Diversity in Doctor Openings

For my fourth blog post entry, I want to focus on diversity in the openings of the New-Who Doctors.

Christopher Eccelston brought needed update with his openings, right along with the show. The song playing during his is almost identical to the very first opening of William Hartnell. As you can see below the colors are appealing to look at. Eccelston’s opening begins with a spinning TARDIS going down some sort of vortex, presumably a time vortex tunnel. After a few seconds it stops, the camera does a slow motion pan around the TARDIS, and then the TARDIS zooms down a different colored time vortex. Lastly, there is a football shape cut out with the words Doctor Who on it, with shines on it. To fade out the opening theme it would then show the title of the episode with the writer at the time (mostly Davies.) It truly is my favorite opening of any New-Who Doctor.

Screen Shot 2018-03-19 at 3.52.19 PM

Next, are David Tennant’s openings. I do mean openings because after two seasons he got a slightly modified one to end his tenure as the Doctor. Tennant’s first opening was essentially the same as Eccelston’s. Really the only difference was the name that appeared first for the cast list. David’s second opening had a darker blue feel, and the music turned more hard rock ish, but still the same overall melody. The TARDIS still was spinning and jumped vortex tunnels around the middle point of the theme.

Screen Shot 2018-03-20 at 8.28.09 AM

After David Tennant, we have Matt Smith’s openings. Again, he has two distinct openings we can look at. First, his opening uses similar music to the second one of David Tennant’s. However, now the time vortex doesn’t look as vortex-y as a time vortex should be. I still like the first one though, because it appears to be a storm cloud and lightning bolts zapping out occasionally. If one pays close enough attention they can see a lightning bolt hit the TARDIS and momentarily paralyze it from moving. Smith’s second opening is where I start to lose interest in the openings. The music stays mostly the same, however now there is a huge cluster of colors and no real vortex that the TARDIS travels down. The Doctor Who logo is now just words over no cut out as the previous two Doctor’s had.

Screen Shot 2018-03-19 at 3.54.51 PM

Screen Shot 2018-03-19 at 3.55.06 PM

Lastly, is Peter Capaldi’s opening sequence. While there is an Easter egg thrown into it, it still is my least favorite. One reason it is my least favorite is the slow pace of the motions of what it does show. This sequence shows clock gears whirring, roman numerals I-XII spiraling around, and then a weird liquid-y vortex of some sort. It just is not very fast paced or as visually pleasing as I liked the previous ones.

Screen Shot 2018-03-19 at 3.55.42 PMScreen Shot 2018-03-20 at 8.30.47 AMScreen Shot 2018-03-19 at 3.56.12 PM

Doctor Who Wedding

As someone who is in the middle of planning a wedding, I thought it would be interesting to see what is out there for a Doctor Who themed wedding. Let me tell you, there is a lot. Simply searching the phrase ‘Doctor Who wedding’ on Pinterest brings up ideas galore. Then if you want to search for specific items, even more ideas pop up.

First, you must have a way to invite people to your wedding.

Invite 1


There are tons of ideas for Doctor Who themed wedding invitations out there. From ones of the TARDIS, to ones using Circular Gallifreyan, to ones with quotes from the show. You will not be short on ideas for these.


Table decorations are next on the list of wedding items some may want to include in their wedding planning.

Flowers 1

Once again, you will not be short on ideas here. There are ideas on the more complicated side, such as this one, or there are much simpler ideas such as sunflowers in a blue vase (a reference to the episode “Vincent and the Doctor”), and everything in between.

And while we’re looking at flowers, you can’t forget the bride’s bouquet.

Bouquet 1

The most popular idea, by far, is to incorporate a sonic screwdriver into the bride’s bouquet. Then out of those bouquets with a sonic screwdriver in them, most of the time they were used as you see here, as the base part.


Now for the cake. Everyone loves a good cake.

Cake 1

There are so many ideas for a Doctor Who themed cake on Pinterest. Granted, some of the ones that came up in my search were birthday cakes or not specifically wedding, but you could turn them into a wedding cake with a few minor adjustments. There were also a lot of fandom crossovers on the cakes like with Doctor Who and Star Wars for example.


The happy couple often have their own set of Mr. and Mrs. glasses at the reception, and there are some different options out there for Doctor Who fans.

