as if we’re just supposed to be okay with it. To be fair, I don’t think Rose remembers that she brought him back to life, and the doctor has no idea. So I’m not mad at them. I guess I’m mad at the writers. But I suppose they were setting up for Torchwood, which I’m definitely going to watch. I just wish Jack was in the second season traveling with Rose and the new doctor. I read that he doesn’t return to doctor who until season three, when Martha is the companion. I’m not ready to see the look on his face when he realizes that he won’t see Rose again.

Diversity in Mindsets

Something that I have especially noticed as I continue to watch the Doctor Who episodes is how the characters’ mindsets have a way of connecting as well as differentiating themselves from one another.

First, there is the simple difference between the intent of bad and good. It is obvious that characters such as Cassandra and the Daleks primarily have the intent of doing bad, which typically includes destroying the world and those in it. On the other hand, there are those who always strive for good. For example, the Doctor and Rose always intend to do good and save the planet as well as each other because they know how to do what’s necessary to protect the future. Rose’s mother as well as Mickey also possess good intentions, but for more selfish reasons than the intentions of Rose and the Doctor.

Jackie Tyler cares quite a bit about personal belongings and what makes her feel good. In the episode, “Rose”, Jackie went shopping and was completely unconcerned with the troubles that Rose was facing. When Rose tried to explain to her what was happening, she was in her own world that consisted of shopping and doing things for her own benefit. In the episode, “The Christmas Invasion”, when Jackie, Rose, and Mickey take the unwell Doctor into the TARDIS to hide, Jackie took several bags filled with unnecessary personal belongings, causing her to be at risk of missing the TARDIS altogether. She risked her safety for her personal belongings, which says a lot about her personality. She ultimately cares a lot about Rose, but she can be so distracted by her selfish ways at times that she appears to not care about her own daughter. I know if I were a caring mother, I wouldn’t allow my daughter to travel through time and space with some strange Doctor.

Mickey, on the other hand, cares about Rose a little too much. He’s always counting on Rose coming back for him someday and staying on Earth to be with him, but she wants to continue her adventures with the Doctor because she feels that her adventures give her more purpose than anything on Earth ever will. Mickey is now slowly realizing how much Rose loves the Doctor and is becoming less selfish about her, but I have a feeling that his feelings toward Rose will ultimately never change. He wants Rose for his own, but she cares about the Doctor too much to leave him for Mickey.

The mindset that has changed the most drastically throughout the show so far is definitely Rose’s. She began the first episode just as confused as every other human about why there were strange mannequins walking around killing people. Now, she is one of the smartest and most educated on why these strange things occur. When the Doctor introduced himself to Rose for the very first time, she was utterly confused by the term “Doctor” and didn’t understand who he was or why he didn’t have more to his name. Now, she has completely accepted that he is simply “The Doctor”, and puts a great deal of trust in him as she always has. Rose has also become virtually fearless in situations where she could potentially lose her life, but I feel as though that is perhaps a trait she has always possessed, but is more prominent now in her circumstances.


Doctor Who, but WHY?

I began this class with a preconceived dislike of Doctor Who. This was simply because my best friends in high school were all overly obsessed with Doctor Who. This drove me completely insane and caused me to become annoyed when they spoke about this amazing Doctor. I would tune out the numerous stories about the diverse adventures he went on with his very different companions. I would get so angry that they were talking about this series that I would get up in the middle of the conversation and walk the other way. As you could have guessed I have always been a “late bloomer” when it comes to the latest fads. Many examples include setting up Netflix and Snapchat accounts, downloading Trivia Crack, or Flappy Birds, and even buying a fidget spinner. Thus, leading me to jumping on the Grey’s Anatomy bandwagon years too late. And now causing me to jump onto the Doctor Who bandwagon over fifty years too late.

This revelation has taken me quite a while to admit out loud because of my long-lasting hatred of Doctor Who. It took me through the whole first season and watching the regeneration of the Ninth Doctor into the Tenth Doctor and 3 days after that season finale to finally admit that I enjoyed watching Doctor Who. Another reason it took me so long to come to this realization was because the first season of the new Doctor Who started out slow obviously with the many (re)introductions of all the characters from Daleks and Cybermen, all the way up to the Ninth Doctor and his companion Rose, whom audiences were meeting for the first time.


However, it eventually pulled me in, especially when I realized that there was a bit of romance blooming between Rose and the Doctor. Every single time that I was watching an episode I would be rooting for a kiss, although I know that this romance had some backlash when it was first release. But I am someone that likes a bit of drama, I really liked the flirtatious chemistry between the two and I am ready for season two and finding out if the regeneration causes a shift in the obvious chemistry between Rose and the Doctor and to obviously follow their many new adventures.

Now let me send you off with one of my favorite quotes from season one and a meme to describe how much I, now, enjoy watching Doctor Who. My quote occurred in the second episode of the first season and happens when the Doctor is avenging the death of his friend, Jabe, by letting Cassandra dry up and die (or so we think). The Doctor says, “Everything dies, everything has their time.” I think he should have restated this when he was getting ready to regenerate because it was such a good and emotional line. I believe that is why I was so stuck on it when I was watching this whole season. Now on to my meme, which describes how I have recently jumped on the Doctor Who bandwagon:


Saying goodbye to Martha :(

Throughout the series and episodes that I have watched during the course of this term I fell in love with Martha.  Literally from the Shakespeare episode I knew that i liked her more than Rose.  I realize that this is not a popular opinion nor realistic to many long time fans of the show due to the large role she had to follow up.  Rose was probably the best character to continually pull attention to and hook the audience due to her love for the Doctor and his eventual love for her.  The sob story stuff was a hit to everyone except me.  I hated Rose, she treated Mickey like crap, left her mom stranded alone and only cared about herself throughout time and space.  Too often she abandoned Mickey and others to follow her interest in the Doctor and would do anything for him.  Including look into the heart of the TARDIS.  Probably the worst way to end the suspenseful BAD WOLF thing they had going btw…  After she goes away (finally) they had to introduce a new female character to accompany the Doctor and continue tradition.  Luckily the producers had their heads on straight and decided to included a person of color as the main companion to the Doctor.  Martha to the rescue! In her to short of time on the show ,in my opinion, she was able to rationally change the Doctor and his perspective on many things.  Donna even says that she did him some good.  I hate Donna too by the way.  Only because shes loud and not Martha :-).  Martha brought a lot to the table and helped progress the story-line.  Most notably her addition to the racial diversity of the cast but also the long consistent flow that seemed to develop with Rose.  She loves him, he loves her but doesn’t show it well, he’ll do anything for her, has to save her… blah blah blah.

At the end of the day I feel that Martha Jones did the Doctor a lot of good and opened his eyes a little bit into how he affects the companions during and after he leaves them.  She didn’t let herself get stuck in the loop and continue to follow the Doctor like a puppy but rather made the grown up decision to help her family and stay at home.

Basically whenever a new character is introduced I am less and less excited because it isn’t Martha and all i want is for her to come back and have more adventures with the Doctor. 😦