The Caring Doctor

With every new Doctor comes new companions. The actors and actresses change along with them as well the overall feel of the show. With all of this changing though, one thing thats has always stayed the same is the way The Doctor cares for his companions and everyone he meets during his traveling.

For the 9th Doctor he cares for his companion Rose the most out of anyone else on the show. Making sure she is okay and safe at all times, The Doctor watches her every move. From the very beginning as a viewer you can tell that The Doctor is a caring person. Grabbing Rose’s hand, someone who the doctor does not know at this time, in the first episode to save her from the plastic living manikins shows his caring personality. After traveling with The Doctor for some time, Rose begins to develop strong feelings for the Doctor and even more so when he regenerates into the 10th Doctor.

The Doctor’s true feelings towards Rose come out during Season one, episode 13 titled The Parting of Ways. In this season one finale, The Doctor faces up against an entire army of Daleks. In order to keep Rose safe, The Doctor makes the couragous decision to put her in the TARDIS and send her back home in present time. By doing this he risks his life for hers. As we all know at the end of this episode it is Rose that ends up saving the day ironically.

Another episode The Doctor shows how much he cares about Rose is in season 2 episode 14 titled Doomsday. In this episode The Doctor and Rose are fighting the Daleks again in a dramatic season finale. At one point there is a bridge that opens up in a wall connecting to some other universe. During the end of the episode this bridge begins to be strong and and sucks anything and everything around it into it including all of the Daleks. At this time The Doctor and Rose are holding on for their lives until suddenly Rose loses her grip and starts to be sucked into the bridge. When this happens, as viewers, you can see The Doctor in immediate panic as Rose creeps closer and closer to the wall. Seeing all the panic in his eyes at this moment in time shows how much The Doctor truly cares about Rose.

As a doctor you usually care for your patients and for The Doctor in Doctor Who there is no exception. The way he protects Rose in every episode making sure she is okay at all times is the way The Doctor is. He is that loving character that helps everyone and anyone that comes his way during his traveling.

Who turned out the lights?

There is something about the episodes “Silence in the Library” and “Forest of the Dead” that gets me every time I watch it. They have always been one of my favorite story arcs in the whole series of Doctor Who ever since I first watched it. Upon revisiting this double feature episode I have noticed some interesting things when it comes to diversity. This episode or episodes have got quite a bit of diversity among them. There is the diversity of race with Other Dave, Anit, and Dr. Moon. There is the diversity of intelligence with The Doctor and River being at the top and Evangelista being at the bottom. It also has the diversity of gender with having both men and women being in positions of power.

The enemy in this episode, the Vashta Nerada, are, in my opinion, some of the most inventive creatures in Doctor Who. They are the reason we all, at some level, are afraid of the dark. They are not in every shadow of darkness but in any shadow of darkness. They feed on the flesh and can rip it away from the bone in less than a second. This is truly a terrifying monster. I can only imagine a 7-year-old watching these episodes and having their fear of the dark being enhanced even more. They are an infestation and as humans, we all seem to have fears of infestations whether it is termites or fruit flies or some flesh-eating virus.

We learn so much about The Doctor in this episode. We learn about his future quite a bit. Professor River Song is introduced. She is from the Doctors future. After watching the rest of her storyline throughout the next few seasons all of the references that she tries to clue The Doctor into are awesome for those viewing. Knowing the fate of Professor River Song does quite a bit for the viewer when watching the later seasons because we know that she will not die in any of the episodes. Thier relationship is my favorite of any in the entire show of Doctor Who. She is the one person that, in my opinion, truly understands The Doctor. She is part Time Lord. She gave up all her remaining regenerations to save the Doctor in a later episode. They are truly meant for each other.

Overall viewing these episodes has reminded me exactly why I love this show so much. The relationships make it for me. This lonely Time Lord finally has met his match. Unfortunately, they never meet in the right order. The curse of the time traveling couple.

The Doctor is a Runner, and Not the Olympic Kind.