Glasses 1

These glasses were one of the first to pop up, but there were also glasses that read “Timelord” and “Companion,” “I love you with both my hearts,” or simply had images of the TARDIS or different characters on them.

If you have cute glasses, you’re going to need something to go in them.

Drink 1

This idea came up when I was searching for a different item, but it went perfectly with the glasses above so I had to include it. There’s even some Daleks on the back wine bottle.


Last, but not least. Could anyone really have a Doctor Who wedding without a TARDIS?


I think a TARDIS is definitely needed. There are many DIY ideas out there for making your very own TARDIS, and it is a great addition to any event, especially a Doctor Who wedding.


There are tons and tons of other Doctor Who wedding ideas out there and they are perfect for any dedicated Whovian that wants to show their love of the show on one of the biggest days of their lives.


Reviewing: Cybermen

As a first time Doctor Who fan, I had yet to meet the Cybermen, that was until season two of the new Doctor Who. The best part about being introduced to them was the episodes they were featured in, which just so happened to be ‘to be continued’ episodes! It left us with a major cliff hanger between the two episodes, which are entitled, “Rise of the Cybermen” and “Age of Steel”. Now, let me start with the first episode, in this awesome two-part story, “Rise of the Cybermen”. This episode was about Mickey, the Doctor, and Rose getting stuck in a parallel universe after the TARDIS blows up due to Mickey holding down the button that allows them to glide through the universe. However, before we see the TARDIS drop into a parallel world, we see the face of John Lumic and get slightly introduced to his plan of mass chaos. As soon as I caught onto what was going on, I knew the Cybermen were going to be involved and was so excited! This was mainly due to Professor Lindgren talking about the original villains which, in my opinion, are primarily the Daleks and the Cybermen. This was also exciting to me because it was the first time that I had gotten a glimpse of the Cybermen and let me tell you, they didn’t disappoint. Anywho, back to the episode recap, it continues with Rose and the Doctor splitting up from Mickey, while Rose and the Doctor meet Pete and Jackie Tyler of the parallel world, Mickey meets himself, Rickey. A few hours pass as Lumic sets up his Cybermen in their final positions while the Tyler’s have a big birthday bash for Jackie, where Rose and the Doctor are disguised as the help. The Cybermen interrupt the party by busting through the window and surrounding all guests, little do they know that Mickey and Rickey are outside following them. After a brief argument between the President and Lumic, the Cybermen kill the President and start to kill off all other party-goers, claiming they are “unfit” to be upgraded. Rose, Pete, and the Doctor escape the massacre by running through the broken window, but just end up surrounded by the rest of the Cybermen outside, who loudly groan, “Delete, delete.” But then Mickey and Rickey jump in and…don’t really help anything at all. This is where the episode ends with the Doctor stating that the group will volunteer to:


The next episode begins with the group escaping by jumping into Rickey’s van and making a clean get away, where they can now form a plan. This plan involves splitting up again and results in two deaths. The Doctor working with Mickey to get the code to give back the Cybermen’s feelings, which results in the death of all of them except Lumic, who has been forcefully upgraded by his minions, but gets thrown into the explosion when he tries to follow and kill the remain group members. After this all transpires in 24 hours the Doctor is able to restore the TARDIS’s light making time travel possible again. Mickey then breaks the news that he will be remaining in the parallel universe while the Doctor and Rose return home. The END!

All I can say after watching this episode is I believe it was the best way to introduce the new fans of Doctor Who to the Cybermen and give you some peace to the whole Mickey-Rose thing. As well as give you some insight into one of the many parallel worlds. Now let me leave you with my reaction after watching this two-part story:


As a side note: There’s another episode where the Cybermen AND the Daleks return and battle each other!! It was AWESOME! I’m totally digging all the villains in Doctor Who!

Revisiting, and the End of an Old Hero

I would like to start by saying this is not the first time I have watched Doctor Who. I may not have gotten into the show as my brother did when he binge-watched what all was on Netflix before they took it off the U.S. servers. I did watch a few episodes of each doctor from 9th through 12th, but never an entire season. As Dr. Lindgren said in class, the first doctor you watch is usually your favorite, and that is very true for myself. Christopher Eccelston was a fantastic introduction to the Doctor’s universe. Since it was the reboot, they had to explain a lot of things over again because of the new audience, which really helped my understanding.

