Doctor Who, but WHY?

I began this class with a preconceived dislike of Doctor Who. This was simply because my best friends in high school were all overly obsessed with Doctor Who. This drove me completely insane and caused me to become annoyed when they spoke about this amazing Doctor. I would tune out the numerous stories about the diverse adventures he went on with his very different companions. I would get so angry that they were talking about this series that I would get up in the middle of the conversation and walk the other way. As you could have guessed I have always been a “late bloomer” when it comes to the latest fads. Many examples include setting up Netflix and Snapchat accounts, downloading Trivia Crack, or Flappy Birds, and even buying a fidget spinner. Thus, leading me to jumping on the Grey’s Anatomy bandwagon years too late. And now causing me to jump onto the Doctor Who bandwagon over fifty years too late.

This revelation has taken me quite a while to admit out loud because of my long-lasting hatred of Doctor Who. It took me through the whole first season and watching the regeneration of the Ninth Doctor into the Tenth Doctor and 3 days after that season finale to finally admit that I enjoyed watching Doctor Who. Another reason it took me so long to come to this realization was because the first season of the new Doctor Who started out slow obviously with the many (re)introductions of all the characters from Daleks and Cybermen, all the way up to the Ninth Doctor and his companion Rose, whom audiences were meeting for the first time.


However, it eventually pulled me in, especially when I realized that there was a bit of romance blooming between Rose and the Doctor. Every single time that I was watching an episode I would be rooting for a kiss, although I know that this romance had some backlash when it was first release. But I am someone that likes a bit of drama, I really liked the flirtatious chemistry between the two and I am ready for season two and finding out if the regeneration causes a shift in the obvious chemistry between Rose and the Doctor and to obviously follow their many new adventures.

Now let me send you off with one of my favorite quotes from season one and a meme to describe how much I, now, enjoy watching Doctor Who. My quote occurred in the second episode of the first season and happens when the Doctor is avenging the death of his friend, Jabe, by letting Cassandra dry up and die (or so we think). The Doctor says, “Everything dies, everything has their time.” I think he should have restated this when he was getting ready to regenerate because it was such a good and emotional line. I believe that is why I was so stuck on it when I was watching this whole season. Now on to my meme, which describes how I have recently jumped on the Doctor Who bandwagon:


Doctor vs Doctor


Since I have recently met the tenth doctor, I decided that I would share my thoughts on which doctor I like more. I have only watched the reboot of Doctor Who, so my views of The Doctor are based solely on the ninth and tenth doctors. Because of this I see the ninth doctor as the “cool doctor” and the tenth doctor as the “goofy doctor.” I base this opinion off of what the two doctors wear and how I see their personalities through their actions. The ninth doctor wears a leather jacket with jeans, and I see this as him trying to come across as “cool” to the audience. The tenth doctor wears a suit with tennis shoes which is why I see him as goofy. I also think the ninth doctor has a more serious expression most of the time, while the tenth doctor seems to be more easy-going. While the ninth doctor also has his goofy moments, I feel that he is overall more serious than the tenth doctor.

Image result for ninth and tenth doctor        Image result for  tenth doctor goofy

The main reason I like the ninth doctor more than the tenth doctor is the way he treats the aliens that appear in the show.  Both doctors are compassionate towards the aliens, but I feel that the ninth doctor takes things a lot more seriously than the tenth doctor, based on what I have seen so far. He shows that he truly cares and understands more than others do. An example of this is in the episode “Aliens of London” when they are trying to catch he fake alien. I think the ninth doctor has a very good balance of assertiveness and compassion and therefore why I like him more than the tenth doctor.


I will leave you with some quotes that will further help explain why I would choose the ninth doctor over the tenth doctor.


The 9th Doctor’s Personality Pattern

From the few episodes of Doctor Who that I have seen, both old and new Who, it would seem that the 9th Doctor tends to show a pattern of personalities throughout episodes. In the beginning of episodes, the 9th Doctor appears not serious in the slightest bit and very goofy, this reminds of the old doctors very much. However, as the episode progresses the Doctor turns to a more serious character. While I have made this observation, it could also be said that as episodes progress the plot turns more serious and therefore requires a more serious Doctor. However, that does not discredit the continuous pattern that occurs with the doctor’s personality.

During the first episode in season 1, Rose, the Doctor is extremely goofy in the beginning for example when he is walking with rose and the plastic arm he acts very weird and is not serious whatsoever. Then later on in the episode when he is trying to find the main transmitter he becomes very serious and even slightly angry, even saying the human race are apes. This transition can also be seen in the second episode, The End of the World, when in the beginning he is laughing with Rose about what time to go to and is joking and laughing. Then as the episode progresses he becomes more serious and even ends up crying when his home planet is brought up. Him and Rose even get into a fight when he won’t tell her who he is, something that would never happen in the beginning of an episode. While this my analysis of solely watching a hand full of episodes, I am interested to watch the rest of the new Doctor Who series and see if this pattern in the 9th Doctor’s personality continues or changes as the show proceeds.

Rose vs. An Unearthly Child

On the first day of class we had a brief discussion about our favorite doctor.  The first response was a number.  I was lost.

When we watched “An Unearthly Child,” for lack of a better term, I lost my Doctor Who virginity.  I was let down by the first episode.  In my opinion, the relationship between the Doctor and Susan lacked chemistry, the acting by the cast was subpar, and the Doctor’s mannerism was irritating.  I wanted so badly to enjoy the first episode because of the reputation of the show, and its proven track record to engage the viewers, but I was unfortunately let down.

The first episode of New Who, titled “Rose,” changed my perspective.  Whether it be the larger budget, obvious shift in era, a different Doctor, a more relatable companion, a plot that was easier to follow, my opinion on the show became markedly different after watching that episode.  The acting is believable, the writers of the episode were much more careful with the script, Rose’s addition to the TARDIS crew wasn’t done in a ridiculous way, the villains were wacky, and the story just flowed much better.

An aspect of “Rose” that would have greatly improved “An Unearthly Child,” was how the Doctor was introduced.  In “An Unearthly Child,” the Doctor is presented as egotistical and stubborn.  These are characteristics of an undesirable main character and protagonist.  In “Rose,” we are introduced to the Doctor in action.  We see his heroics from the start and he behaves in a far more optimistic way than the first doctor.  He is witty, funny, and charming.  In “Rose,” we Doctor go head-to-head with villains.  As viewers, action is was keeps us around at the start.  The first episode back in 1963 was limited to mostly dialogue, which can only gauge new viewers for a short amount of time. Lastly, my feelings towards “Rose” were in high regard because of the way Rose is integrated into the Doctor’s crew.  For a show that prides itself on intellect and romance, the way in which Ian and Barbara are added to the crew is lazy.  Rose’s addition made sense and was something we appreciated.

After watching only six episodes of the legendary Doctor Who, I can confidently assert that my favorite doctor is the Ninth Doctor, and the first episode of New Who is reason enough.