[Preemptive Spoiler Alert]

The Doctor has always been known for his ability to give a good jog and to leave his enemies and the horrors of the universe in his dust. But that’s not the type of running I’m here to discuss, I’m here to discuss a form of running that is more familiar to most of us

The Doctor is a runner, he stampedes away from his problems. Similar to most of us he runs away from his problems and his inner demons and I’m not talking about the aliens and baddies we see him size up and seal away. I’m talking about the complex feelings that he has been carrying with him since we met the Doctor following the time-war. When I ask myself what I should discuss in this blog post, I saw at a quick glance no one has discussed his running and dismissal of his own trauma. We see him take blow after physical blow in his adventures, but we never see him truly shaken up except when the Daleks are the foes in question, or when the horrors of the time-war creep back up. When these events  unfold we see an unnerved Doctor. This Doctor is a bit unlike the one we have normally seen calm under pressure and with an unwavering amount. Let’s travel back to the TV episode “Dalek”, when we see how the Doctor becomes desperate in destroying the Dalek. The Doctor is horrified that the Dalek even exists at all, his very presence drove fear into it, but vice-versa its living existence drew the idea that some of the Daleks survived the time-war into him. At the end of this TV episode we do see that the Doctor has become determined he wants its destruction, and the look in his face is one of determined terror. It’s obvious the time-war has left its scars on the Doctor and have we ever addressed these scars? The Doctor has been avoiding that topic and he has never brought it up, it has always been brought up by the presence of Daleks, or his companions seeking to know who the Doctor is and even the Doctor is uncomfortable with telling them any of these details.

Now we’ve examined that the Doctor has scars in himself from his war, we see he runs but what now? Well the easiest conclusion is that the Doctor’s theme of running has gone inwards, it has become a plot-device that takes a literal and metaphysical sense. He is now running from himself, and his scars he never stops to heal and he never stops to stitch himself up. The Doctor runs and runs and runs, and it’s a long while before he ever becomes resolved. We have to wait until the end of Matt Smith’s tenure as the Doctor before we see him stop and consider his actions and behavior and we see the 9th Doctor was a man motivated by fear and loss, the 10th was a runner who ran from his scars and that 11 was a man pretending to be a child as to convince himself the scars were never there, and its clear the Doctor has been running from the one thing he fears the most, his insides, his conscious, his beliefs, and the horrors of the time-war imprinted onto himself. The Doctor has began running inside his head, and avoiding the presence and existence of any of the pain that lays inside of him. We see he is doing more than physical running from his enemies and those who seek to do evil, but he also is truly running from these problems normally he runs away from danger only to come back with his signature timey-wimey sucker punch but instead he runs and runs and never stops to face why he runs in this case.


Fan Vids: Courtney and Pj

The worst Fan Vid that we found was one that was titled Doctor Who Crack! Vid. As we started the video we instantly agreed within the first few seconds that it was so unbelievably bad and hard to watch in many ways. This particular vid was also quite choppy in how it was put together as a whole. After every scene that was used they would insert an old time video of what looked like the TARDIS in the middle of the screen with the sounds of what it makes when it is traveling to another place. At first we did not understand as to why someone would include that, but then after watching the video a few times we came to the conclusion that they did it on purpose. We think they inserted the TARDIS clip because that was their way of showing they were going to a new place. As if the TARDIS was travel to a new clip. This is a smart idea but overall we feel that it was not done correctly.


The best Fan Vid that we found was one that was titled Love Story (Doctor;Rose). As we started this video we instantly fell in love with it because as girls a video about a love story is sometimes the cutest thing, especially when it shows how the actors and actresses fell in love and their journey along the way.  It started off with Rose Tyler narrating the words, It all started when I met a man named The Doctor.” We listened to the first few seconds and started hearing a guitar playing the tune to the song Love Story by Taylor Swift. An oldie but a goodie yes!! There is no better way to show a love story than to have this particular song playing in the background. The song starts off with the very first episode of the series where The Doctor grabs Rose’s hand and tell her to run. Instantly our hearts melted and we knew we were in for a real treat. We watched as the video then included many scenes where The Doctor and Rose’s relationship grew throughout the two seasons they were together.


Good and Bad Dr. Who Fanvids

Cayley and I thought this video was very neat. The creators of this vid did a very nice job with matching their lyrics to the song Run, You Clever Boy. Their lyrics also fit the slow, sad melody of the original song. There was also a few funny lines as to not have the melody fully depress people. It was amazing work.