Next, I want to review the 9th Doctor’s final episode, as he was my absolute favorite Doctor. It was a brilliant send off for the doctor that essentially “regenerated” the series. I really like how the Doctor was faced with such moral dilemmas, before, during, and after Rose’s decision. The Doctor was being faced with creating an explosion to kill all the new-gen Daleks and their original generation emperor that somehow survived the Time-War. But at the exact same time, Rose was taking matters into her own hands as she, Jackie, and Mickey rip off a part of the TARDIS so Rose can look in to the heart of it. That in my opinion is the biggest plot hole thus far of the “New-Who”, however it does not make it a garbage episode.

The Doctor sends Rose with the TARDIS, facing certain regeneration either by previously mentioned way of him setting off an explosion, or simply getting killed by a Dalek. When Rose looks in to the heart of the TARDIS it is the stupidest thing to do. It did not need to happen. Being that she had the TARDIS, the Doctor would have found his way back to it after regeneration, thus still creating the reunion and start of season 2 in the same shape. She did not need to put her own life at risk by absorbing that power, and singlehandedly be the reason for the 9th Doctor to regenerate. Rose would have been better off waiting, not putting herself in harm’s way, and getting the Tenth Doctor after he regenerated from the other two outcomes. Overall, it was a good episode and introduction to David Tennant. I am very excited to continue watching future Doctors in our class!


History of the TARDIS and the Sonic

So, there were reasons to how the TARDIS ended up looking on the inside and outside… This isn’t revealed until the New Who when it is revealed that it does take 6 people to fly the TARDIS. It was also revealed that TARDIS’ aren’t built they are grown like trees from a seed and then the equipment and everything is added later. This is part of why there is mismatched and some strange equipment in the console. When the TARDIS is being remodeled there is some new equipment that is changed and updated but it’s always recognizable things that must have been reused from somewhere, like Eleven had ketchup and mustard bottles and Nine and Ten had the monitor, a keyboard, and the small sledgehammer on the string that does get used occasionally. The TARDIS also has a soul as discovered in “The Doctors Wife” and can see all parts of time even then, but the real question is whether the Doctor stole the TARDIS or if the TARDIS stole the Doctor. As this is what the TARDIS also called sexy keeps reminding the Doctor of. The console is slightly redone with each Doctor but they all resort back to the same basic layout with either a hexagon or circular shape. The Ninth and Tenth Doctors layouts had the pillars that branched which was designed off choral and trees to reflect that the TARDIS is grown and is a living thing.

The exterior of the TARDIS also has never really changed and this was explained with the chameleon circuit being broken. This seems to be a defect in a lot of the TARDIS’s. This is my theory because when the 12th Doctor and Clara stole another previous version of a TARDIS Clara took it and had it shape into a diner for her final meeting with the Doctor who could no longer remember her. We then saw her TARDIS take off and it kept the shape of the diner and they mentioned that the circuit went down again. This was a defect created so the show could keep one object that people would recognize as the Doctor’s no matter when and where it landed and it was an easy way to save money by not needing to replace the TARDIS constantly.

Did you know the Sonic Screwdriver was taken out of Doctor Who in Classic Who? Upon bringing the show back Davies decided he wanted to keep a device that kids could play with and the Doctor could use in times of need for simpler tasks like picking a lock to save time because episodes went from two hours to fifty minutes. He did include flaws in the screwdriver in that it can’t get past a deadbolt lock or wood, and this does come up a few times in episodes. The sonic is a device connected and created by the TARDIS. When the Doctor needs a new sonic the TARDIS will produce it and based off the interior design of the console room. I look forward to where they will take the TARDIS design and technology like the sonic in the future.

Vincent and the Doctor

Image result for vincent and the doctor

I will be the first to admit that I was not happy when the 10th Doctor regenerated into the 11th Doctor. I loved David Tennant and thought he did an excellent job at portraying his emotions. I think what also did not help is that no companion carried over, and they also rebooted the TARDIS. It felt like a completely new show. However, as it goes on, I start to like it more.

I think the episode Vincent and the Doctor was the episode that really convinced me that I really like the new Doctor. I think everyone knows Van Gough or has at least heard of him since his artwork is very popular today. I think because I am somewhat knowledgeable of it, it is why I really liked this episode as well. I thought it was also very unique that they went back in time to specifically help someone. I, as well really liked how they brought Vincent to the present day time to show him how important he will soon be. When the curator tells the Doctor that Van Gough “was the greatest painter of them all” and was “one of the greatest men who ever lived” like come on, after seeing Van Gough’s reaction to that, has to tear at your emotions a little. I also thought this was very unique since we have not seen this type of situation happen before. I felt more of an emotional tie to this episode that I have not experienced yet.

This was a lovely episode, and I totally cried: Doctor Who season 5 episode 4: Vincent and the Doctor:

Home is Where the Heart Is

Doctor Who Blog Post 3

Doctor Who, as a show, gives itself limitless possibilities of settings with the Tardis and a Time Lord as characters; however, the Doctor is constantly coming back to Britain. So, with every imaginable time and location in the universe as the writers’ disposal, some viewers must wonder why the doctor constantly finds himself back in Britain?

Firstly, I think anyone who doesn’t understand why this happens needs to be reminded that Doctor Who is a British show, and there is always going to be pressure on the producers to maintain the show’s British quality. Doctor Who is a show that lives off of a very loyal fan base; therefore, staying true to its roots, is always going to be a must.

Secondly, people need to realize whom the general public within the British setting in the show represents. THEM. The British people in the show are often used to reflect certain characteristics or values of the public in real life. So, making London the setting in a large percent of the episodes allows the writers to more directly critique and represent British society. Perhaps viewers will be less bored (if that’s even a problem) with episodes in London if they realize they are looking at themselves in these episodes.

I know personally, I find myself more intrigued with the episodes staged outside of London and the modern era, but I, and everyone, should realize the necessity and importance of the Britain episodes and how they make the show what it is.

Mysteries of the TARDIS

This blog post will be a little different than the rest in that I will be asking more questions with my analysis. I’m hoping that you can help me analyze this further in the comments section because I would really appreciate your insight.

I have always wondered what happens to time inside the TARDIS, specifically in regards to the companions. The show indicates that the human companions live on a short timeline, which begs the question, Do they age inside the TARDIS? Does it somehow stop time and they stay the same age no matter how long they are in there? Or do the companions start aging again once the TARDIS reaches its destination and they are back in the regular time stream?

I wonder about these things because the Doctor laments often that he cannot travel with a human companion forever because they wither and die, but if time is irrelevant in the TARDIS, the humans would never age as long as they kept travelling in the TARDIS. It’s confusing, really, and the show never really explores these things. So, can you spend time in a time machine and not die? I like to think that the TARDIS suspends time, and as long as humans stay with the Doctor, they do not age at the normal rate. Obviously, the actors will age as they spend more time on the show, so it will not look like the TARDIS stops the aging process. I see this as a huge dilemma for the overarching plotline and the history of the TARDIS.

So, I think the companions stop aging inside the TARDIS. Do you? What is your interpretation of this hole in the story?

“It’s Bigger on the Inside”

Let’s talk about something that shows up in practically every episode – the TARDIS. Majority of us at this rate should understand roughly what the TARDIS is. For clarification, the TARDIS stands for Time and Relative Dimension in Space. It is a ship, which is disguised as a police box and is larger on the inside than what it looks like on the outside. But how large is the TARDIS exactly?


To begin there is the main room, which contains all of the machinery to control the TARDIS. This room is known as the control or console room. The room allows the Doctor to travel in both space and time from one location to another.

A swimming pool has also been mentioned in various episodes. The one that includes a swimming pool that sticks out to me the most is in the first episode with Matt Smith, “The Eleventh Hour”. In this episode, the Doctor has to climb out of the pool in the TARDIS using a grappling hook since the TARDIS crashed sideways on the ground.

Throughout an assortment of episodes, including some of the classic who episodes, various scenes were filmed inside of bedrooms in the TARDIS.

In the episode “Journey to the Centre of the TARDIS”, Clara also discovers an assortment of rooms and locations, varying but not limited to storage rooms, hallways, engine rooms, and the heart of the TARDIS.

These are only the select rooms that I’ve discovered while exploring what is inside the TARDIS and those are only the rooms that the Doctor has shown us. What else could possibly be inside that we have yet to discover?