Cayley and I thought this video wasn’t the greatest. This video was rapped very, very fast and at times hard to understand. Also, some of the clips didn’t match up well with the lyrics or they just made it awkward. The way that this video was put together made it seem very childish and unlikable.

Re-connecting with The Doctor

I started watching Doctor Who when I was in the ninth grade. I think I had seen a video on youtube or something and wondered if I would like it. So, I gave it a chance. I was hooked. I watched all 6 seasons that were on Netflix at the time in I think 3 weeks or a month.

In the first season, I got through the first episode, which, in my opinion, is not a great episode to start people out on. I then proceeded to watch episode two, skip episode three, and finish the first season. I liked the ninth doctor, but I wasn’t extremely amazed by him. On to season two. Loved the tenth doctor from the first episode and that fondness grew more throughout the seasons. I can not say enough good things about David Tennant as the doctor. Anyway, season five comes along with a new doctor. Once you have a doctor you are so fond of it is hard to accept such a big change right away. I liked the eleventh doctor but I didn’t love him yet. Season five was fine. It brought back some favorite characters of mine such like River Song. Season 6 bumped eleven up a bit more on my doctor greatness scale.

This is when I had to make a big decision in my life. Would I start to pay for each episode of Doctor Who? I didn’t have BBC America so I would have to pay each week on iTunes or Amazon if I wanted to keep up on my favorite show at the time. I bit the bullet and decided that I was indeed going to start buying each episode in order to watch Doctor Who. Season seven was amazing. This is when Matt Smith took his metaphorical seat next to David Tennant. They were equal in my eyes, both playing The Doctor fantastically, but fantastically in different ways. Then Tennant came back with the 50th-anniversary episode. That was awesome. Unfortunately, after the 2013 Christmas special, Doctor Who an I started to have issues.

Season eight came out with the 12th doctor played by Peter Capaldi. I do not know what it was, but I could not watch him. I gave him a chance, two seasons in fact. Nothing grew on me. I didn’t like his roughness. I didn’t like his attitude. I didn’t like him. There were moments when Twelve was awesome but they drifted away as fast as they came. I stopped watching after season 8 and have not really looked back until this class.

Let me tell you, I am loving revisiting this great show. I thought I knew the ins about outs of all of these episodes. I didn’t. I forgot a lot of what I watched. I am excited to see how the rest of the show looks as I go through it a second time.

Diversity and Relationships in Dr. Who

Coming into this class, I wasn’t sure what to expect. I had heard of the Dr. Who tv show before, but hadn’t seen it. A relative of mine gave me a small overview about the Dr. Who, but after watching the very first episode of Dr. Who I realized that they completely mislead me. Somehow they had gotten it into their heads that Dr. Who was almost the equivalent to the Sherlock Holmes tv show. I was a little bummed that it wasn’t going to be more of a detective show, but I thought I’d give it a try anyway.

As I continue to watch Dr. Who I have grown to like it overall as a show, but I think the diversity in relationships are some of the most interesting parts to watch, especially between the main characters. In the beginning first episode, Rose and Mickey were shown as being in a very strong relationship, but that changed the minute she met The Doctor. At the end of that episode, Rose decided to leave Mickey to go off with some odd, random man she had only just met in a time travelling police box. Rose didn’t look like she had any regrets when she stepped into that police box either. Poor, poor Mickey.

Rose and The Doctor got closer and closer as the first season went on. Eventually, their closeness lead to a kiss at the end of the season. Although, between the first and last episodes, Rose would get back together with Mickey when The Doctor and her would come back to Earth. It was interesting how easily she switched between the two. It was also interesting how neither Mickey nor The Doctor seemed to care one bit.

Another relationship including The Doctor and Rose (not together) is both of their relationships with the Daleks. The Daleks absolutely hate The Doctor and The Doctor absolutely hates the Daleks. Their relationship is fighting and death all of the time. On the other hand, Rose’s relationship with the Daleks, more like with one of the Daleks, is completely different. One of them actually started to care a little about her. It cared enough not to kill her, which was amazing because they kill or destroy pretty much everything.

Side note: When Captain Jack Harkness came into the picture, Rose quickly turned her attention to him, seeming to forget about The Doctor and Mickey.